7 Ways Having Good Health Improves Your Confidence (Cathy Scarlett)

7 Ways Having Good Health Improves Your Confidence (Cathy Scarlett) by Charles Sledge

This is another guest post from Cathy Scarlett who runs a site over at Garage Gym Planner where she covers many different topics related to health, lifting, nutrition, and obviously planning your own home gym. After reading this article be sure to check out the site for some very useful information. In this article she talks about how good health improves your confidence. Enjoy!

Self-confidence is a product of individual achievements and beliefs. When we are confident in ourselves, then we are able to do almost anything we set out to achieve. Self-confidence boosts progress and causes people to feel great about themselves and their abilities.

Good health is not just the mere absence of illnesses or diseases. It is the mental, social and physical well-being of an individual. To be in good health means that you are mentally, socially and physically fit. A healthy diet and regular exercising are essential components in boosting immunity and improving the physical well being of a person.

Dieting and Exercise for Good Health

Looking great translates into feeling great. When you are not confident about how you look, then you may feel self-conscious all the time and this may distract you from achieving your goals. Eating healthy foods will ensure you get the nutrition you need to keep your body strong and resilient enough to fight diseases.

Exercising is a sure way to lose excess weight and stay in great shape. You receive numerous health benefits when you exercise regularly.  Besides being able to lose weight, exercise is a sure way of enhancing the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. You can also improve body strength significantly with regular exercise. Here are 7 Ways in which good health can help boost your confidence:

#1 – Improved Physical Appearance

Eating healthy meals and exercising regularly is a guaranteed way to make you look and feel good about yourself. Meals with plenty of fiber content will help digest food in the stomach more effectively. Generous water intake coupled with healthy diets rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients improves skin texture and promotes weight loss.

If you are unable to go to the gym regularly, then having workout equipment such as a pull up bar at home can be a sure way to keep you exercising conveniently in the comfort of your home. You can wake up early in the morning and do a few workouts before starting your day.

#2 – Sense of Accomplishment

The quest for good health is an uphill task. Eating nutritious meals and exercising is not a fun journey for many people. Achieving your health goals will give you a sense of achievement and nudge you to go the extra mile.

#3 – Relaxation

Foods rich in minerals, vitamins and good fats like omega fatty acids can help boost your mood. The hormones released when exercising makes a person feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It is a way of relieving stress and maintaining a calm and relaxed state.

#4 – Socializing

The common quest for good health has had many forming groups even on social media to interact and learn from each other. New bonds have been created in neighborhood yoga classes, gyms and even dance classes. This social interaction has made many people feel more confident about themselves while working on their health goals.

#5 – Improved Sexual Performance

Good health will make you feel even more confident about your sexual abilities and performance. Physical exercises play an important role in improving your sexual stamina by getting your cardiovascular system working well enough for a rich supply of blood. Some foods are also good to enhance sexual virility and vitality to keep any form of sexual dysfunction at bay.

#6 – Enhanced Concentration

When your body is functioning properly, you are able to focus better on anything you set out to do. This gives you the oomph you need to remain confident in your ability to perform your duties. Physical exercises are beneficial in keeping your body functioning the way it should. Some foods have nutrients that enhance the working of the brain to enable you to focus better.

#7 – Better Outlook Towards Life

Good health gives you the feeling that you are in control. This is an important component in boosting your confidence. Exercising can help shake away any negative feelings and thoughts. Some mood boosting foods help you feel generally positive about life.

Professional Advice

Engaging the services of a nutritionist may be essential to help you achieve your diet goals. Your nutritionist may recommend a meal plan that incorporates your dietary needs. An increase in the foods rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals can help boost your mood and make you feel more confident in yourself.

A personal trainer can come in handy when you want help in building a workout routine that works best for you.  If you hardly get time to go to the gym, then a personal trainer can help you figure out the appropriate workouts for you to do at your own convenience. You can also get recommendations from your trainer on exercise equipment like a treadmill or even a pull up bar in home gym setups.


A holistic approach must be taken to achieve good health for improved self-image to last a lifetime. One must look keenly into the specific issues affecting their self-image and address it with the necessary measures.

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