Without Freedom, We Have Nothing

Without Freedom, We Have Nothing by Charles Sledge

This is not a political post, this about something far more important than politics. This about you and two of the most important things you can have. Your freedom and your masculinity. Which are linked together and can never be separated. Freedom, I think while it’s a topic that isn’t directly addressed often by men it is something that is often on men’s minds. To be able to live the life that they want and how they see fit. To be able to follow their heart and develop themselves. To take the road that they want to take, that is freedom.

Freedom is so essential to life, without freedom we have nothing. A man could have a beautiful wife/harem, a six figure job, and perfect health yet if he is living by the dictates of someone else he will still be miserable. A man needs his freedom like a fish needs water. Without freedom his masculinity will be stifled it may be from an overbearing mother, a nagging wife, a asshole boss, or any number of reasons but only by living according to his own code and ideals can a man experience freedom and true manhood.

Freedom Is Essential

Freedom is essential to masculinity. Like oxygen to fire. Without freedom masculinity does survive for long. Prison takes many forms. Certain marriages, living with parents, dead end jobs, and any number of things. While you may not experience a physical prison many men are experiencing prisons of the soul. They heart is imprisoned and they don’t truly feel, they don’t truly live. They feel like an hollowed out shell with the fire inside reduced to ashes. Prisons of the soul can be just as bad and more permanent than prisons of the body. As the soul is greater than the body and much more important.

There are certain steps men must take to get on the path to freedom. Freedom from the soul crushing world and society. A man was meant to be wild and free, to live his life with his soul unfettered. This is to keep the masculine spark alive and going strong. Without freedom the spark dries up and dies often to never be revived again as the man goes to his grave with his soul still in chains. I cannot imagine a sadder fate. Man was not created to be enslaved or docile but to be strong and free. To soar high and fast. Not to plod along the ground like a beast of burden or to slither on the dust like a snake. He is man, a little lower than the angels.

The Soul Of Man

What is the soul of a man? A complicated question and one that cannot be answered by one article or even one book. This I know a man requires freedom. Man was meant to lead, dominate, and fly. When he is shackled by women, work, or anything else he becomes like a caged animal. First he may fight against it but eventually he gives in and slowly the soul within him dies. However expose the ashes to freedom and they begin to take burn brightly once more. Some have been in prison so long they don’t even remember what freedom was like.

I know that money while not the end goal plays an essential and fundamental part in freedom. That without you will not be able to fully expand your soul and yourself. I know that once money is covered you will have to cover your relations with women and your own masculinity. You will have to cover how to handle yourself in this violent world. You will have to harness your mind and bring it to work for you. To steer yourself out of your prison and into the light of freedom. You are the only one who can free yourself, you are a man no one is going to do it for you. There bill for manhood is high but worth every penny and it is a journey that never truly ends. But it runs on freedom.


Protect your freedom as your life. If you don’t yet have freedom because of money or another situation work day and night to change that situation. Once money is taken care of you can expand and truly start to live. You won’t constantly be preoccupied with things but be able to live in the moment. Seek freedom. Seek it like you would air if about to drown. Freedom will revitalize you and relight the fires in your soul. The furnace that you manhood runs on. A physical prison can be fought against and you manhood retained however a soul or mental prison can destroy your manhood in a way a physical prison could never do.

This doesn’t mean to never get married, or never work a office job, or anything like that. Simply that when those things encroach on your freedom they become bad. Put them in their respective places. A man values his freedom as his life, if not more than his life. As a life without freedom is not worth much. Different people may be stuck in different prisons. Most will be money, however others may vary. That is why a man must conquer all facets of his life to truly live. Guard your freedom and embrace your masculinity. You’ll never regret it.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge