How Unattractive Women Affect The Sexual Marketplace

How Unattractive Women Affect The Sexual Marketplace by Charles Sledge

If there one thing that has grown in West societies it’s the level of unattractive women. I don’t say this to complain but rather to state facts whether it’s obsesity, manliness, cutting their hair short, or a myriad of other reasons. Now usually I’d say “Who gives a damn” and just focus on the beautiful women that are a joy to be around. But it’s not that simple and the glut of unattractive women have a major impact on dating and mating and society at large.

Personally I find the sexual marketplace a fascinating topic and one that every man should study to figure out a good chunk of how this world works, society organizes, as well as why women and men are the way they are. Especially considering that our species number one drive is to further their genes by reproduction. Our first order is survival but only so we can reproduce. Obviously there is more to man but this is the basis that underlies everything else.

Supply & Demand

When we look at the sexual marketplace mating decisions are decided by value and supply and demand. No different than any other marketplace. Men with lots of confidence, status, money, strength, or a combination are valued highly as are beautiful feminine women. No surprises there. However there are outside forces that can affect this marketplace. One thing many intelligent MGTOWs talk about is how having a society where there are many men lowers the value of men overall and often results in a feminist/gynecocratic society. Meaning that a glut of men like we have now (because of lack of famine/disease/wars and the like) results in men’s overall value being lowered.

Again this isn’t to make a value judgement simply state a fact. The glut of men means that supply is overshadowing demand leading to lower value. Even for top tier men their value is overall going to be lowered and for those men at the bottem their value will be lowered below that of even the lowest tier women. Now combine that with hypergamy where women try to mate with men who are above and better than them and it really makes things interesting. This is why in today’s sexual marketplace roughly 20% of men sleep with 80% of women. Obviously marriage skews this somewhat but less than people think.

The Perfect Storm

So now what does this have to do with unattractive women? In our society as more and more women become unattractive (as far as the sexual marketplace is concerned) the few women who do remain attractive’s value will sky rocket. This is why a 7 can make her living off instagram posting selfies or a halfway decent blonde who spouts conservative talking points will be given a six figure career. Combine hypergamy, with an overload of men in society, and a overload of unattractive women and attractive women’s value has skyrocketed out of the marketplace.

The reverse of this would be living in a post apocalytic wasteland with lots of threats where most of the men were Starbucks sipping pussies and there were hordes of beautiful women. A strong masculine man’s sexual market value would be through the roof. So what does this mean for the average man? Well for starters it means a man that focuses on chasing women is just never going to be able to compete.

A man to compete needs to focus on himself and his development. Which is something that a man should be doing anyways. So this takes into account more than just ugly women but also a glut of men and hypergamy. This also shows how society can change. Any of these factors changing will bring society back towards favoring men over women. For example technology is a threat to the current order. Artificial wombs and sex bots would make women have to compete again balancing things. Only the future will tell.


Though most in the masculine development community have deemed things like the sexual marketplace and sex “below them” (whatever that means) it’s a very important topic that every man would be wise to pay attention to. Understanding the factors that go into it not only will help a man get laid if he wants (and what man doesn’t want to get laid?) but also help him understand how society operates. It’s been said that all is sex, why I don’t agree with that it certainly is the foundation upon which everything else rests as far as biology is concerned.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge