What Is The Measure Of A Man?

What Is The Measure Of A Man? by Charles Sledge

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“What is the measure of a man?” is a question that has come up throughout history and one that just about everyone has an answer for. Different ideologies, religions, and peoples have said different things. Many of them echo one another, many of them are clearly for ideological or personal purposes, and others reflect things that are unique to a particular time, place, or culture and then there are of course some that are completely foolish and come from foolish minds. However nevertheless this is a question that has intrigued mankind for ages and one that seemingly doesn’t have a consistant answer.

Most will tell you that each has it’s own grasp of the truth and while this may be true to some extent it is by no means the whole story. There is a timeless definition of a man, one that regardless of place, culture, or any other variable holds true and will always hold true. It is free of ideological poisoning or personal agendas or what one feels the definition of a man should be. The truth isn’t always pleasant but it is the only basis from which one can base anything of worth on. Ideologies are made to the be sweet to the ears though they are poison to the mind and the soul. Just like what makes a man attractive to a woman has nothing to do with morality or ideology it’s the same that what makes a man a man has nothing to do with morality or ideology.

The measure of a man is his strength. Perhaps you think otherwise. In this chapter I aim to not only show you that this is true but also to debunk the many other “measures of man” that have been proposed and that you may believe in. Measures that are often put with other goals in mind. For if you control the defition of something that gives you much power over that thing. For example if it’s considered “good” to be a slave according to the slave master and the slaves believe it then it gives the slave master more power over the slaves.

False Measures

I’m going to address the first and perhaps most “traditional” (as we commonly understand that word now) view which is to measure a man based on a system of morality. Now I’m not saying morality is bad or anything of that matter. Morality certainly has it’s place and is very important when it is used in it’s proper form and when it’s based on honor within a group not slave dictating to master. One can be moral without be manly likewise one can be manly without being moral. And as a matter of fact in today’s day and age it can be hard to be both manly and moral if you use society’s definition of morality. Manliness has it’s basis in biology, survival, and spiritually (though not morally) factors. For example one could be a good Christian (nothing wrong with that) give to the poor, turn the other cheek, and all of that yet he would not be manly though he was moral.

One may strive for both but the two should not be confused. There may (or may not) be rewards for being moral in the next world but there are not in this world. The next definition of what measures a man that is in error is that a man is whatever is useful to women and society. You probably hear women all the time spouting what the definition of a “real man” is (as if they had any say or clue in the matter). Or society talking about how a “real man” does the dishes, let’s his wife screw other men, cuts off his own balls, etc. I’m exaggerating a little bit (but just a little bit) but you get the point. Society and women would redefine man as what is useful to them.

For society a man would essentially be a good slave. He tows the line, works his 40+ hours, let’s his wife run things, gives his kids money to spend on consumer nonsense, has the required mortgage, and so on and so forth. For women their definition of man would be the exact same thing (a good slave, with a few exceptions for screwing). He’d be a guy who will support her delusions, buy her whatever she wants, give in to her whims, and allow her to get her sexual fill from a real man. And so on and so forth. Many males listening to society or women fall for this hence the modern emasculated male or the corporate drone. They are good slaves not good men.

The True Measure Of A Man

The true measure of a man is his strength. Nothing more and nothing less. While other things such as moral codes and certain ideologies can certainly add to a man’s life at the end of the day his measure of who he is a man is based on his strength. It is strength that nature and reality responds to, nothing more and nothing less. Now you may be saying “But surely there is more to life than strength? Surely other things matter to a man than just his strength” and you’d be right. But we’re not talking about living a full life here not are we talking about living even an optimal life, what we’re talking about is the measure of a man.

And the measure of a man is his strength. While other things may also be important to him. Things like morality, helping others, developing himself in other ways. He understands that underneath this all that his masculinity and manhood are judged by his strength and strength alone. Everything else is at best secondary to this first superior trait. So by all means develop other parts of yourself, expand, even be moral if you so choose. But understand that underneath it all the thing that matters and the measure of a man is his strength.

Because of this anything you can do to develop that strength is going to add to your manhood. And should take priority in your life. Strenght is the foundation. The development of it and therefore you manhood doesn’t have to take up one hundred percent of your life but when it comes down to it, it should be made a priority and take up a good amount of time and space. And by strength I do not mean simply just physical strength, though that plays a part. Also mental, spiritual, and every other facet of strength that there is. Remember strenght is the measure of a man and as far as nature is concerned strength is the only virtue and weakness the only vice.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Very true, my friend, very true.

    Strength must be developed, nurtured and maintained through-out one’s life… strength
    of the mind – of one’s focus, his drive, and determination. Strength of the spirit – of one’s will, and vitality and zest for life. The strength of a man’s character – of your integrity and dignity and the courage that comes from within to stand your ground
    when those around you want to break you… the strength of your convictions in a world gone to hell… the strength of honor to stand erect and proud and never bend or break or back down from the challenges of life… and to get back up when the universe kicks you in the dick…

    • Absolutely, a weakness in any area can be a man’s undoing.

  • Johnny Grube

    The measure of a man is someone who can hustle and take
    care of his own. Most men’s weakness today is following
    society, and getting sucked in in by all this anti man bullshit
    while sitting in bars talking about transgenderism!

    • Lol luckily I have yet to hear men talk about transgenderism in a bar. And absolutely.

      • Johnny Grube

        Walk through a college bar sometimes, you will never see
        a weaker bunch of sissies, my job takes me into a major
        college campus regularly lol

        • Ah that makes sense. Admittedly it’s been a bit since I’ve been in a college bar. Can’t imagine how bad it’s gotten from what I’ve seen on the news and such. Lol at least there should be lots of good looking women there, unless that’s changed as well!