The Spartan Mindset: How to Attain Wealth, Women, and the Physique of Zeus (Masculine Development)

The Spartan Mindset: How to Attain Wealth, Women, and the Physique of Zeus (Masculine Development) by Charles Sledge

This is a guest post from Jon Anthony of Masculine Development. Jon is a long time manosphere writer as well as a contributor to Return of Kings. Jon writes about many different topics such as making money, getting girls, and getting in great shape. In this article Jon is going to write about three topics close to every man’s heart. Getting money, women, and a killer physique. Enjoy.

I’m sure you’ve seen it already – the jacked, rich Instagram models with their six pack abs and harems of women. Every week they come out with some new post bragging about how they made another $50k while doing nothing except working out and answering a few emails.

Is this even possible? And if it is, how can you attain it?

My name is Jon Anthony and I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for around a decade or so – after working myself up from being a humble supplement salesman, I went on to launch a successful bodybuilding book, and now I pretty much work because I feel like it.

Along this path, I’ve learned a few things.

The first thing I learned is that despite what you’re thinking, the average guy CAN cultivate the “fitness model lifestyle,” as I’ve dubbed it.

What’s more is that it’s simpler than you think – getting that lean, shredded physique that women crave, all the while making fat stacks of cash and cultivating great relationships with bros and beautiful women, it’s all possible.

…but you’ll need to understand a few things first.

The Mindset Required

If you’re trying to get the fitness model lifestyle, it won’t happen overnight. If you’re the type of guy who’s gullible enough to buy some program that promises you instant success, for the “low low price of $499!” then you can leave right now.

I’m not going to offer you bullshit – instead, I’m going to offer you the cold hard facts. Getting jacked, getting a beautiful girlfriend, and attaining wealth is going to be tough. It’s going to be REALLY tough; but the bright side is that you don’t have much competition.

If you’re REALLY serious about this, you’ll need to adopt the right mindset – a mindset that has three core beliefs.

  1. Growth-oriented
  2. Brutally stoic
  3. Pareto-compliant

If you’re lacking any one of these characteristics, you will not make it. This is not hyperbole, this is not exaggeration, this is fact. Success is a motherfucker, and if you’re not willing to adopt the right mindset, you will not become successful.


Most people have a static mindset. In other words, they don’t believe that genuine self-growth is possible. It’s no coincidence that most people are also highly mediocre.

Success in all areas of life requires a growth-oriented mindset; you must fully know, understand, and realize that you are capable of changing and evolving every single day.

This is also known as the slight edge principle, which is basically the idea that if you improve yourself by 1% each and every day, you’ll be lightyears away from where you are now in just a few years.

This is the mindset you must take – that of the sculptor and the marble. View your life as a hunk of marble, and every single day, chip away at it.

Your testosterone levels aren’t what they should be? That’s okay – start slowly cutting out foods that kill testosterone. You’re not as smart as you’d like? Start reading every single day. It’s incredibly simple, but far too few people do it.

Stoicism vs. Epicureanism

In ancient Greece, two opposing philosophies reigned supreme: stoicism and epicureanism. The former advocated for harsh discipline and foregoing current pleasures for future success, while the latter advocated hedonism and the complete surrender to carnal pleasures.

If you’re the type of person who caves into temptation frequently, you will not be successful. You must cut that mindset out of your life – look at the broad impact of your decisions rather than the immediate payoff you’ll be getting.

The mindset of the masses is that success just “magically happens,” overnight. The vast hordes of sheep which occupy the lower strata of our society think that billionaires just randomly bump into success, and “get lucky.”

Every single day I get men asking me what my secrets are. They ask me how to get girls, how to get money, and how to get six pack abs, as if there’s some magic bottle that I’m rubbing and a genie is just coming out and granting all of my wishes. Do you want to know the truth?

Do you want to know how you get those things? Through fucking discipline. You want to make more money? Start reading up on how to start a business, how to flip real estate, or how to market effectively. You want to lose weight? Start reading up on which foods to avoid, which exercises to do, and which supplements to take.

Whatever it is that you want, you must realize that you will only get it through the stoic philosophy – you must align everything in the present so that it catapults you to your future goals. This is the mindset of the stoics, and it is the mindset which will grant you success.


Every single day, I see men spending HOURS doing menial tasks, and completely neglecting to focus on that which is important. They put 80% of their effort into the 20% of things that matter, when the successful people in this world do the exact opposite.

In order to attain wealth, women, health, and happiness, you must focus on doing less action for more impact.

