The True Meaning Of Focus & Why It’s Key To Your Success

The True Meaning Of Focus & Why It’s Key To Your Success by Charles Sledge

We’ve all heard about the importance of focus before. We’ve also all heard about how X, Y, and Z are all the secrets to success. Yet despite hearing all of this many people are still where they were this time last month or even last year. So why is it that after learning something that supposedly is going to move us forward we still remain locked in place? What’s up with that? And more importantly what is the cause of it?

The first thing most would say it is because of a lack of action. And there is much truth to that statement. Many people learn things but then never take action on them rendering the knowledge useless. Remember knowledge is not power, knowledge is simply potential power. Taking action on that knowledge is what transfer it from potential power to power. Like pulling the trigger on a gun.

Information Overload

We live in a time where we have access to more information than anyone before. Granted most don’t make use of this and spend their time wasting it. However for those of us who do make use of it we run into a frequent problem. And that problem is information overload which can lead to paralysis by analysis. Meaning we have so much information and so many options that we don’t know which road to take. Imagine going to a restaurant with one thousand items on the menu, it’d be hard to make your choice.

This is one of the reasons why I recommend disconnecting from the internet and even good sites. Just to give your mind a break and time to reflect on what you have learned and to take the actions needed. The truth of the matter is most of us have all the information we need to get to the level of success we desire. Of course once we get that success we’ll have to continually educate ourselves but that’s a topic for another time. The point is sometimes being exposed to new information is a bad thing.

Distractions, Distractions

We hear of one path to success but then before we even get started we hear about three more each sounding better than the last. Being smart people we want to choose the quickest and most efficient way yet when path after path is presented to us it causes us to shut down and not take any path. Which is the worst option. We would be better off taking a less efficient and slower path than sitting around for weeks or even years waiting for the absolute best path. The person who takes action everyday is going to come out on top.

Those who suffer from shiny object syndrome are never going to get far. They lack the stick-to-it-ness that is so essential for success. We need to choose a path and follow through on it. Maybe it’s not the best path. Maybe it is not the most efficient path. Hell maybe it was the worst possible path that we could have taken yet just by simply taking a path we set ourselves apart from the majority who will never make a decision in the first place.

The True Meaning Of Focus

Which brings me to the point of the article. The true meaning of focus. The true meaning of focus is this







That’s it. Focus on one course until you are successful. Then once successful you can branch out and go down other course but until that time focus on one. One course. Not one and a half not one and one quarter but one. Focus on one thing and one thing only until you have achieved success in that area and then and only then can you move and focus on something else.


So there you have it. Focus on one course until success. I would encourage you to write that down and tape it up somewhere that you will see everyday. This applies to all types of knowledge. Don’t chase after every new thing, stick with something until you have seen it through to the end. Stop giving up or moving on because something caught your eye. We live in a world on constant stimulation and distraction training us to leap from one thing to the next never really going anywhere.

It’s up to you to fight back against that and stick with something until what you want is brought forth. Imagine planting an apple tree but then hearing corn was better so you went and planted corn. Only for the next week to hear potatoes are better so you go and plant potatoes yet forget to take care of the apple tree or corn. Then you move on to the next thing and before you know it all your crops are dead and winter has come. Any of the above would have provided sustenance if you would have just stuck with it.

So remember focus on one course until success.

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-Charles Sledge


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