How To Get Started As A Copywriter

How To Get Started As A Copywriter by Charles Sledge

Gary Halbert once said something to the effect of that learning copywriting was like being able to print money, and he wasn’t far off. They say the hardest part of most journeys are the first few steps. While I don’t know if this holds true for all ventures there are two where it seems to be the case. One is when starting a new habit. The first week in the gym usually sucks but eventually it becomes a habit and you get used to it. This also applies to seeing yourself in a new way. From being the shy socially awkward guy to the stud all women love. This applies to starting a new business as well. Sometimes it can be hard to go from the kid who barely made it through high school into the guy making six figures a year.

It’s as much a mental game as it is anything else. You have to realize that the world will give you whatever you take from it. The guy making hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars is the same flesh and blood as you. If one man can do it then you can do it too and often better. It really comes down to self-belief. You’ve been told lies your whole life designed to limit you and your development and it can be hard to break the mold. Especially when your friends and family have struggled with money their entire life. So be it you are not they and they are not you. You must take care of yourself first and foremost and let no one hold you back.


The first part is to see yourself as a professional copywriter. Look read these three books The Copywriter’s Handbook by Bob Bly, Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman, and The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy. Read those three books copy out five well known sales letters and you’ll be in the top 50% of copywriters easily. My point is you are already more than enough no doubt. The time for gathering information has likely past. The schedule above is for someone who doesn’t even know what the word “copywriting” even means.

Like I said this is more a mental game than anything. You are already more than enough. It’s like picking up women yes gaining knowledge is good but read one book or two then apply and learn as you go. If you get stuck in the “I need more information” stage your never going to go anywhere. Learning is something you do while already acting, life isn’t like school. You don’t have to meet certain requirements before you advance you simply sarge forward and learn as you go.

Just Get Started

You can go on Upwork and start a profile for free. Type in copywriting and send out cover letters stating the benefits of working for you. Paint a picture of what you are going to do for your prospect in your letter. You’ll start getting clients, no doubt. Write sales letters for practice. Write one for things you see. Go ahead and write a sales letter for The Primer or Become A King or something in your niche. Just for kicks it’ll get the methodology in your head. Which is why copying out sales letters is so important (more on that later).

Once you in the process of writing a sales letter a week then it’ll just come naturally when you start writing for others. You’ll already have the mindset of a copywriter and be in the habit of doing so. So even if you don’t have a client act like you do and pick something to write a sales letter or sales page on. Choose anything just pick something as if you already had a client. Then when the clients start coming in you already in the habit and it’ll make it ten times easier.

Keep Learning As You Go

Here is what I recommend. The every week you do the following three things. That you read at least one new book related to copywriting. Have written at least one sales letter for a client or a product you picked out. Copy out one famous sales letter, check out Swiped.co it’ll keep you busy for awhile. Start with the classics. Take action and start writing those sales letters. It’ll come easier and easier as time progresses until eventually it’ll just be a part of your life, you won’t even think twice about it.

Just like the fat kid who is now ripped and spends time under the bar everyday. It is who he is now. Follow what is lain out here and you will become a copywriter. It will be a part of you. You be the person who makes six figures a year working twenty hours a week in his underwear is he so chooses. That will be you. You are already more than enough. You have the knowledge now take action.

The Time Is Now

No matter what your dream or goal is the time is now to action. To go forward and pursue after it. You’ll find it takes very little to soar far above the crowd. And then once there keep an influx of good knowledge will keep you soaring higher and higher until you can’t even see those below you. You can be a one percenter.┬áNow go out and start writing sales letters.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge