How To Be A High Value Man

How To Be A High Value Man by Charles

Our duty in this life is to become the very best that we can be in every facet of our lives. To become stronger and  better every day. To go from battle to battle even war to war greater than we were before. We are to take both victory and defeat in stride not letting either deter us from our ultimate goal of ascension. When I speak in this article of being a high value man I’m not talking about being attractive to women (though a high value man will be incredibly attractive to women) that is a goal that a man shouldn’t focus on. That will come as a byproduct of pursuing your ultimate goals.

When I say a high value man I mean a man that is high value to his brothers, his flag, and yes women as well. But above all he is high value to himself. He has high value to the tribe, he has high survival value. He can take whatever challenge comes his way. His value to the tribe is unmistakable. He excels in every aspect. His strength, courage, cunning, ferocity, and wisdom are all unmatched. He is a man among men, he is a high value man. He is a man striving to echo the best that there is. A man who wants to become more than he is day in and day out. Now how to become a high value man.

Grow The Mind

We shall start with the mind. A man must take hold of his mind and use it to serve him. He must master his mind as well as grow it. His mind was made for expansion on all fronts. A mind that does not grow dies. The high value man seeks out wisdom and knowledge. He looks at those who have come before and learns from them while always listening to his guy and inner wisdom. He knows that his mind is one of his greatest gifts and that to honor this he must make the most out of it.

He is always reading and gaining knowledge. Because he knows knowledge is power and that it is his duty to become powerful because nothing in this world (for good or ill) is gained without power and strength. He also builds his willpower. He knows that the body follows the mind. When things get tough he has learned to keep grinding and push past discomfort. His body has become the servant of his mind as it should be. He can push past exhaustion and fear to accomplish that tasks that are set before him. While others run he grits down and marches forward. He has disciplined himself.

Harden The Body

With this being said the high value man still understands that while the body may be servant to the mind it is still important. He does not neglect his body. He understands that his body is a tool to accomplish his will in this world and like any strong man keeps his tool in good working order. A good soldier knows to keep his weapon clean and in working order at all times. Likewise does the high value man do the same with his body. He doesn’t become obsessed with his body as weak man are prone to do. Rather he recognizes it for the tool that it is.

He conditions it and makes sure that goodness goes into it. Just like he feeds his mind with good information he feeds his body with good food and drink. He exercises, trains, dresses properly, and maintains his strength. He trains his body so that it acts on command. So that his reflexes are automatic. He drills until he can’t drill anymore. He etches the drills he needs to survive and fight. For a hard body that cannot be put to use is as worthless as a weak body. The high value man knows how to apply his body against others to defend himself and others, to get what he wants.

Lift The Spirit

Now we go to the deepest level. Something that truly separates the high value man from all other men. He has a connection with something much deeper and stronger than himself. His connection to The Pater God, his inner masculinity, his inner fire he cultivates and holds dear. He pride and strength are born here. He fight is as well. He knows that the worst thing that can happen is that this fire that burns within him be extinguished. Better he be dead then to lose this fire. It is this fire that makes him a man. This animating spirit from the divine.

To cultivate this spirit he constantly seeks to be stronger as strength is one of the greatest representations of that fire that there is. He has fellowship with other men, with brothers. He’d rather be alone than in the company of the weak and degenerate. He learns of heroes and great men that expressed this fire with every breath that they took. He seeks to live the same live and have such an impact on the world. When he looks in the mirror he can see this fire in his eyes, his can feel it in his bones. It’s hard to describe but unmistakable when felt. This spirit is grown through suffering, developing strength, and closeness to the All-Father.


In a world of high value men there is no evil. There are wars sure but not evil. The only way things will get better is if more males become high value men. These are the leaders of men. The great heroes and kings that we used to honor and that all the old tales are about. The purpose of life is constant struggle, constant ascension. We all must strive to be high value men. To be strong, powerful, wise, and mighty to be the closest echo we can of our creator, that is the greatest honor. Grow the fire greater day by day and you will become a high value man, this is assured.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge