What People Mean When They Say “You Can’t”

Charles Sledge You can't equals they couldn't

This is what someone means when they say “you can’t”

Translated this means “I can’t”

I’ve heard people say not to get involved in real estate, blogging, X, or Y. Yet There are people successful in real estate, blogging, X, and Y. I’ve heard people say their job is hard yet there are others who are energized by it. The point I’m getting at is generally it isn’t the job/career that’s the issue but the person working the job, the person in the career.

Don’t let other people set you boundaries for you. Most people have very limited minds and are caught up in their own shortsightedness and personal hangups. And to be frank most people aren’t worth listening to. Most people are losers. They may be good people…or they may not be, but they¬†are losers. This isn’t calling them names this is stating a fact. When it comes to life they lose at it. I often lose at basketball because I suck at it. I am a loser at basketball. Doesn’t mean I’m not a swell guy simply stating a point.

Never listen to quitters.

Never listen to whiners.

Never listen to losers.

Unless you plan on becoming one. But if that was the case you wouldn’t be on my site.


At one time when hearing that I couldn’t do something (based on someone else’s perception of course) I would take their word for it. Think about that. I would take someone else’s word for what I can or can’t do. How insane is that? I soon figured out that it wasn’t up to others what I could or couldn’t do, for the most part it was up to me.

It’s your choice to listen or not listen when someone says that you can’t do something. You can either accept that belief and bring it into your mind therefore limiting yourself or you can reject it and carve your own path thereby freeing yourself. It’s a choice, specifically it is your choice.

Negative, losers would like nothing more than to drag you down to their level. They’re miserable so they figure everyone else should be miserable with them. For example say your out at a club with some guys from work and you see a hot blond looking your way. You smile and wave and she waves back. The guys around you look over at the blond and then back at you. The guy next to you says “It’s not worth it, bar girls are always drama filled and just try to get as much attention from you as possible”. You reply with “We’ll see” and proceed to have a fun interaction with the girl and later that night bang her brains out.

That guy was relating his experience to you. Just because one individual has a certain experience with something does not mean that you have to also have that experience with something.

“You Can’t”

Means “I can’t”. You’ve probably heard before it’s impossible to get laid is city X. Yet I gurantee you thousands if not millions get laid in city X. Or Y girls are all easy/prudes. Yet I gurantee you plenty of Y girls put out like crazy while others probably are prudes. It’s not the outside thing that usually has the biggest affect it’s our own inner mindset. Which is why it’s so important that we have the correct inner mindset.

I’ll always remember in high school this girl I thought was hot. I was talking with my friends about her and they said “You can’t date her you’re a freshman” (the girl was a senior). I accepted this reality despite a year later dating college girl who was the exact same age as the girl before. Don’t let losers limit your potential. I’ll repeat that.

Don’t let losers limit your potential.


When someone says that “you can’t” you know what they are really saying is that they couldn’t. You know that beliefs can either make you or break you. And that limiting beliefs from limiting people will ensure that you are never living the life that you desire to live. Don’t listen to losers because if you do you will become one.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Our martial arts school forbids the word “can’t” from being used in class. “Can’t” is used when most people simply don’t want to, but also don’t want to admit they’re just too lazy.

    • That’s awesome. Hard to find a dojo that isn’t a “McDojo” anymore. Sounds like you got a good place.