How To Solve Your Problems By “Going Within”

How To Solve Your Problems By "Going Within" by Charles Sledge

You know growing up I was forced to go to church for awhile. Now I know this may be a weird way to start an article about the subconscious mind but bear with me. Anyways while most churches are corrupted beyond all measure something useful I did was while whatever lecture was going on I picked up a Bible and read whatever I felt like reading myself. You open up a Bible in church no one is going to bother you. Anyways while the modern pastors are a worthless lot as well as most Bible translations there is much wisdom to be found between it’s pages.

Anyways when re-reading Joseph Murphy’s “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” for who knows what time I began to see some similarities and some old Bible verses come to light. Most wise men have talked about having a connection with God deep in their mind, something that they could access only through deep meditation and stillness. That God is found only in solitude. A pattern I saw often when reading the Old Testament that and God communicating through dreams.

Now while I’m not saying that the subconscious mind is God or that when you use these methods you are communicating with God directly what I am saying is that your subconscious mind is certainly a link to something far greater. Quantum physics is proving this scientifically. Something wise men have known for ages (though wise men are always ahead of their time, sometimes by millenniums). Connecting with this requires a deepness that only men posses. When women say they experience God they’re simply expressing their emotions. God communicates to men to carry out his will on earth.

The Power Within

Your subconscious mind alone (God connection or not) is incredibly powerful. If a five year old has complete access to his subconscious mind they way he does to his conscious he be the greatest human being who ever lived in a matter of days if not hours. The inherent power in the subconscious mind is great. It can solve any problem that you throw at it when used properly. See it as a gift given to God to solve your own problems as so he can communicate with mortal souls.

Now this shouldn’t need to be said but never go to a woman for advice of any kind. Even if you are trying to find a way to open up a relationship with your daughter or be friends with someone. Women are not better at giving relationship advice than men. So not only don’t go to women for advice on dating (which is obvious) but don’t go to them for advice on anything. Nor go to your friends who unfortunately are probably struggling through life. Even a good father will make you solve your problems on your own.

Most men are fools. They will do you no good. If you look for answers go to the wisest or go within. Let me repeat that for answers to what ails you in life go to the wisest (books being a prime source) or go within. With books being a good preventative strategy (knowledge) and going within for immediate problems. Now for the process of going within to solve whatever may be troubling you.

Remember the answer is never found through other people. It is found through knowledge and going within, that is it. Never go to others for answers to your problems at best others can provide you with emotional support which men really don’t need much if any of.

The Process To Answer All Your Problems

So now we know that the subconscious mind is incredibly powerful and has a link to the infinite (though is not infinite in and of itself, yet still powerful enough to solve all your problems). Like the sun isn’t infinite but if it could be harness could easily power your house. That’s about the same as your subconscious being able to answer your problem.

Step 1 – Ask Yourself A Question

Whatever question you want answered. It could be a problem, something your curious about, just whatever. Write it down (you’ll notice this plays a part in nearly all the processes of using the subconscious mind). Write the question down then copy it down multiple times so that it really gets lodged in there. What I do is type it out fifty times, say it out loud ten, and then write it out by hand thirty times. I honestly think the writing it out by hand is the one that does the trick. Just get it imprinted in your subconscious mind so it knows that it is important.

Use will power and emotion if you can, make it clear to your subconscious mind the importance of this question so your subconscious mind knows what to focus on. Write it out fifty times if you really have to, focus on it and get it lodged in there for good. Really drill it into your subconscious mind. Trust me it’ll get the picture. It does whatever you tell it never asking why, you are it’s complete and utter master. And it knows exactly what you mean too. So don’t worry about miscommunication. It knows all your conscious mind does and almost infinitely more.

I should note unlike other methods you’re not writing out all the possible solutions and information regarding the problem. Simply the actual problem itself, nothing more and nothing less.

Step 2 – Do A Mindless Activity

Sleep obvious is the ideal one but it can be other things as well. For example you could really drill down your problem into your subconscious mind in the morning then go to work and it might come to you later in the day. Or you could drill down the problem then go and do something such as copying famous sales letters. Something that takes your focus but doesn’t require conscious thought. Some other examples are playing music, working out, going for a walk (without thinking about your question), do something artistic, write fiction, or whatever just something that will occupy your mind.

Step 3 – The Answer Will Come

That’s it, this is the simplest yet most effective of the methods I have shared thus far and it is my belief because it requires the least of the conscious mind and most of the subconscious. How it should be if you want an effective answer. Usually the answer will pop into your mind either the day after (especially if you sleep on it). It a day passes and no answer simply write the question down a few more times until you get it. Don’t think about it, don’t try to solve it, just write it down that is the only job of your conscious mind.


That’s it. It is really as simple as that. We already have the answer to every question we will ever face in this life within us. We just need to let it come to the surface and let the subconscious mind do it’s work. And not interfere with it. It is way more powerful than we can imagine and is willing and ready to serve us if we would just call on it. Don’t let such an amazing resource go to waste. All of your answers can be found by “going within” combine that with dedicated research and action and you’ll be a strong lion walking among broken sheep.

The world is yours for the taking. You are more powerful than it and have connection to the power that created it. With the use of your mind and the embracing of your masculinity you will be the greatest reflection of the all powerful in this earth.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge