The Ultimate Alpha Collection

The Ultimate Alpha Collection: 16 of my finest works contained in one volume by Charles Sledge

“Get 16 Of My Finest Works For The Price Of 5”

There is a lot a man must master to become master of his world and king of his domain. This world will challenge a man in multiple ways and he must be ready to meet every challenge. He must be able to overcome all that is put in his path. He must master his mindset, money, women, violence, and his own masculinity. He must understand how the world works and what he must do to not just survive but thrive in it. Most men are thrown into this world without any direction. If anything they are given lies that will only lead them to destruction. What they need is a manual and encyclopedia of true living to help guide them in their journey through life.

That is what The Ultimate Alpha Collection is an encyclopedia of red pill knowledge to guide men to be the greatest they can be. It is for those that want more out of life, that don’t just want to be another cog in the machine but rather rise to something greater and better. For those that want to be leaders and masters of their world. Men who internalize and use the knowledge contained within this collection will go further and farther than the average man. They will stand head and shoulders above the masses and be a man, a true man, among weak imitations of various types.

This the manual for men who want to master their lives and get their shit in order. Time is too valuable to waste and this collection will ensure that you never waste another second. But rather that your life becomes a great quest to develop yourself as far as possible and to have the impact that you want to have in this world while getting what you want from it. To be the strongest man that you can be. The Ultimate Alpha Collection contains everything you need to become the man you always wanted to me and master every area of your life. From money to women to masculinity to survival and more. Master every area by applying the knowledge and wisdom contained within The Ultimate Alpha Collection.

What Makes This Different Than Every Other “Alpha” Book?

First off this book is about far more than sleeping with women. Sure you’ll learn all about that and be able to sleep with the women you want with the knowledge in this book but that is just one small piece of the entire puzzle. This is about far more than women and your sex life. This is about becoming the best man that you can be, for yourself. It’s about developing your strength to new heights that you never thought possible. It’s about deep and old knowledge that have allowed men to accomplish great things throughout the centuries. It’s about becoming the best that you can be. Alpha is a word that signifies this to many men, even if the word has been abused.

You’ll learn that strength is the only thing that matters in this world and how to develop it to the best of your abilities. If you’re strong you’ll thrive if you’re weak you’ll perish. This applies to every area from the physical to the mental to the spiritual. Weakness in any area can and has been the undoing of many a great man. This book is about being strong in all areas and becoming the superman Nietzsche talked about. It’s about ascending to the next level of existance.

It’s about rising above. This is so much more than a book about “game” or even “red pill”. It’s about masculinity in every facet and in it’s fullness. To be a man and all that it entails. This is the book men need in this time, the knowledge here will change the lives of men if they digest and apply it. This collection is about starting a revolution of masculinity to sweep across the world and bring it into a new age. A age of masculinity, of strength and honor. But that age will never dawn without strong men combined with the knowledge in this collection.

The Encylopedia Of Masculinity

For those that have forgotten, for those that were never taught, and for those that want to stay the sharpest that they can be. This collection has been years in the making. It’s over 2,000 pages and almost 400,000 words (you read that right) of my best information all geared for men to get the most out of life. Here is the basics of what you’re about to learn in The Ultimate Alpha Collection.

