Give Your Children Heroes

Give Your Children Heroes by Charles Sledge

I don’t have children so this post is more of a thought than something I have done, yet the truth still applies. This I do know that children need healthy models to base themselves and their relation to the opposite sex on. A prime example of this is the need for a strong loving father in the home. Children without this, male or female, end up more violent, promiscuous, commit suicide more, are poorer, and just about every other negative facet you can think of. A father is needed more than anything else (including a mother) for the raising of healthy young whether they be male or female.

The role models that society will hold up for your children are not just unhealthy they are cancerous. They will teach you daughter to be promiscuous, masculine, and angry at men. They will teach you boy to be weak, soft, and a cuck. Things no father wants for his offspring. Many parents seem to think that their children will be raised fine without their influence and guidance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Have no doubts society would love to raise your children for you through the public schools, the media, and even the churches now but that is something you must do if you want healthy offspring that you can be proud of.

Hard To Find Heroes

It’s hard finding men (or women) to show as good examples for your children. The ones that will be given to them by their Marxist teachers and the media will poison their minds if they model themselves after them. You will likely have to look back through history to find men and women worthy of emulation. I would suggest staying away from anyone with celebrity status even if they have a clean front as anyone in the limelight of our current society is anything but a hero.

Look back through the history books at those who changed the world for a better place. Read biographies about them if you must. But give your children at least a basic direction of the men and women who are worth respecting and emulating. As well as giving them heroes give them villains as well. Those who should be looked down upon and rejected. That is something our modern society has in spades.


Society often is low on heroes, on men worth emulating. That is why man has developed myth. Myth shows people the archetypes of what that society would have a man strive to be. Our modern society has myths as well, myths that you can be guaranteed are going to be pounded into your child’s head day and night. You must give your child myths worth emulating as well as show them the truth behind the myths of our modern society.

When I say myth I don’t necessarily mean religious books or the Greek classics although both have tons of heroes. You can also use modern examples. For example the way Leonidas behaves in the modern movie 300 is worthy of emulation. You may say “that’s from Hollywood, it’s evil” and in a way you are right. But the ten bucks Hollywood gets from your movie is more than worth the image of a strong, unapologetic, virile man that the movie presents. Lawless and The Grey also offer positive portrayals of masculinity. You can also look at literature. Conan the Barbarian and King Solomon’s Mines are a good place to start.

Be The Man You Want Your Son To Become

You’ve probably heard the expression “be the man you want your daughter to marry” or something to that extent. Usually it’s geared to men being good little gelded boys but it has merit granted only when properly applied sort of like the phrase “man up” it can either mean something great when it done between men but its a control mechanism when used by women and/or the establishment.

Point is be the man you wish for your son to become. Is that a little bitch who is controlled by his wife and works a forty hour per week job that he hates? Or is that a man who is free and in control? You are the number one determinant for how your son will view manhood and masculinity. Make it count. The more of a man you are the better your life will be and the better example you will set for you son (and your daughter). Another thing is you must prevent the mother from having too much influence over your son as she will stifle his growth and clip his manhood before it develops. Prevent this at all costs. However at the end of the day if all you can do is set a good example than do so. Don’t be a good man be good at being a man.

Meaning a good man is one who follows all of societies rules, he’s generally labeled a “nice guy” by some or a “cuck” by people like me. Being good at being a man is a man who embodies the masculine spirit, who has embraced his masculinity, and loves it. For more information about that I would suggest you check out The Way of Men and The Primer.

There is a desperate need for men in today’s world. A need from other men, from women, and from children. I don’t know what the future will hold but I do know this regardless of what it does your offspring will be better off having a strong man in their life. This is the number one difference maker when it comes to how a child turns out. Not the class they were born into, their race, or having a mother in their life but having a father (of any kind) in their life. Having a strong father will set them head and shoulders above their peers and is the best gift that you could ever give them.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge

  • I definitely agree with you. Boys need heroes. I had role models as a child from TV-shows and tales like many others but nowadays you don’t have that anymore. Everything is feminized, masculine values are shamed and spit on, it’s a shame really. Fathers aren’t there to be a role model for their sons because of how broken and stacked the system is against men. All of this has a ripple effect imo. Boys growing up raised by single moms no one to look up to, therefore they grow up to become cucks to keep it simple. .

    • Absolutely Timo. It’s a sick cycle. Hopefully one we can prevent from continuing.