The Epidemic Of Overmothering

The Epidemic Of Overmothering by Charles Sledge

Modern males are having their manhood attacked from all angles. Now being male they can prevail against any outside source but it is getting harder and harder for them to grow up to be healthy and mature men. And while the schools, media, and typical sources work night and day to thwart masculinity there is another source. That source is the mothers of these men. Never has a society had so many possessive and needy mothers who use theirs sons as their own emotional tampons and to get validation and attention.

This is called covert incest, Dr. Kenneth Adams wrote an enlightening book about it called Silently Seduced that is worth a look. Unlike overt incest in which sexual relations occur between two blood related people covert incest is when a sexual dynamic is in place but no actual physical contact takes place. Though there can be and often are strong sexual undertones. Many mothers are using their sons in inappropriate ways. They are using them to get the attention, validation, and often sexual fulfillment (though not physical) that they never got from the boy’s father, their husband, or just men in general. This causes psychological scarring and prevent boys from ever becoming men if they never address it.

The Son As A Tool

Though mothers usually dress up their “care” for their sons as their love for them this is largely a cover up. Many mothers are needy, especially single moms. They use theirs sons as tools to replace the men in their lives that have “failed” them. They use their sons to fulfill their own needs just like in overt incest a mother or father will use their child to fulfill their physical sexual needs. Now I’m not saying a mother hugging her son or being a bit protective of him is bad or wrong. What makes it wrong is when the mother is using the son for her validation.

There is a rise in this. Part of it correlates to single moms as well as the breakdown of the relations between the sexes resulting from an unnatural society. Men and women don’t understand how to relate to each other and many women use their sons to get what they should be getting from their spouse or a man. In addition to this fathers are allowing this (often to get a break from their wives who they hate). This is also wrong a father should protect his son, his very blood. To raise him into a man but admittedly males are failing at this.

The mother sees the son as a tool to get that masculine attention she wants and the father uses the son to not have to deal with the mother. Meanwhile the son thinks he is helping his mother but deep down realizes that something just isn’t right. He knows something is off about his relationship with his mother but feels a sense of duty to her. He ends up in a cycle that causes hatred and rage towards his mother (that often gets transferred to all women) because of how she uses him for her own ends.


Females are very prone to jealously as are insecure males, which likely stems from the fact that all women are insecure. However this more and more occurs between mothers and the woman their sons are with. Mothers not wanting to lose the masculine validation that they are sickeningly getting from their son cut him off from other women, often by neutering him (mentally of course). So that well they will always be her good little boy who she can use as she pleases. Of course women being solipsistic will never recognize this on their own but it is the truth.

Naturally this causes unhealthy feelings in the son. Many who compulsively use porn or prostitutes have a mother who smothers them (as well as their sexuality) to fulfill her own needs. Their masculinity is stifled, they can’t grow as men, and have a hard time relating to the opposite sex. All because their mother needs them to fulfill her psychological and other needs. Needs that should be fulfilled by a man who isn’t her son.

Of course many are afraid to question this as women, especially single mothers, are seen as saints in our society and the son hating his mother is seen as an ungrateful brat. After all she “unselfishly devoted” herself to him. Right? The reality isn’t so simple. If you mean unselfishly devoted as perversely used then yes your right. Again this isn’t all mothers but it is becoming more and more mothers. Combine this with the rising numbers of narcissistic mothers and it will only increase. When the tinder generation has babies, one can only guess at the unhealthy damage. My guess is that overt incest will rise tremendously as well, maybe even championed by society (for mothers, not fathers). Who knows, crazier things have and are happening. Look at pornographic trends and you’ll see this is on the rise.


Society will do everything in its power to make sure that women never suffer from the consequences of their action. Sons lives are being ruined, whatever at least their moms are happy. A son should be devoted to his mother and so on and so forth. One of the biggest challenges for many males to become men will be throwing off the yoke of their mother. This will be very hard for some but it is a needed step for them to reclaim their manhood. They need to set boundaries so that their mothers don’t dominate their lives.

A man to be fully a man must be free of his mother. No matter how needy she is. Narcissistic and unstable mothers are only going to become more and more predominant if trends continue. If you think that this applies to you I would encourage you to do more research on the subject. I intend to delve into it more myself and see what other connections I can make and what other knowledge I can acquire.

I would encourage you to check out Silently Seduced for a more in depth analysis of what I’ve written about here. This author is not “red-pill” but has some very illuminating findings. If you’ve ever experienced something like this or read the book what did you think about it? Share in the comments below.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge