Prey, Predators, And Alpha Predators

Prey, Predators, And Alpha Predators by Charles Sledge

Humans are animals. I don’t mean this as an insult nor do I mean it as I’m about to step up on a high horse and tell us all how were supposed to be nice or whatever to others. I try to separate the information on this blog from emotions, codes, and morality and simply present the facts. Not because I am against morality per se, simply that it can obscure truth. A prime example of this is the difference between a good man and a man who is good at being a man.

A good man is a man who does everything our society says he does. He’s a good feminist, not racist, thinks homosexuality is the greatest thing since sliced bread, has no balls, etc. This is what it takes to be considered a good man by the government, societies, and churches (among others) in the Western world. Whereas a man who is good at being a man is a masculine man. He embraces his masculinity and all that comes with it. He is often hated by society as men are hard to control, real men that is, not castrated sheep.

Humans function in animalistic ways. You have alphas and betas. You have fighting for dominance, resources, and survival. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying humans are simply animals, but that they have an animal nature that is shared with a thinking nature shared with that beyond animals. Humans have one foot on that above and one foot on that below occupying a middle plane. Like animals there are predators and prey. Regardless if you like it or not man is a violent creature. One that will prey on destroy the weak and feeble if given the chance. Factor in race, cultural, or religious differences and this desire increases ten fold.

To survive is the world you must become an alpha predator. The suburb gates will only hold back the tide so long. You live in a changing world. Where your political views can get you jumped, the color of your skin can have you killed, and the state will laugh as they shoot you in the back. You cannot afford to be weak in this world, never have and never will. You must have the will to fight. The world is divided into three categories of men (with all women and children being in the prey category). Which will be explained below.


This makes up the vast majority of the populace. These are docile fools. The sheep who are easily preyed upon. These types of people generally have a disdain for anything related to violence and live sheltered lives. When things go south as they inevitably do these are the first people to die. These types of people often expect others to protect them or even think that they could never be exposed to violence. They live in bubbles and therefore can afford to have ideologies that don’t match up with the reality of the world at all.

These are the people you hear in the news complaining about some law of nature and the real way the world is. Whether it’s they whining about violence, guns, or war. These people think that peace is something that is maintained through diplomacy instead of through the threat of violence. They fail to understand that strength is the only way to get respect. That hurting the enemy worse than he can hurt you is the only way to avoid conflict. Prey is easy to spot. They are herd animals, following along blissfully ignorant of the reality that surrounds them, until its too late.


These are the thugs, the bullies, the criminals, and the guerrillas. They prey upon the prey. Dangerous in numbers and more than a match for the average member of the prey. They exploit weakness whenever they can. They get a kick out of being stronger than someone. In high school they were the kid picking on the nerds or the wimps. They generally run in packs with a head predator who may actually be in the category below. They have their power because they know the have a better capacity for violence than does the vast majority of prey.

They aren’t necessarily strong it’s just that their not piss weak. Again numbers are an essential part of their strategy. Numbers and lack of opposition. They’re the ones in the old movies that would take over the town if the law was weak and no one else would stand against them. The ruffians and robbers of the medieval times. The thugs and gangsters of today. They’re generally loud but not always. Alone unless in a very weak prey environment there not nearly as boisterous. Like I said before they get a good portion of their strength from the pack (though lack of opposition is another way).

Alpha Predators

These are the lions of the world. You can find them alone, part of a special unit requiring training and dedication, and the lowest of the alpha predators head of packs or gangs of predators. These are the men that make the predators shit their pants. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the face of a goon when he goes after what he expects to be prey only to find out the would be prey is higher on the food chain than he is. The look is priceless. These are the Spartans, the SS. Elite fighters that make short work of predators and prey if they so choose. These men are not messed with.

To survive in this world especially if you are the wrong demographic you must be an alpha predator and even then that may not be enough. The avoid be harassed and or beaten you must become powerful and dangerous. Like I said in The Primer “A man who ain’t dangerous ain’t much of a man”. For example political violence has spiked against those supporting true right wing candidates. Most of the victims were prey. This isn’t to say they deserved it or that this is acceptable, simply stating facts. Meanwhile bikers support the same candidate and yet don’t run into the same trouble that the college students do. Because the bikers have more in common with the alpha predator than prey and the college students have more in common with prey than the alpha predators.


Things are only going downhill. With the social and demographical change no one will be sheltered for much longer (except perhaps politicians and the uber rich). Your suburban hideaways will fall and you will have to deal with the realities of that. The countrysides will be developed to make room for the invaders, so even rural living will not save you. The only thing that has the possibility to save you is becoming an alpha predator. Becoming strong and dominant.

Be an alpha predator. Learn useful martial arts, practice point shooting, become familiar with firearms and other weaponry. Understand the mental aspect of violence. Be prepared. We may not have voted for this world but it is the world that is coming for us. Learn self-defense, it will be vital to surviving the future. Don’t be a victim, be a man. Take the responsibility for your safety and yourself into your own hands.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Scarto argento

    Charles . “Guided chaos adaptive self defense ” . Is a website you really need to look at , they have YouTube vids as we’ll . I’ve taken boot camps with these people . It’s the real deal , the site has really practical good self offense advice and articles . I try to stay away from the word ” self defense” It almost implies I’m the prey , when I’d rather have it the other way around where my aggressor / opponent has to defend himself , and my mindset is predator . Anyway I really hope you check this site . Later for now and your blog always makes my day thanks man !

  • Excellent post. One that every male needs to hear these days. The only point of contention for me would be putting “guerillas’s” in the same group as a common thug or impulsive criminal. The definition of the word is a smaller group fighting successfully against a larger force.

    This in itself would mean the guerilla’s have a superior strategy and tactics.

  • Sounds very similar to the sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves analogy except it seems the Alpha Predators don’t quite have the obligation to defend the sheep. Very interesting perspective on these group dynamics as I believe we are coming to a point in time where the relatively soft lines between the 3 will become sharper and if you can’t defend yourself, you will become another statistic. Dark clouds are looming over the horizon and the decision to how high on the food chain you want to be is about to pass.

    • Absolutely Unabashed. One problem I always had with the sheepdog analogy is that at the end of the day sheepdogs are pets. They’re not free. And to be honest I think a fierce wolf would tear the throat out of a sheep dog. Plus wolves are way more bad ass than sheep dogs haha.

      • Hah, that’s true. I’ve always seen myself as a sheepdog. I’m definitely not a sheep or wolf; always had that protective streak in me, primarily for my wife and kids, but it also extends to close friends. I think there can be a happy medium between the sheepdogs and your Alpha Wolves which men should strive to reach.

        • Agree 100% I am single with no family to protect so my view is going to different. Of course should I ever do so I would of course protect them. Always nice to have your input.

  • OhSoSubmissive

    “A good man is a man who does everything our society says he does. He’s a good feminist, not racist, thinks homosexuality is the greatest thing since sliced bread, has no balls, etc.”


  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    science is fun to research about sometimes, and i have felt this way for a while now, and i think most people agree with it, there are far more male virgins in the world than female virgins it seems, whenever you hear of a person who surpasses their mid-20’s or reaches their 30’s and never had a relationship before or still a virgin, it’s almost always guys men. Reason why it seems that way is because i often hear of cases from certain clients who got coaching from PUA’s or dating coaches, and they say they have worked with lots of men(as in human male) like that, and you hear it often on blogs, forums, whenever people start a thread about being past a certain age like i mentioned of either being a virgin or never had a relationship before, it’s almost always guys, men, i have also thought that it can happen to women often too, like maybe women are less vocal about it than men are, but i think it’s more true with the first i mentioned.

    I was even researching about other animal species, for example, the Elephant Seal, most male elephant seals die virgins according to genetic research from DNA studies, percentages vary but overall the majority do. Of course us humans are different from elephant seals and other animals, as in most human males don’t die virgins or get to be able to get a girlfriend in their lifetime but being a late bloomer happens to men more than women it seems. Just stating what i’ve observed. It’s nearly impossible it seems for a woman to go throughout all or most of her 20’s without having had a boyfriend before.

    I’m guessing there are certain cases in other animal species as well too

  • Ivan

    So to be an alpha predator we should strike to be predators in the first place?Thats the common logic..and if so..whats the mindset of a predator for you?To me is..i take what i want and if you dont like it fight back or shut up…

    • Not neccesarily about striking first, about being more powerful in the first place making the first strike often not needed.