There Is No Nobility In Sacrificing Yourself

There Is No Nobility In Sacrificing Yourself by Charles Sledge

Since a young age males have been taught that they are disposable and of less worth then females and than society. Males are taught to sacrifice themselves at work, with women, and for society as a whole. It is seen as a male’s duty to throw himself across any inconvenience for women or society. Males have been taught to be useful slaves for a society that could care less if they live or die as well as for women who feel exactly the same way. Males are seen as a resource to be exploited for gain.

And they are told that being a slave that is walked upon makes them noble and good. That it makes them good men as opposed to the bad men who have their balls intact and refuse to be walked upon. This lie is taught by the media, the education system, religions, and even parents grow up telling their boys how they should always sacrifice themselves for women or for the “greater good”. The fact of the matter is that males are taught to be good slaves for their masters. They are taught to toe the line and lick the boot and that this makes them noble.

There Is No Nobility In Chains

There is nothing noble about being in chains. You are not a better man for sacrificing yourself for women or for your society, you’re simply a more foolish man. Without the gristle of males throwing themselves in the grinder everything would come to a halt. The ungrateful women and a society that hates them would suddenly find that the slaves were no longer working because they found pride in themselves and this would throw a monkey wrench into the entire machine.

If man found pride in himself and who he is then the matrix would collapse in on itself. This is why males are taught to be good little slaves and given little reward for doing so. Those in control understand that males have a capacity to look beyond themselves and put others first, and they exploit this mercilessly. The same instinct that would truly make a man noble sacrificing himself for his brothers in combat or for the continuation of his bloodline is being used to make males sacrifice themselves for the worst of society while getting nothing but scorn in return.

Break The Chains

There is no nobility in working hard for a faceless corporation that could care less about you, a boss that would slit your throat if it meant a promotion for him, women who see you as useful utility and nothing more, a country that hates everything that you are, a religious system that promotes your slavery, And so on and so forth. Stop sacrificing yourself for others, even for friends and family (who will still take advantage of you if you let them) much less those that hate you. How much sense would it make for a soldier fighting in a war sacrifice himself so his enemy could live to terrorize his comrades another day?

It wouldn’t make any sense and yet it is what the majority of males do day in and day out. As men we collectively have the power to turn the course of history to destroy the great Babylon and have goodness (the real natural kind) flow through the world again. Put yourself first and do so unapologetically. Stop being destroyed by a false sense of morality that was given to you by those who hate you. Never take the medicine your enemy prepares for you. You sacrifice will not be rewarded. Only by fighting against the enemy can victory occur. Embracing and kneeling before him will only make him laugh harder when he guts you from head to toe.


There is nothing noble about sacrificing yourself for others. Always put yourself first without fail. Also understand that those you would sacrifice yourself for would stab you in the back for a penny or the slightest of advantage. The company you work for, the women you sleep with, the church you serve, and the government you pay taxes to. Your loyalty is to you and your brotherhood. Nothing more and nothing less.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge