No One Can Lead For You

No One Can Lead For You by Charles Sledge

There’s a Bible verse that talks about one taking up the cross daily, the cross signifying one’s duty or trial so to speak. I think there is much power in this idea. So often we get caught up in hoping that others are going to fight the good fight for us. Whether it’s voting in a certain politician or even just hoping our favorite manosphere writer will fight the good fight for us. That just isn’t how things work. In life we’re called to lead ourselves to where we want to go and go on our own journeys. Sure there will be others along the road that will help us. There will be mentors, guides, teachers, friends, and even enemies we learn from along the way

But it’s up to us to walk the path. We must all be our own “heroes” so to speak. We must work on ourselves until we surpass those we once looked up to. That is how things are supposed to work. We take up the torch from wherever it was and bring it forward into our own lives setting the bar higher for others to follow. No one else can do this for us. As big of a fan I am of outsourcing things in business this same cannot be said for your own life. You must take the reigns, take up the sword, and lead the way or whatever analogy works best for you.

Inspiration Vs. Voyeurism

Perhaps voyeurism is the wrong word to use here as voyeurism generally refers to sexual pleasure. What I mean by this is simply getting satisfaction from the work of others. It’s great to have inspiration and to have heroes. It greats to look out and see someone accomplishing what you want to and fighting the good fight in the way that you would fight yourself. But that does not excuse you from doing work yourself. We all have a part to play and we are all the leaders of our own lives. When inspiration turns into voyeurism you have a problem

And of course this isn’t to say if you look up to a pro boxer that you need to become a pro boxer or if you look up to a multi million dollar entrepreneur who made his money through sales training that you have to do the same thing either. It simply means that when you find your inspiration use it to better your own life and learn from those that inspire you. You can’t oursource life and you can’t outsource accomplishment.

Beware The Modern Sirens

Closely tied to this is making sure to not get sucked in by the modern sirens. The sirens are creatures from Greek mythology that would lure sailors to their doom by appearing as beautiful women singing a sweet song but were actually a gruesome creature that would devour the sailors. The modern sirens come in many different forms and even things that can be benigh for some can become a modern siren for others. Alcohol is a prime example of this. For some it becomes something that gives them pleasure but consumes their life in the process. Robbing them of their potential.

For others though having a drink here and there doesn’t do anything. The modern sirens also vary in their effects and severity. Video games can be a modern siren if they give you a sense of accomplishment because you’re not getting any from the real world. Even worse is porn. The little dopamine rushes that you get from either become a modern siren when they replace getting that same fulfillment from the real world. To beat your opponent in a boxing match should feel good as should bedding a beautiful woman. That’s why the simulation of these things is so dangerous, you get the reward without the work. Done enough it cripples your drive and leadership ability.

Lead Yourself To Greatness

Alright I know I jumped around a little here but there was a couple different points I wanted to cover. The point is you can’t outsource your journey and you’re going to have to lead yourself every step of the way. You need to become that which inspires you and then exceed that. Life is about meeting challenge after challenge rising to the next becoming better and evolving with every challenge met. So use others for inspiration but only inspiration to be greater and go farther don’t be a voyeaur be a doer.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge