3 Foods That Are Billed As Healthy That Actually Aren’t

3 Foods That Are Billed As Healthy That Actually Aren't by Charles Sledge

So imagine that you wanted a populace that was fat so they couldn’t fight back, docile to they wouldn’t fight back, and dumb so they didn’t know they could fight back what kind of diet would you force them to eat? Apparently I’m not the only one that thought of this because these guys at the FDA created this thing called the food pyramid that does just that. It’s quit ingenious actually, almost like something a science fiction writer would have written about in days past.

But then I was thinking how would you get your slave populace to eat such fair? And be happy about it? Especially when they looked around them and everyone was dumb and weak. Then my marketing skills came to me and I remembered. Of course have authorities tell them it’s good and shame them for questioning otherwise. What a brilliant plan. Unfortunately for us however this isn’t something from the imagination of a science fiction writer but something that is happening to us in reality.

We are told to eat six servings of poison a day as well as just enough protein so we don’t collapse on our selves and can keep the machine running. We are pushed all sorts of “diet” foods, diet apparently being an English word for “poison manufactured in a factory but makes you feel like you’re actually doing something when you eat it, oh and marked up for double price”. Kidding aside most of the foods that are billed as healthy for us are killing us here are the three biggest offenders.

Food #1 – Grains

According to the “how to be a good slave diet” otherwise known as the FDA food pyramid we are to eat six servings of grain a day and it’s to be the staple of our diet. It’s like they think we’re cattle or something haha…ha? We have been told by doctors (who of course we can trust) that the staple of a good diet is lots of grains especially whole grains. Grains after all are the staff of life are they not?

The truth of the matter is most grains have morphed from being something that was never that great for us in the first place to something that is downright horrible for us. Stuffing yourself with carbs is no way to a healthy physique or to a healthy body. This is something that an entire book could be written about and has been written about. I would suggest Wheat Belly as a start to the wonders of grains. As a matter of fact when it comes to losing weight the first thing I recommend is dropping sugars and grains.

Food #2 – Protein Bars

I see these all over the shelves an in the shopping carts of many an obese women lumbering through the grocery stores. Wanting to see what all the fuss was about I picked a couple up and started looking at the nutrition facts. While they all varied in their ridiculousness as being billed as health foods a couple stood out. For example one had 24 grams of carbs and 4 grams of protein and was billed as a protein bar by a brand name distributor. Likewise another had 20 grams of protein but also 40 grams of sugar.

Might as well eat a can of tuna then chug a mountain dew. The same could be said of health bars which are really just bars loaded with sugar and carbs while having some slices of fruit of the cover next to the bar. Point is if it’s in bar form then it’s probably not going to go towards you getting the health and body that you want. As a matter of fact if it’s convenient and easy then it’s probably not going to help you get the body or health that you want.

Food #3 – Superfoods

Alright before the comments get stormed telling me how I’m wrong let me explain. First and foremost these superfoods are just little known (to Westerners) plants and such that have some nutrients (generally that a well know fruit or vegetable has). They are then marketed as magical berries from the far East, alright so usually the ads aren’t quite as heavy handed as that but it’s essentially the same thing. Marketer’s have long known that making some exotic or secret makes people want it. Even if it’s just some berry that has half the nutritional value of a common blueberry.

With a fancy name and fancy marketing suddenly it’s as if they discovered the fountain of youth. The superfood craze will continue as long as people want magic elixirs and shortcuts (which will be always) the food will change but the marketing principles will not. So before you drop big bucks on Acai berries or whatever the superfood of the month is you might want to reconsider spending the money on good ol steak, eggs, and berries.


When looking to eat a healthy diet it’s good to know marketing as well as how to government operates. Also on a side note the vast majority of supplements are completely worthless as well, even if they’re pushed by your favorite blogger/talking head. The health field has just as many charlatans as the get a bigger dick or the make money while sitting in your underwear surrounded by supermodels field. Keep your wits about you, take the tried and true over the well marketed and new. And remember the government never has your best interest at heart.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge

  • SnapperTrx

    My “superfoods”: Beef, cheese, bacon, cabbage, broccoli, honey and eggs. I don’t LIVE off of these foods, but I have been doing my best to try and eat more of them and avoid breads and sweets (doesn’t help that the wife knows how to bake with a capital B). Typically I fall off the truck around the holidays, but it’s not so bad.

    • Haha yeah holidays are a hard time especially with family members who really know how to cook lol. Looks like a great list.