Review Of How To Get Hot Girls Into Bed By Troy Francis

Review of How To Get Hot Girls Into Bed by Troy Francis by Charles Sledge

For those of you who don’t know Troy Francis is a blogger and writer over at Return of Kings where he writes about game, pickup, and everything else that comes with being a modern casanova. Troy runs a blog at Real Troy Francis where he writes game tips in addition to his column at Return of Kings both of which I highly suggest you try out. I was able to get a copy of Troy’s latest book How To Get Hot Girls Into Bed where he talks about much of what he has learned about picking up and seducing women (which is quite a lot). This book is made to be a bit more advanced than his previous book The 7 Laws Of Seduction (one I also recommend you pick up at some point) but even if you’re a bit of a newbie to all this you’ll still learn a ton from How To Get Hot Girls Into Bed by Troy Francis.

The book is divided into three sections each covering a different aspect of game. The first section is called beginnings and is a bit of a grab bag of different concepts surrounding the red pill, modern dating, and picking up women. After that comes the inner game section called mindsets and inner game which is as you guessed it all about internal things that one can do to increase their success with women. And the third, final, and most in depth part is outer game and techniques which give you practical tips and tricks to use when out and about. When it comes to advice on picking up women there is plenty of junk in the field. How To Hot Girls Into Bed by Troy Francis is a rare find in a field of overhyped marketing B.S. and socially awkward weirdoes. Troy has a realistic view and approach, and a book that we can all learn something from.


Like I said the beginning sections is a bit of a grab bag covering a wide variety of different topics everything from how Tinder has impacted game, to how having a negative attitude doesn’t do anyone any good, to the answer to the question “is game getting harder than ever?”. Troy has an insightful outlook and good answers to all of the above and more. Instead of giving you a boring list of every question proposed and then you having to buy the book to find out the answer I’ll give some of my favorites and the insights that I drew from them. I should also mention that Troy discusses the dangers of modern long term relationships and marriage, something that all men need to be made aware of.

Something that you’ll heard in pickup or hopefully more likely you experience in real life is how boring most women are. This ranged from your run of the mill Western woman (whatever that means anymore) to you go grrrl career feminist to the blonde smoke show all the guys drool over. Troy talks about while men may be working in improving themselves, starting a business, writing a novel, and striving for something greater and beyond themself the average woman does not do this. She simply exists and there is not much substance to her. A hot girl may spend her day working a boring job, coming home maybe hitting the gym, watching some TV, checking how many guys boosted her ego on Tinder, then go to bed and do about the same thing day after day.

This isn’t to say there aren’t interesting girls with lives (and minds) of their own rather that they are a rarity and some of the hottest girls have some of the most boring lives. You as an advernturer, as a man, as a modern casanova will no doubt find yourself getting bored with the majority of women rather quickly making long term realtionships hard (among other reasons). Troy also warns about how following the player lifestyle can make one unfit for marriage and family (if that is a goal of yours). While the effect isn’t as pronounced as it is with women having a high partner count makes it hard for men to stay loyal consistently enough for a woman to stay with them. Food for thought.

Mindsets & Inner Game

Troy starts this section off with discussing the observation that many new to game and not naturally alpha have and that is that how much of a difference can game make? Troy talks about how one commenter lamented that even after all his knowledge and approaches put in that natural alphas guys who were good looking, in shape, and most likely hormonally optimized had far more success than him for far less. Many end up wondering if it’s even possible to compete in any meaningful way or if they’re doomed to sleep with mediocre girls for life. Troy states that it’s possible to compete by you’d better really want it. Just like it’s possible for a guy from the slums to make it big it’s a whole lot easier for the guy who started with capital and grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Like most things in life getting or not getting what you’re after comes down to how much you want it and how much effort you’re willing to put into it.

