Top 5 Ways To Show A Woman You’re Interested (Stefan Simonovic)

Top 5 Ways To Show A Woman You're Interested (Stefan Simonovic) by Charles Sledge

This is a guest post by Stefan Simonovic who runs multiple dating platforms and wants men to know all their is to know about attracting and keeping the women of their dreams. In this post Stefan talks about the five best ways to show a woman that you are interested in her. Enjoy.

Dating can sometimes be rather tricky and confusing, especially for less experienced men. Fortunately, the modern society we live in allows us to use all sorts of technological shortcuts in order to find our perfect match. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re searching for the woman of your dreams on some kind of dating platform, milf dating site, dating site for singles or via the traditional type of dating, you still have to find the right way to show her you’re interested in her. Now, this is a tricky part, especially when it comes to dating in person. Therefore, if you’re about to embark on a dating adventure and “chase” the woman you really like, here are the top 5 ways to show her you’re interested.

#1 – Initiate The Conversation

People always tell men to play it cool and that’s wrong for two reasons. First of all, when you’re “playing it cool”, you don’t actually look cool, you look distant. Secondly, she will definitely think you’re not interested at all. Therefore, you must initiate the conversation and commit to it entirely. Don’t worry, you won’t seem desperate or lame. The trick is to play it cool after you’ve started the conversation. Don’t say awkward and weird things. Simply introduce yourself and ask her a lot of questions about her. This is the most important part of the conversation, so try to remember it. No one loves a narcissist and an egomaniac, therefore, always try to steer the conversation back to her. She will be impressed by your interest, trust us.

#2 – Remember To Listen

Women love good listeners, that’s a fact! Asking the right questions is extremely important, of course, but actually listening to the answers is absolutely crucial when it comes to dating. Anyone can make a list of good questions and simply fire them away, but the trick is to listen to the answers and figure out your next follow up question based on what she said to you. If a woman sees that you’re actually listening to her, she will instantly feel closer to you and that is crucial for any type of relationship.

#3 – Always Look Her in The Eyes!

When it comes to flirting, eye contact is definitely one of the most important things, no doubt about that. Eyes truly are the windows to the soul, and if you pass the “eye contact test”, you’re nearly there. We understand that looking around and avoiding the direct eye contact may seem like the best way to deal with cold feet and anxiety, but if you do so, she’ll think you’re bored and not that into her. Therefore, in order to avoid such a horrible scenario, always try to look deep into her eyes while she’s talking. If you manage to maintain a steady eye contact with her, she’ll be impressed by your confidence, and that’s always a plus.

#4 – Don’t Forget to Smile

Now, if you’re successfully maintaining that already mentioned eye contact, you may want to smile every once in a while, you know, so you don’t come across as a serial killer. Just kidding, but an occasional, warm, and friendly smile will get you far in the game of flirting. Imagine you’re in a pub or a club and you spot a beautiful woman across the room. You start looking at her and eventually, your eyes meet. This is a crucial moment and you simply have to smile for two reasons. First of all, a confident smile will send a clear message – “I like you”, and secondly, if you keep looking at her without smiling, she’ll probably think that you’re stalking her. So, when it comes to dating, a smile might just be your most powerful weapon!

#5 – Make Her Laugh

Women love men who are able to make them laugh. If you manage to do so, not only that she’ll feel comfortable and relaxed in your company, but she’ll definitely notice that you’re interested in her. Making her laugh is probably the classiest way to say “I’m into you” without actually having to say anything. Remember, dating is supposed to be fun, so allow yourself to be silly and playful around her. Trust us, humor is the quickest way to a woman’s heart.

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Charles Sledge