The Only Way to Get Respect

Fear Equals Respect by Charles Sledge

I recently read a great post by Jack Ronin over at The Savage Lifestyle the post is titled “How to Get Respect”. In it Jack describes working in a inner city ghetto bar and how when he first started he wasn’t respected at all. Being white certainly didn’t help him as he was perceived as being soft. It wasn’t until he tore into some a aggressive patron that he was granted any respect. Despite what your yuppie teachers told you talking will never get you respect. There is only one thing that will get you respect and that is fear and fear is cultivated through force.

The Truth About Society

Despite what everyone will say society is based on force. Nothing more and nothing less. The only reason anyone follows a law is because there is a police force there to enforce the consequences should they break it. The only reason people cooperate with the police force is because they have guns they can use to enforce their will. The only reason certain countries don’t invade others is because larger forces may attack them for it.

Force is ultimately what matters. He who has the force has the power and therefore the respect. It has nothing to do with morality or who has the right ideology. Respect derives from being able to use force properly which is where fear comes from. From being dangerous and as a man as I said in The Primer

“A man who ain’t dangerous, ain’t much of a man”

This will ruffle the feathers of many but it’s the truth. If you’re not dangerous you can’t fully be a man. It’s funny people will say an “alpha male” or whatever is someone who is ripped and well dressed despite neither one of those facets having much to do with masculinity. The basis for society and respect is force.


You might have this idea that I’m telling you to become some domineering asshole who tries to start a fight with everyone he meets. This is far from the truth. First off someone who looks for fights often finds them and if it was a real fight it isn’t something he’ll be looking for anytime soon. No I’m telling you that to be a man you must be able to defend yourself and that which you care about whether it is your spouse and country (or not) or your children. They should have respect for you because they know that you are capable of applying a dangerous amount of force. They know that their father, brother, friend, or whatever category you fall into is not someone to be messed with and has the capacity to be dangerous.

Learn to fight and to shoot. There are no exceptions to this. Your gated neighborhoods aren’t keeping anyone out for long. Change is coming to America and the rest of the world. You can pretend like violence isn’t going to be a part of your life but it will be. If you have sons it is imperative that you teach them to fight. If not they will be weeded out and picked on. The weak of the pack are the ones that are picked off. Don’t let it be your offspring. If you are a father and don’t teach your sons how to apply force against those who would stand against them or use it against them you have failed them as a father and set them up for a life of pain.

Practical Steps

If you don’t have a gun then get one. That’s step one. Then learn the proper use of that gun. Learn how to point shoot. Target shooting isn’t going to do you much good. Then pick up a martial art of some sort it doesn’t matter which as long as you use it with ferocity and intensity. Personally I’m partial to boxing with some Judo or Wrestling mixed in but do what works for you. Make sure that whatever you do you throw in striking and ground work don’t neglect either as both are important. And most importantly cultivate the attitude needed to inflict violence on another. Embrace you masculine animalistic instinct and harness it. Violence is part of our world and force is needed, understand this.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge