The Wantrepreneur

Don't be a wantrepreneur take action

What is a wantrepreneur?

Are you a wantrepreneur?

How would you know?

The Wantrepreneur

The wantrepreneur is someone who talks about starting a business. They talk about how they know X, Y, and Z. They talk about how they are so close to doing it. How they have a great idea. About what a great idea starting their own business is and about how much success they are going to have. They talk about what their life would be like once they got things going.

But that’s all they do.

They talk, talk, talk, and then talk some more. What they never do is take action. They’ve probably read a lot of books on entrepreneurship, read the blogs on entrepreneurship, have Shark Tank recorded on their DVRs. Yet despite all this information they are getting they never get around to actually taking action. Sure they like the idea of entrepreneurship, just not the implementation of it.

You can find these people everywhere. In your family, at your job, at your school, it might even be you. If you are an wantrepreneur it is not too late to become an entrepreneur.

The Path Out

So you’ve identified that you’re an wantrepreneur. You like the idea of starting a business, you even have an idea that you think would do well but you haven’t taken any action to do so. Well the first step is obvious take the first action. If it is making money by writing books break out your computer and start putting words on paper. Doesn’t matter if their unorganized or need to be rewritten just write. If it is opening up a brick and mortar business look for a place to rent or buy. Start looking for a location that will be best for the business you are starting. If you are going to start a blog. Pick what niche you are going into and how you are going to monetize it then go and purchase a web domain and hosting.

Take action.

Taking action is the cure for the wantrepreneur. You can sit back and study all day at some point you must get up get out and take action.

Influx of knowledge must be followed by output of action.

To some people this is blatantly obvious to others it is something the eludes them until the end of their life. Don’t be part of the latter group. Understand this concept now. Nothing happens without you taking action. Take things step by step. Point by point until you get where you want to go.

At first it might be hard. Especially if you are used to talking a big game without backing it up. It’s time for that to change. However each step will help you build momentum. Like a train slowly but surely picking up speed you will eventually get to a point where it is easier to keep going than it is to stop. Once that point hits it doesn’t mean you can stop taking action just that it will be easier to take action because taking action is now a habit of yours. Not just something that you talk about.

Constant Action In The Right Direction Creates Success

Let me repeat that. Constant action in the right direction creates success. Constant action, not talk but action. If you plug away at something worthwhile (like your own business and brand) day in and day out you cannot help but have results. People much dumber than you have succeeded, are succeeding, and will succeed. There are no excuses for this. Take action and you will get results end of story.

Let’s say we have two men. Lucas and Ethan. Ethan comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has a top education at the best college. Lucas comes from a family of deadbeats with a lackluster education, he never went to college but got his GED. Ethan has been exposed to many different ideas and talks about them all the time. He knows what is trending and what isn’t. He knows where the market is headed and he and his friends often talk about business ventures that they could do. When they have an idea they run an analysis on it to see if it would be profitable. Meanwhile Lucas reads a single book on entrepreneurship and thinks “I’d like to do that” and sets about doing it. He reads and educates himself on starting a business finds a need in his community and works to fill it. Fast forward two years. Ethan is still talking with his buddies about all the profitable ideas that they have while Ethan is now making enough money to live on his own in a house twice the size of his parents.

Lucas despite being behind Ethan comes out on top because he did more than just talk. He took action. He put the work in day in and day out until he achieved what it is he wanted. Talking does nothing. Action moves things forward. Don’t be a wantrepreneur be an entrepreneur and achieve your dreams.

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-Charles Sledge


Charles Sledge