There Is No Competition For Masculine Men

There Is No Competition For Masculine Men by Charles Sledge

Imagine you are looking at a herd of sheep grazing in a field. They’re all relatively the same size, shape, and demeanor. Now say in that herd of sheep you see a lion. A male in his prime lion. Now let’s say for whatever reason the lion doesn’t kill all the sheep but lives among them. When you see the herd coming what is the first thing that you are going to notice? The lion obviously. Now let’s say you’re looking for an animal for fighting in a ring and a farmer takes you to the herd. Which one are you going to choose? Again the lion obviously.

Now say this herd for whatever reason decided to run a society. Who is going to be at the top of that society? Again the lion. I’ve got a point here so bear with me. In today’s society more than anything else there is a lack of masculinity. A masculine man will stand out like a lion in a herd of sheep. A masculine man does not go unnoticed. By other men, by children, and especially by women. A masculine man  has an impact wherever he goes simply by virtue of being masculine. When you embrace your masculinity and become a masculine man you put yourself so far above the pack that there is little to no competition. Like a lion competing among sheep.

In Leadership

Men are leaders and thereby the more masculine that a man is the more people will want to follow him. Also the more masculine a man is the more effective leader he will be, notice that I said effective not moral. A masculine leader will get things done for better of for worse. The conquerors of old whether Alexander the Great of Genghis Khan were both effective and masculine leaders. A man simply needs to assert himself and he will have the reigns given over to him, if not thrown over.

All defer to the most dominant and masculine man. Human beings though higher than the animals still have animalistic functions, one of which is the way we organize socially and establish hierarchies. I wrote about the sexual hierarchy before but the pyramid can be applied to more than just sexuality. It functions in tribal relations, between a hierarchy of friends, in business, in simple social interactions. It permeates everything.

With Women

Women are naturally attracted to masculinity, it’s biological. Even the vast majority of lesbians (excluding bull dykes) cannot resist the allure of a masculine man. Women will leave their husbands, children, religions or anything simply to get a whiff of a masculine man. It’s like a drug to women. A drug that is in very low supply. Be a masculine man and you’ll have women throwing themselves at you left and right, it’s inevitable.

Like a lion fighting a sheep, there just isn’t even a contest there. That’s how it is with a masculine man entering today’s dating market. A man who embraces his masculinity and his masculine dominance will have women falling at his feet. Masculinity (and all that it entails) does the same to women that a tight waist, large breasts, and a round ass with clear skin does to a man. It causes a reaction in him that he cannot control or resist. Double this for women and masculinity and you’ll start to get the picture.

What Does This Mean For Me?

What this means is that though society may stand against you embracing your masculinity and call you evil or bad for doing so. The fact of the matter is there is not much better that you can do to live a greater life. Embracing your masculinity is the start of the process of getting the life that you want. A man who has distanced himself from his masculinity will never be happy. Like an eagle trapped in a cage. It’s soul will cry out until it gets freedom or dies. The same is true with the soul of a man. It will cry out for it’s masculinity or it will die.

Feed your soul and embrace your masculinity. Become a masculine man. Become the man that you were created to be. If you are unsure of where to start then start with The Primer which is exactly as it sounds a primer on being masculine. If you never embrace your masculinity, you can never be fulfilled. You will go through life half alive at best. Embracing your masculinity is like shooting color into the eyes of someone who has only seen black and white their entire life. That and remember there is no competition for masculine men.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge