King Of The Jungle

King Of The Jungle: How To Get Into The 20% Of Men Who Sleep With 80% Of Women by Charles Sledge

“How Would You Like To Be In The 20% Of Men Who Sleep With 80% Of Women?”

What if you could be sleeping with a different beautiful woman every night? Sounds a bit too good to be true doesn’t it? To be able to go about your life with beautiful women coming in and out of it as you please. For most this will remain nothing but a fantasy. A fantasy that that may pretend they don’t care about but if they were being honest with themselves actually means a lot to them.

You can be that man, not without hard work of course but the opportunity is there. And this book is designed to be your roadmap to becoming one of the 20% of guys who sleeps with 80% of women. Imagine it. All your friends wondering what your “secret” is. Spending your nights between the sheets with another different gorgeous girl. Whenever you go out having your pick of the litter instead of settling for scraps like the majority of men out there.

The dating and mating game isn’t fair. You owe it to yourself to get what you want from life and take advantage of the resources available to you so that you can do so. Let others convince themselves that they don’t want beautiful women you’ll be laughing at them when you have more than you know what to do with. Something that every man should experience at least once.

Look it doesn’t matter what type of girls you are into they all respond to same things programmed by biology. By taking advantage of these things you can put yourself into the top level of males that get all the attention and affection of beautiful women. Stop settling for scraps or for low tier girls. You want what’s best for yourself and for your life. Just as you should. Don’t let other shame you into living a life below what you want. Losers will be losers, but this book isn’t for losers it’s for those that want to be winners when it comes to women.

Is This A Bunch Of Gimmicks?

Ha, no you’ll find no gimmicks in King Of The Jungle. Nothing but straight to the point testosterone fueled writing. Nothing about lines, scripts, patterns, or any other B.S. the weak soy boys use to get rejected by women again and again. This is about being a man first and foremost (which happens to be the best way to attract women). No tricks or gimmicks because real men don’t need them. This book is based on biology and masculinity. Nothing less and nothing more.

You’ll learn about the many factors that go into making a man attractive to a woman and how those factors really have more to do with having your shit together and being a man than anything else. Here’s a little tip (just one of which you’ll learn in King Of The Jungle) guys who in the 20% sleeping with 80% of women aren’t focused on chasing women. They’re focused on themselves. That’s rule #1 son.

This book is about find your balls and getting your testosterone back in a world that does everything it can to squash it. So no gimmicks, nothing PUA related, just being an old school masculine man as God, nature, and your father always wanted. There are no “secrets” in this book (though that would have made a good headline). Nothing but the honest truth. Once you’re armed with this knowledge all you’ll have to do is put in the hard work taking action on what you have learned. Something this book makes very easy for you.

Be In The 20% Of Men Who Sleep With 80% Of Women

So if your sex life doesn’t consist of a rotating harem of gorgeous women then this book is for you. It’ll show you what it takes to be in the 20% of men who sleep with 80% of women. Every facet is laid out in plain English for you here. Here is the basics of what you’ll get from King Of The Jungle.

  • Welcome To The Jungle – Get a run down off how the dating and mating game works and why it rewards the few strong while punishing the weak many.
  • Biology – Learn how biology is the basis of all human behavior especially when it comes to mating and dating. Cut through all the noise with advice based on facts and reality.
  • Mindset – Learn to get your mind right regarding yourself and how you view the world.
  • Mindset Regarding Women – Learn how to knock women off the pedestal that society would have you put them on and learn to see them as simple biological creatures as anyone else.
  • Fitness – Learn the importance of fitness and how to get in better shape than the majority of men out there without losing your life to it.
  • Dominance – Learn how to have a dominant frame and be dominant in all situations, especially when interacting with women.
  • Breaking Free Of Social Inhibitions – Learn how your social inhibitions hold you back and what you must do to break free of them and live life as a free man, not a slave.
  • Hormones – Learn how vital hormones are to both being a man and attracting women, and why this topic is so important yet rarely discussed. Includes a quick set up for optimizing your hormones.
  • Understanding Of Women – Learn the role that “game” plays in sleeping with beautiful women and how having a true understanding of women helps you with this.
  • Be A Man – What this all comes down to and what it’s all about.
  • Step By Step Action Guide – A guide for you to implement everything that you have learned in the book as well as figure out what areas you’re weak in and what’s areas you’re strong in.
  • Resources – A list of recommended resources for each and every chapter so that if something stood out to you or you’d like to learn more about it you’ll have the resource right at your fingertips.

How To Order

You can get all the knowledge you need to be in the 20% of men who sleep with 80% of women for only 19.99. King Of The Jungle is sold as a PDF that is delivered to your email through a service called Clickbank. It’ll run on Adobe acrobat or any other service that can read PDFs. The file should be delivered immediately upon purchase. If you have any questions you can contact me through the contact page by clicking here.

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you had the sex life you want with the women that you want? Don’t wait and get your copy of King Of The Jungle: How To Get Into The 20% Of Men Who Sleep With 80% Of Women today!

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