Might Makes Right: The Nobleness Of Competition

Might Makes Right by Charles Sledge

Where does greatness come from? It comes from the trials and fire of competition. Competition, survival is the forge from which manhood springs. By overcoming challenges, problems, and foes a man becomes stronger and more of a man. In the ring of competition is where manhood is forged. Competition is how nature decides who is worthy and who is unfit. All of life is constant warfare likewise all of life is competition for what is warfare but competition between men and tribes. Competition is noble and a necessity of life. For without competition how would man distinguish himself from another? No iron would be sharpened and with no iron sharpened no new horizons would be pierced.

With no new horizons pierced growth would stop and without growth nature cannot continue it’s ascent to higher and higher levels of being. For what is earth but the testing grounds for the creator to see what mold of man is worthy of honor and which mold of man is worthy only of destruction. Competition is your testing ground. Seek it out as early and often as you can for trying yourself against others (and overcoming them) is one of the greatest pleasures in life. To out fight, out smart, and out do your opponent and leave him defeated on the testing ground or battle field is the ultimate measure of a man and the ultimate feeling of victory.

Prepare For The Struggle

All life is warfare, all of existance is warfare. Peace on earth is a trope sounded off by cowards to control the weak. Life is struggle, noble, brutal, great struggle. It is this struggle that forges true nobility and honor. It’s what refines our soft spirit of an ape like creature into the lion hearted proud fiery spirit of a man created strong, noble, and fierce in the creators own image. That is the nobleness of competition. Competition is the fire that leads to greatness. For all of life is about overcoming the next challenge and bringing down the next foe. To rise again and again greater and greater every time, that is life.

For we were all put on this earth to conquer. As men it is written into our very DNA. To overcome, struggle, and fight that is life as a true man. And it is both glorious and noble. Only the weak and foolish see competition as something to be avoided or something that is base. Those that think this way will soon be destroyed by nature and natural law. Real natural law written by God in the beggining not that drivel of philosophers. Natural law meaning that might makes right and survival of the fittest rules all. Nature can be delayed but it cannot be denied. God and nature always win out over the false religions and delusions of weak men. Competition is required and needed for the greatest development.

Nature Is Cruel

Nature is cruel, nature is harsh, nature is without mercy, and it is man that must survive in nature. To posess and propogate. He must overcome other animals, nature itself, and his “fellow” man. He will be tried and tested from the day he reaches maturity until the day that he dies if not sooner. Competition prepares the man for this struggle and this conquest. Competition is the boot camp before the war. Where man learns how the world works and how to overcome many of the struggles that he will face. A man kept from competition will be destroyed just like a soldier that is kept from boot camp and thrown into the battle. Neither have much hope.

Nature cruelness separates the wheat from the chaff. It divides men into their respective classes an aristocracy of merit or put accurately an aristocracy of might which is the aristocracy of nature, and the true aristocracy. Brutal and harsh competition allows a boy to get the skills that he will need to survive and make it in this world. He will learn what it takes to be respected among his peers, feared by his enemies, and loved by women to carry on his lineage. This harsh competition burns away what is base and foolish, the earlier that it starts the better off that the man will be.

Bruality & Nature

To the brutal the earth is given for the earth is a brutal place. Brutal not neccesarily meaning cruel but rather meaning brutal as in capable of being both savage and violent which are requirements for survival in this world. The brutal man will always be given respect by other men and be lusted after by women. Because he takes what is his unapologetically and has the means and will to do so. This brutal isntinct is cultivated through struggle and fighting. Through conquering enemies of greater and greater strength. Brutal competition forges brutal men and it’s brutal men who the world belongs to.

The more brutal the competition, the more barbaric and ruthless the better. As Nietzsche said “What does not kill me, makes me stronger”. True words. Fighting improves men in all ways which they can be improved. Solving problems and overcoming enemies is after all the mission of man. To conquer and expand. To defeat his enemies, take his spoil, and spread his seed far and wide. That is man. Noble man is forged through battle, all virtue is forged through battle and struggle. Through fighting and overcoming. Whether it’s hunting beasts, fighting men, competiting with men, or killing men. The end result is increased of nobility in the one in the ring.


Competition is a requisite for right living and for strength. Without competition a man does become sharp and warrior like, he’ll become soft and weak. To be destroyed by real men as nature has written. Competition forges men. It is in competition that true nobility is shown and that the hierarchy of nature establishes itself. The noble are the warriors, the noble are the conquerors, the noble are the fighting men. For competition itself is noble and right.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Lee Witt

    Well said. This is a message that is too often lost in a culture that has primarily gone soft.