Positive Man Vs. Negative Man

Positive Man Vs. Negative Man by Charles Sledge

There are two types of men that I want to describe in this article. The positive man and the negative man. One is characterized by pessimism, whining, complaining, and believes that he is a victim. He believes that forces outside of his control and the reason he is not getting what he wants in life and that only forces outside his control can give him what he wants. The positive man is one who is characterized by resilience, realistic optimism, tenacity, and believes that he is ultimately in control of his own fate and anything he wants in life is contingent in him going out and getting it.

One is a go getter, a hustler, a fighter, a warrior the other is a whiner, an observer, and deep down often a coward. Truth be told we all have at the very least a little bit of both these archtypes within us. However the percentage is going to very different for a winner versus a loser. We must do all that we can to support and grow the positive man while killing off the negative man within. To do this we need to start with our surroundings. While of course ultimately a man’s fate is up to himself a man’s environment is going to play a huge role in his development.

Ideology Vs. Reality

I’ll use the red pill as an example as it’s something we all have at least a passing understanding of. The “red pill” (as in the branding which encompasses many different things and people) contains many different kinds of both positive men who are winners as well as negative men who are dogmatic and losers. The red pill is a great place with lots of knowledge that you’re not going to find anywhere else. But like any ideology it’s going to have its faults and short comings. Surrounding yourself with red pill sources whether it’s in the books you read, the videos you watch, or your social media feed without filtering out positive men for negative men is going to result in you taking on the traits of a negative man.

I should note that positive doesn’t mean pretending everything is going to be alright and negative doesn’t mean being angry about something or point a fault out. It’s rather a mindset, the mindset of the victim versus the winner. The mindset of the slave versus the free man, the mindset of the man versus the boy. There is nothing wrong with pointing out challeges, troublesome facts about reality, or the harsh truth as long as that isn’t followed with “woe is me”/”it’s all over” and let’s all cry until someone saves us. The positive man takes matters into his own hands and does what he can to change his situation. If that’s getting rich then he sets about getting rich. If its getting in shape he sets about getting in shape. And so on and so forth, he doesn’t wait for others to save him.

Winner Vs. Loser

I was recently reading Dan Kennedy’s Marketing To The Affluent book and one thing that he talked about that jumped out at me (not related to marketing) was that the affluent by and large are a very optimistic and positive bunch. Now I know you’re probably throwing up your hands thinking “No shit, give me a million bucks and I’d be positive as shit too” and I understand. But something Kennedy pointed out was that the vast majority of the affluent were not born in the affluent and that they got the positive attitudes and optimistic outlooks before reaching their current status.

Meaning the we’re confusing cause and effect. Many think that it’s money that causes the optimistic outlook when rather it’s the optimistic outlook that caused money (combined with sales and marketing skills of course). Meaning when the affluent hit a problem in their life they were assured they could overcome it and would be better off. They believed that they would be the winners in the end. Higher taxes, down economy, more competition, radical idea, and many other things didn’t stand in their way of working hard for what they wanted and eventually getting it because of that attitude. The attitude of optimism, the attitude of a winner. The attitude of taking your fate into your own hands instead of waiting for someone else or circumstances outside your control to save or change you.

Positive Man Vs. Negative Man

The negative man is always going to lose to the positive man. It’s the difference between being a failure and having success in life. It starts with your mindset and then your surroundings. Are you surrounding yourself with winners or losers? Positive men or negative men? Men that are going to bring you up or men that want you to wallow in the mud with them? It’s cliche but who you surround yourself with says a lot about you and where you’re going to end up. Winners don’t hang out with losers. The rich don’t hang out with the poor. And the hustler doesn’t hang out with the sluggard. Where are you?

Take a look around you at the things you choose to surround yourself with as well as the people. From the books you read, to the music you listen to, to the people you hang out with in your spare time. Are they positive men who are winners or are they negative men who are losers. If all you hear is whining, bitching, complaining, and how things are unfair and nothing can be done about them, it’s time to reorganize. You’re never going to get anywhere caught in the loop of the negative man.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Iván Kugelmas

    Hey Charles how are you?.Im looking for tips to become a more agile fighter (quick reflexes and fluid movements).Do you have any to share?.I would appreciate it.

    Cheers from Argentina

    • You know personally I think agility is just a combination of low body fat with power. So lowering your bodyfat or increasing your power strength is going to be your best bet. Jumps, dynamic effort squats, power clean off knees. Louie Simmons has some good stuff in this regard. What I don’t advise is those agility ladders and such which I think do very little personally.