Never Be A Soft Target

Never Be A Soft Target by Charles Sledge

Soft targets are always the first to get hit. Those who are unaware and weak are the first to get robbed, raped, and killed. It’s how humans work and it applies to much more than just the jungle. The soft targets are the first to get hit by predators. Predators are too smart to go after the healthy and the strong. Because the healthy and the strong could at worst put the predator out of commission and at best be a hell of a lot harder to take down then the soft and weak. Many humans are predators and I’m not just talking about those looking to rob you.

This also applies to your boss, coworkers, and others around you. Never forget that humans are animals and if their safety is threatened they will turn on you in a second. So it pays to not be a soft target. You do this by developing skills in different facets of your life. Making you unassailable from any angle. From you the alpha predator that the other predators fear and stay clear of. Imagine a lion walking among hyenas. You cannot afford to look like a soft target to anyone. Including but not limited to the people below.

With Women

Who hasn’t seen the soft target with women. Some of the hardest targets when it comes to enemy combatants become the softest and weakest of targets when it comes to women. It’s truly pathetic. The soldier who has killed enemy soldiers staying with his wife who cheated on him or who leads him around by the balls. He’s a soft target to women and if a woman sees any weakness in a man she will exploit it ruthlessly. Not because she’s “evil” but because it’s a survival mechanism.

Nice guys are soft targets to women. Women know they can take advantage of them and get what they want from them. If a guys rich and nice multiple this by ten. A nice rich guy is the ultimate juicy soft target for a woman. Like a gazelle that can’t walk because it’s obese would be to a lion (obviously that doesn’t happen in nature, but you get my point). The guy who constantly buys women drinks or gives them compliments on social media. You get the idea. Pretty much guys who don’t know anything about women’s nature.

In Business

If you work in the average corporation you’re boss would have your entire family killed in front of you while filming it if he could do it legally and it save him a dollar. There are no friends in the corporate environment never forget this. Be ready to tear down your entire company and everyone in it at a moment’s notice. Because the second you don’t have the barrel of a gun to someone’s head the’ll shoot you. That’s how it works. Combine that with the weakness of the average cubicle slave (including your boss) and the ridiculous policies enforced and you have a perfect storm.

However if you know how to build rapport and bring in revenue you’re going to be anything but a soft target. And for Pete’s sake learn sales. I don’t care if you’re an accountant you still have to sell yourself to your boss and more importantly his boss. Sales is your weapon in business. Sales is to the businessman what claws and teeth are to the lion. Without them he is finished. Just like you will be without learning sales in the business world, dead meat. Master sales so that when they come after you you can tear them to shreds.

With The World

Alright with all that said above you can’t be unassailable by either women or business then drop your guard when it comes to physical combat. I see so many “paper alphas” who think they are on top of the world then get mugged or their teeth kicked in. You have to know how to fight and defend yourself. You have to be aware of danger and take measures to avoid it while also being able to handle it if it should come up. You must know how to deescalate potentially violent situations while also knowing how to use violence should the time come.

You should have at least a basic knowledge of situational awareness, hand to hand combat, basic blade work, and basic gun work. That’s at the bare minimum. We always have and always will live in a violent world this is a reality. You or your family could be targeted. I don’t say this to fear monger simply so you know the realities of the world and are prepared to deal with them. Because no one is going to do it for you in any aspect of your life. It’s all on you.


So not being a soft target means a lot more than one would commonly think. There are many different areas of life where a man can be attacked and from multiple different sources. More than the ones I covered here. Look at your life like a fortress there are many different ways an enemy would attack it. Make sure that all are addressed until you become impenetrable. Always be on the alert. Life is violent and there are always those looking to do you harm in many different ways. Never forget this and never be a soft target.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge