Minimal Game by Aaron Sleazy Review

Minimal Game by Aaron Sleazy Review by Charles Sledge

Aaron Sleazy is a blogger and long time manosphere writer. He runs a blog at Men, Women, & Society where he writes about dating, culture, and masculinity among other things. His name is a bit ironic as Sleazy is pretty much the least sleaziest person in the seduction community, a community known for charlatans and fakes. As a matter of fact Aaron wrote a great book called Debunking The Seduction Community which dives into truth behind the vast majority of PUA material. While this may seem obvious now Aaron wrote this book at the heigh of PUA popularity which made some splashes.

Aaron has a much more realistic and natural approach to picking up women that he explains in his book Minimal Game. The subtitle is “the no-nonsense guide to getting girls” and it delivers on that promise. You’ll find no gimmicks, no ridiculous routines, and no bullshit in this book. Aaron starts out the book by talking about how the average PUA makes picking up women seem like rocket science and vastly over complicate a very simple and natural thing. This is great for selling advanced systems (for 3 easy payments of 99.99) but is no very effective for actually getting women into bed. Aaron points out that his book won’t transform an dwebe into a super stud but rather will take the average guy and get him above average results.

Honest Truths

The first part of the book dives into some commonly held mainstream beliefs regarding men, women, and sex and debunks them. Starting with the idea that a man should wait for one special girl. A man who waits around is a man who is going to have little options when it comes to the women he is dating/sleeping with. Women can afford to be passive but a man cannot, that is how nature designed it and that’s how it always will be. A man who wants to take his sex life into his own hands is going to have to make the first move and be the one who approaches women. Women aren’t going to come to him, he must go to her.

He also talks about the crucial role the logistics plays and how if you’re wanting to sleep with lots of attractive women you’re not going to have much look in a small town regardless of how studly you are. Move to L.A. or another city and your goals become possible (if that’s what you truly want). Aaron also addresses screening for girls in this first section as well (something anyone who values his time and is successful with women does) essentially instead of going after girls who aren’t interested (huge waste of time) rather find the ones that are already somewhat interested and capitalize on that. He also debunks the whole “you need to get to know a girl first” before having sex nonsense.


In this section Aaron talks about the foundations of successfully sleeping with girls. My favorite line of the whole book is in the first page of this section “There is no democracy in seduction”. And Aaron starts this section by talking about the critical role that looks play in seduction. The more muscle I put on the more women pay me attention, something that is blindingly obvious yet something that few men really act on. It’s disproportional from going from average to above average to well above average how much sexual attention women give you. If you’ve never been densly muscled ¬†with relatively low bodyfat (meaning not a twig at 12% bodyfat) you’ll never understand this. Something I recommend all single men do at least once.

Aaron also talks about fashion something that also factors into a man’s look and how he is percieved by women. Aaron states that clothing makes you stand out and how easy that is to do compared to how sloppy most men dress today (outside of nice night clubs where you’ll actually have some competition). Aaron also talks about how not having money isn’t really going to hold you back for just picking up women for casual sex. Another one of my favorite lines in the book “Being in reasonably good shape will help you more with women than your fragile ego might want you to believe”. Are looks everything? No, nothing is everything but they do mean a lot especially for one night stands.

Principles Of Seduction

Aaron starts this section off by talking about how seduction isn’t manipulation, it’s getting someone to do what they wanted to do in the first place. Without attraction nothing is going to happen. No matter what you say or do if there isn’t any attraction from one party or the other, then nothing is going to happen. Hence why getting your foundations down is so important. The better looking, more well dressed, and more masculine a man is the more he is going to cause attraction in women and therefore the more opportunities he is going to have to sleep with those women. Obvious when you think about it but something that many neglect nonetheless.

Another key point of this section Aaron talks about is not wasting your time on girls who aren’t interested. Go after the girls that are more receptive. It’s the only thing that makes sense if you’re a man who values his time (and we all should be men who value their time as it’s the one resource we can’t get back). Aaron divides women into three zones. The green, grey, and red zone. Green zone are girls interest in you and attracted to you. Grey zone are girls who will sleep with you without a better option. And red zone girls are girls that just aren’t interested in you. Obviously Aaron recommends going after the green zone girls and remember getting your foundations down is going to increase the number of green zone girls.

The Road To Success

Aaron talks about throughout the book how you can’t get any girl you want. Something that many PUAs promised with the right line/hypnotic mind trick/other B.S. you could do. A key part of seduction is screening, finding out which girls just aren’t interested, finding out which girls are receptive, and finding out which girls are going to be time wasters. Aaron talks about being forward and making your intentions known so you can screen for girls that aren’t interested. If you’re coy you could end up with a time waster all night. Be a man and don’t hide what you want.

Another key is screening for girls that are comfortable with their sexuality. For example Aaron recommends invading a girls personal space and light touching to see her receptiveness. If she clams up then she’s probably not interested or is uncomfortable with her sexuality, either way most likely going to be a waste of time for you. Aaron also talks about the importance of intuition in all of this. There are some things you just have to know and that will come with time, experience, and knowledge. Point is show your interest and gauge her interest. If she reciprocates then that’s a green light if she doesn’t then move on and don’t waste your time.

Minimal Game

I’ve really only scratched the surface of everything this book covers. While it’s only 92 pages long it’s densely packed with quality information. Aaron has rational and realistic advice about a topic where much advice out there is useless or misguided to say the least. You can get this book on Amazon for a couple of bucks. Don’t let its shortness fool you, it’s well worth the price and not a page is wasted.

So if you want to have a stable sex life and take your game to the next level without elaborate schemes then check out Minimal Game by Aaron Sleazy.

Charles Sledge

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    Thanks Charles just purchased! Another one I’d recommend for the old tool box is ” Cory Wayne’s 3% man “

    • Awesome. Read that one awhile go, don’t remember much from it will have to dust it off and take another look.