  • The Primer – My step by step guide to jump starting your masculine development journey. It lays out a 21 day program to get you started in the right direction doing the most important thing you can, taking action to improve your life. You’ll learn the habits that make for a masculine man and fulfilled life.
  • Become A King – Next is my guide to becoming the king you were meant to be and claiming your throne. This journey starts in the mind but then permeates to every facet of your being. Claim your throne and be the king you were born to be.
  • Mind Is The Master – A man who has his mind working for him can overcome any obstacle likewise a man who’s mind is his own enemy will never accomplish anything no matter what advantages he is given. A man must learn to master his mind to get the life that he wants. This tome will show you how this is done.
  • Man Up – Strength above all. Learn what it takes to be a masculine man in a weak, effeminate, cuckolded culture. Learn the ancient ways of strength and honor. Learn to rise above and become the superman that man was created to be. This will be the shot of masculinity that you need.
  • The Outlaw’s Handbook – The social order is against you. It wants you to be a weak slave. Your true path lies in freedom and embracing the outlaw’s ways. You must follow the path of the wolf who lives for adventure, kind, and freedom. Break free from the herd and rewild yourself joining the ranks of men before you.
  • To Be A Man – There are certain things that every man must master this book lays them out in a simple format. It explains the primal roots of manhood and what every man is called to be. Filled with politically incorrect knowledge about being a man. This book is designed to put the hair back on your chest.
  • How To Get Girls – Now for women. Tons of fun but greatly over valued. Find out how to get the sex life you want with the women you want while at the same time not making woman your sole purpose in life. A true man never lives for a woman or women he lives for himself and his masculinity. Find out exactly how to get girls and how being a masculine man is the number one way to do this.
  • Understanding Women – Society would have you believe that women are unknowable creatures. This is a lie designed to keep men in the dark. This book lays bare who and what women are all about. The smokescreens vanish and you will see the truth in stark nakedness. It may not be pleasant but the truth indeed sets you free. Learn the truth about women in this book.
  • Be A Man, Get The Girl – Testosterone, the God hormone. And the basis of a man’s success with women (as well as every other facet of his life) foolish games and tricks will get you mediocre success with mediocre women. Being a man will get you lots of sucess with gorgeous woman. Learn why the basis of attraction between the sexes is about a man being a testosterone filled real man.
  • How To Be A Good Bad Boy – A bad boy is simply a good man. Not good in the slave morality sense but good as in he is manly. And this is why women go crazy for the bad boy, because a bad boy is a man. Learn why the bad boy has so much success with women and how to develop these masculine traits within yourself taking your masculinity to a whole other level.
  • How To Be Successful – A man must also master the world of business and money. But first he must master himself. He must master his mind and learn the skills and principles needed to be successful in this world. This book is the guide to do so. Learn the secrets of the successful and what makes them so. Far beyond a self improvement book this book teaches the tools that the successful use to get ahead of the pack and then stay there.
  • How To Make Money – Money makes the world go around and is the basis of freedom for a man. Even if one detests business one must still learn the much need skills of marketing, sales, and how the human animal works. These skills will give one success with money and in life. Learn how to succeed in the world of money with this book.
  • Might Makes Right – Learn the truth about how the world and power works. Far from being about fairness and morality in this world one can get one they can gain through their might. As far as nature is concerned there is one virtue which is strength and one vice which is weakness. Learn why this is so and how to become the predator instead of the prey.
  • How To Fight – What use is all this knowledge if you can’t throw a decent punch. Violence always has been and always will be a part of our world. Ignoring it is a guarantee you will become a target. Weakness invites destruction. Learn how to throw a punch, where to hit someone for greatest effect, and a whole hell of a lot more.
  • How To Stop Watching Porn – Porn, so many men’s Achilles heel. Sure we could sit here and pretend doesn’t have that big of an effect on our manhood but we know deep down that it does. Porn is pathetic and effeminate for a whole host of reasons explained in this book as well as how to break free from the destructive weakening spell of born and reclaim your manhood in the process.
  • How To Raise Your Testosterone Naturally – Testosterone the very hormone that makes you a man. Getting your testosterone as high as possible is goal number one in reclaiming your masculinity. In this book you will learn all the natural ways to raise your testosterone to it’s peak so you can dominate life.

How To Order

You can get all the knowledge you need to be the best man you can be for only 49.99. The Ultimate Alpha Collection is sold as a PDF that is delivered to your email through a service called Clickbank. It’ll run on Adobe acrobat or any other service that can read PDFs. The file should be delivered immediately upon purchase. If you have any questions you can contact me through the contact page by clicking here.

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you became the great man that you were always meant to be? Don’t wait and get your copy of The Ultimate Alpha Collection: 16 Of My Finest Works Contained In One Volume today!

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