The Antidote To Fear

The Antidote To Fear by Charles Sledge

Fear is a part of everyday life especially when you’re doing something new. Whether it’s stepping into the ring for the first time, approaching that hottie you’ve been drooling over, or standing up to give a speech. There is always going to be some level of fear when going for something new. It’s expected and there’s nothing wrong with it. However what to do when the level of fear is so high that it’s preventing you from operating at your best? What to do when the level of fear your experiencing is making you miss out on things life has to offer?

It pays to know how to reduce your levels of fear. While there will generally always be some low level when doing something new or unexpected this level of fear can be minimized so that you can focus on taking action and getting things done. However to do this you have to know the antidote to fear. What can lower your levels of fear and make things easier. Fear is multifaceted topic and can be addressed in a number of ways. Here is this article I’m going to show the most effective way I know to get rid of fear so it stops interfering with your life.

Fear’s Source

Alright so the first thing we have to look at is what causes fear in the first place. Again this is going to be a multifaceted topic but I’ll aim to address the main points in this paragraph. First a large part of fear comes from the unknown and the part of fear that doesn’t come from the unknown comes from not being able to handle the known. For example you’re scared of the dark as a kid because you don’t know what could be lurking out in it, you can’t see and therefore it’s unknown. When you’re an adult the fear of the dark goes away because you know the dark in and of itself is nothing to fear.

However if you’re camping and you’ve stumbled upon a wolves den at night and climbed up in a tree then the dark is scary once again. You know what’s lurking in the dark (wolves) however you don’t have what you need to handle it or perhaps you don’t know how to handle the situation at all. So fear comes from the unknown or not being able to handle the known. Now that we’ve identified the source of fear it’s going to make it a lot easier to address.

The Antidote To Fear

So what is the antidote to fear? Two things first off, we want to get rid of the unknown and/or learn how to handle the know. This is how you do this knowledge and practice. Knowledge takes care of the unknown and practice takes care of not being able to handle the known. It’s as simple as that. You can take fears from the unknown and with knowledge turn them into fears of not handling the known then with practice turn that into no fear. So we have a process we can follow to eliminate fear from our life.

Knowledge and practice will cast our fear. Now you can also build up courage which is acting against the unknown despite being scared (a very valuable trait) and simple action taking. Simply move against your fear again and again until you become desensitized too it. I recommend utilizing all four things to cast out fear from your life. Knowledge, practice, courage, and action taking. All of them play a central role in getting the most out of your life.


Fear holds back way too many people. When you let fear control you are missing out on everything that could be yours. Fear of cold calling is keeping you from getting that business, fear of approaching is keeping you from dating that hold girl, fear of combat is preventing you from being able to protect your family or yourself. Whenever you are faced with fear learn all that you can about it. Use knowledge as a searchlight to see what’s lurking in the darkness. Often it is nothing.

Then if what is lurking is the darkness turns out to be a threat use practice to be able to handle it. And also always build up your courage and action taking muscles they are an asset in any and all situations. So there you have it the antidote to fear and what causes it. Now you will never have to worry about fear controlling your life or keeping you from what you want.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge