3 Ways That Simply Being A Man Is The New Counterculture

3 Ways That Simply Being A Man Is The New Counterculture by Charles Sledge

It’s funny I grew up thinking that every man wanted to be strong and brave with a harem of beautiful women and that masculinity was something to be respected and cultivated in yourself. Perhaps you thought the same, And yet when we look around we find just the opposite happening for most males (not men but males). They are getting weaker, wimpier, fatter, more womanly, and there seems to be a disdain for beautiful women. Whether it’s conservatives attacking something like Hooter’s or a bikini competition and feminists doing the uh exact same damn thing that conservatives do.

There seems to be a war on both strength and beauty (wisdom was killed a long time ago). But anyways back to what we were talking about. I think we’ve always known that I wasn’t average. I don’t say this to be cocky but to state a fact. Just the fact that we lift weights and read books already makes us not average. But I have found (and perhaps you have to) that as times goes on the chasm because us and the average person widens more and more. Simply being a man and improving yourself make you into a counter culture.

Being In Shape

When men come to men for advice on where to start progressing in life there are two main areas that are always addressed. One getting in shape. They don’t have to become pro bodybuilders or anything but they have to be able to develop some strength and be able to throw it around a little. The second is reading books which I’ll cover later. Developed nations keep getting fatter and weaker which is not a good trend. Which would once be way outside the norm is now about average and that’s only getting worse.

Simply getting to the gym and working on yourself already puts you in stark contrast to the “It’s everyone else’s fault” victim olympics culture of modern society. Not having a large gut and estrogen levels through the roof as a man is standing in stark contrast to modern society. Much less if you actually have some muscular development and even more so if that development is the neck, traps, and other “fighting muscles”. Being in shape is being in the masculine counter culture.

Being Masculine

Standing your ground, not backing down, not apologizing for everything, enjoying the fact that you have balls, all stand in stark contrast to the modern world. Where nearly everyone has become an effete wimp or a weasely back stabber. To simply stand on your own two feet and have a sense of honor and pride is nearly unheard of. Much less fighting back when you’re pushed. But that’s how they want it. It’s a lot easier to herd dumb sheep then lions, wolves, and eagles.

Masculinity is attacked and shamed at every corner. Again from both sides of political spectrum. It’s not okay to have balls, it’s not okay to have a fighting spirit, just lay down and take it like everyone else. How dare you oppose being used and screwed over. Have some fire in your heart is a new counter culture. Feeling that deep well of energy that resides in every man but that few ever learn to harness completely if at all. Being masculine is the new counter culture.

Loving Beautiful Women

If you don’t love beautiful women than something is wrong. Woman was created for man. It’s interesting how even those in the masculine self-development side of the internet shame men who appreciate beautiful women. We already get that from the chuches, schools, and governments we don’t need it here. Sure if you are weak and a fool you will not have good experiences with women, but if you understand them for what they are and use them for that purpose then you’ll enjoy your time with them.

A healthy world is a world that is filled with strong men and beautiful women and even more so if the men are also wise. Strength and wisdom are the two traits that are most important for a man to cultivate. Hence why when men first come to me looking to advice lifting weights and reading books are naturally my first two suggestions. Being either and loving beautiful women is being part of the new counter culture.

The New Masculine Counter Culture

To improve yourself daily, to take responsibility for where you’re at in life, and then do something about it puts you in stark contrast to the rest of the world. You are a man in a world of males. You will come against resistance and there will be those who try to shame you for who you are. It’s in your best interest to ignore them and forge your own path. A healthier more masculine one.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    Great post!

  • Jak

    I guess I am fortunate to live in a redder state because no one really questions the whole masculinity thing too strongly. Yeah, there’s the typical lib speak, but no one tries to shame men with things like “toxic masculinity/cisheteronormative/patriarchy/etc.” We’re pretty live and let live around here.

    • That makes sense. Lived in both and it really makes a huge difference. Right now living in a bit of a mixed bag so like you said don’t get the whole “toxic masculinity” or women running around in pussy hats etc. It’s more of an unspoken dislike of traditional masculinity. Right now it’s red (not live in the woods with the gun and fam red but red as in hey equality is great it’s just being taken too far red) that’s going blue.

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    another thing, it seems life and society, nature, made it out to be that controlling your own destiny is part of the essence of the masculine

    • Yeah, controlling your own destiny is certainly part of masculinity.

  • Jim Johnson

    Biggest thing, IMO is holding an opinion that is 180 degrees out of phase with political correctness. Commenting here that gayness is not good for society is one thing. Telling your daughter in law that she is ruining her life by following her current path is another.

    • Very true, personally have found with family that just living as an example is more powerful than trying to convince people rationally. Heck even a piece of bubble gum can’t even be sold rationally so much less life choices.