Focus on doing 2-3 things each day that will have a PROFOUND impact on your life, rather than scurrying around and doing 500 things like checking email, organizing your excel spreadsheets, and going to ridiculous masturbatory corporate meetings.

Right now, create a list of the 20% of things you’re doing that are yielding 80% of your success, and the 80% of things you are doing that are yielding 20% of your success.

Then, make a commitment to STOP doing the dumb things that are only getting you a small amount of your success.  If for example you’re trying to lose weight, are you focusing on the big actions?

Are you following the steak and eggs diet to get into ketosis? Are you following a proper weightlifting routine, doing HIIT, taking cold showers, and relaxing to minimize stress?

Or are you spending 5 hours a day watching stupid Mike Chang videos, talking about the “six pack secrets!” that you’re never actually going to follow? If you’re overweight, chances are you’re doing the latter.

Getting Jacked Mindset

What is your mindset when it comes to putting on muscle and shredding fat? Do you go to the gym and fuck around with little 15 pound dumbbells?

Do you go and lightly walk at a leisurely pace on the treadmill for 30 minutes, and then have an 800 calorie smoothie, that you justify because “it has fruit” in it? If so, you have the wrong mindset.

The right mindset is to get in and get out. Until you’re making seven figures, stop wasting 4 hours in the gym each day. Follow a simple yet effective workout routine, like the Daniel Craig Workout, for maximum strength and mass with minimum effort.

Do HIIT instead of those long 45 minute cardio sessions. Find a meal prep service if you have the money, so that you can outsource your time and get freshly cooked meals delivered to your house each week. I personally use Rich Piana’s 5% meal plan, and have been nothing but impressed.

Take cold showers to maximize your testosterone levels. Stretch to minimize stress. Every little thing that you do will add up in the long run, and while you don’t want to waste too much time on the trivial things, you can focus on the core four: lift, run, eat, relax.

Getting Women Mindset

Are you going out clubbing once a month, talking to one girl, and then complaining that “game doesn’t work?” If so, then you very obviously have the wrong mindset.

Game takes a long time to cultivate, and you’re going to endure numerous rejections before you attain any real level of success. This is fine, and it’s something that every man has to go through.

Stop focusing on the 20% of women who give you 80% of the shit tests. Focus instead on the women who already understand your value and add value to your life in return. Reward the women that are treating you well, and leave the others behind.

Do you think that you’re simply doomed to an eternity of virginity? Do you cry yourself asleep at night, because you don’t believe there’s any point in learning game? If so, then you have a static mindset. You need to realize that you CAN and you WILL change if you put in the effort.

Getting Wealth Mindset

I had a buddy in high school who would always claim he wanted to make big money, but every time I came to him with an opportunity, he had an excuse. “Nah dude, I’m busy that day,” or “Nah I can’t,” were always his go to cop outs.

He SAID that he wanted to make money, but his ACTIONS didn’t actually back it up. He didn’t really want to make money, he only thought he did.

Ask yourself: do you really want to make money? How many hours over the past week have you spent taking action? If you’re earning under six figures a year, I can bet that I take more action in a day than you take in an entire week.

Attaining wealth takes a long time, and it’s not something that’s going to happen overnight – it will take years of dedicated focus, and continually rooting out the ineffective 80% of your actions and honing in on the 20% of effective ones.

What’s your mindset when it comes to money? Do you simply think it will “magically happen,” to you some day? Do you think that Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs simply got lucky? If so, you have the mindset of the masses – the mindset of failure.

Adopt a growth mindset to money. Focus on the 20% of things which bring in 80% of the money, start reading books on marketing and investing, and most importantly, take massive action.


Many people will probably be offended at this article – this is fine. Most would rather stay in their stupid little reality of “the rich are evil!” as an excuse to avoid making money.

The truth is that 99% of you out there are capable of living the “fitness model lifestyle,” and having millions of dollars, tons of hot girls, and incredible health. It just takes some effort.

So the only question remaining is: which 1% of you are going to do it?

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Charles Sledge

  • Good article!

    As Will Durant said “A nation is born stoic and dies epicurean” this is loosely true in our own lives.

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    another thing I heard somewhere is that: “If you resent what people have in any way, you can never have it”, i’m guessing its because it will keep people in their resentful state, complaining, without taking any action to fix it? or is there more to it than that?

    • Being jealous and evious will certainly keep you from getting what you want. Instead of whining you should roll up your sleeves and get to work if you want what others have.

      • H8TheWayLifeIs

        yup obviously, already have known for a while that the world, life, society owes us NOTHING!, it’s just the quote, statement about if you resent what others have, you can never have it, it is a new quote I stumbled upon.