Troy also discusses the debate between inner and outer game. Meaning working on yourself or working directly on picking up women. Both have inherent pit falls and both can led to lack of results if one is focused on too much to the detriment of others. For example Troy talks about males who focus on “self-improvement” simply because they want to delay going out and getting after it. Likewise there are those who bury themselves in pickup so they can ignore other issues in their life. Troy recommends for beginners to focus on outer game at least to start. They need to get out there and actually interact with women if that’s something they haven’t done before. Self-improvement is great and a important part of life but it’s no replacement for actually going out and getting after it.

One chapter that I found particularly intriguing was one about eight traits that all successful men share. This applies to everything from picking up women to starting a business to getting great at a sport or art. Troy talks about how things like getting fully immersed in a subject (critical to success), being decisive, strong sense of self, and being able to maintain course even when things are against you. As I said these are traits that will do you will regardless of what it is you’re trying to get good at.

Troy also hits upon a topic that I think is very important and many ignore for success with women. And that is your innate level of horniness. Without being horny (due to low T, lack of sleep, or whatever other factor) no matter how much game you have or how good looking you are, you just aren’t going to have what is required to go out and attract and seduce women. Without desire game is sterile, it doesn’t do you any good without that desire there fueling it. Like gas in a car. Without the gas the car isn’t going anywhere no matter how nice of an engine it has or how nice the tires are. You need that fuel (desire) to power the car (game).

Outer Game & Techniques

This section is the largest section of the book and where Troy really stands out. Troy starts out this section with talking about the neccesity of game in today’s modern world. Like sales skills and basic self-defense knowledge a man who doesn’t have a basic grasp of game is a sitting duck in today’s day and age. Troy addresses game denialists and explains why now more than ever game is needed for every man. With the sexual marketplace only becoming more vicious and competitive than ever a man needs to sharpen his skills and have a good basic understanding of women, how they work, and what attracts them to him to have a fighting chance. Game (encompassing many different things) gives the average man that fighting chance.

Another standout in this section is Troy’s dicussion of traits that all successful players have. As you can tell I’m a fan of discussing traits as they allow one to understand the trait while applying it to their own unique personality and “sense of self” or whatever you want to call it. A few things that Troy talks about in this chapter is standing out from the crowd (in a good way) as well as they have a dominant masculine presence and don’t apologize for their interest in women, something that if you’ve read my writings I whole heartedly agree with and encourage.

Troy talks about how making any girl your “dream girl” all but ensures that you won’t get her. You need to have multiple women you are always talking to and gaming. Having one girl that you pine after ensures that she’ll never be attracted to you. Only a man with options is attractive to a woman and if you’re spending all your effort on her that tells her that you’re a man without options. As well as making sure you never focus too much on any one woman Troy also talks about the importance of taking every interaction as far as possible. No point in being coy or leaving things on the table.


How To Get Hot Girls Into Bed is crammed with information about everything you need to know about seducing women through game. The topics are varied and while usually I’m not a huge fan of that in this case I enjoyed it. Troy has a lot to offer on a variety of different subjects relating to game. I’ve tried to highlight some things that stood out to me and that I found particularly enlightening or interesting but this doesn’t even begin to cover everything in the book. For example here are some other things that will probably interest you in How To Get Hot Girls Into Bed.

Troy talks about how to avoid burn out as a player, how your ego can get in the way of your success with women, how to develop “sexual presence”, indirect vs. direct game which is better? How to get no strings attached sex, how to have women percieve you as an alpha male, and so much more. Like I said this book is quite comprehensive. Even if you’ve been around the block a few times there will be at least a couple of things that stand out. Most books of this type seem to be repeating things you’ve heard one hundred times. Troy thankfully has some unique insights and ways of looking at what is called game.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to get girls (especially the hot ones) then How To Get Hot Girls Into Bed by Troy Francis is the book for you. You can get it on Amazon and though it cost way less than most material of this type it’s far superior.

So if you’re ready to start seducing gorgeous women then get your copy of How To Get Hot Girls Into Bed by Troy Francis today.

Charles Sledge

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