It’s Your Duty To Become Powerful

It's Your Duty To Become Powerful by Charles Sledge

If you give a shit about yourself, your immediate family, or your brothers then it is your duty to become powerful. Otherwise you’ll have to stand by and watch as they are all torn apart and taken from you or if all you care for is yourself (which there is nothing wrong with) then you will torn apart and crushed by this earth. The world is not your friend.¬†Without power you will be taken advantage of, without power you will be enslaved, without power you will be crushed. Without power you can do nothing. The world is cruel, dark, and harsh and will stab you mercilessly if you let your guard down even for a second.

Power is the only thing that will save you from a life of pain and suffering. Power, strength is the only thing you can put your trust in. Your own strength is the only thing that will never fail you. Your family will betray you, your wife stab you in the back, even your own children may turn against you. But your strength, your strength is the only thing that will never leave you. Your strength is the one thing you can count and rely on. Maybe a strong brother but no one else and even then who knows. Your own strength is the only thing you can put your faith in 100%.

Strength Is The Only Thing That Matters

With strength you can do anything, without strength you can do nothing. Strength is the only virtue, and weakness the only vice. Anyone who think otherwise is either living in denial or is living in a bubble. Both make for easy targets for the world. Strength, power, or whatever you want to call it, that is your only defense against the world. Your strength is to you what a lion’s claws and teeth are to him. Without them he will be torn to shreds. Likewise without power so will you.

Never rely on the mercy of others like I said above even your family will stab you in the back if it’s their own ass on the line. Survival is all there is. You own family would drown you in a lake if it interfered with their survival. Understand this. There are no friends when everyone gets hungry. Everyone around you will turn on you in a moment if things get hard. Be ready to strike them all down at a moments notice. Never put your trust fully in someone, this doesn’t mean paranoid. It means don’t be a fool.

The Truth About People

You will not find mercy. Nor should you look for it. Instead declare war on your weakness so that you will never be in need of mercy. You are either going to kill or get killed in this world. Be a killer. Strike before struck. Stop pretending that people around you wouldn’t cut you to shreds in a second. People are weak and will do anything to not get swept away. Most of your “friends”would desert you if it meant social alienation or even a bit of discomfort. Hell even your parents would desert you if it meant a bit of discomfort not deserting you. People are weak and their weakness makes them untrustworthy.

If you have a few brothers who have their masculinity, honor, and pride in tact maybe just maybe they’ll support you when things get tough but that’s it. And even then you can never rely on others, ever. As I said above there is only one source of salvation, there is only one thing that will save you. And that is your own strength, your own power. Nothing more and nothing less. The strongest survive, always every time. No exceptions. Anyone who lives by any other is playing Russian roulette with fate. Who knows when they’ll finally reach the bullet.

Strength The Only Virtue

This may sound harsh, good we live in a harsh world. Power the only thing that’ll save you. Never rely on others, never trust others. Understand that everyone is operating from whatever is best for them. Your friends and family are no exceptions. Always be ready to cut the throat of the person next to you. Always be ready that they’ll lunge at you to do the same any moment. Attaining power is your duty.¬†Do it for yourself, do it so you won’t get crushed, so you won’t get eaten alive.

The earlier someone tells you this the better. And someone who is willing to shatter the delusion you live in to convey this information to you is a true friend. Be so powerful you can destroy anyone and everything around you and you won’t get attacked. If you can cause someone to lose their career because of your influence in the community, could kick their ass because of your combat training, and could steal their wife/girlfriend if you wanted then you have nothing to fear from that person. Because you are more powerful then they are.


The only thing that truly matters in life is attaining more and more power. Everything else is secondary to that. With power you can afford to indulge in some delusions of the masses but when the gloves come off always be prepared for the reality of the world. Anyone who tells you anything but strength or power is what count is trying to weaken you to take advantage of you or is a fool. Either way they shouldn’t be listened to. Become powerful, become strong. For strength is the only true virtue and weakness the only true vice.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • SnapperTrx

    Any youngsters out there take heed: This is truth. Don’t be like me and learn it late in life. I’m 41 now and didn’t learn this fact until I was 40. Though I have some time to recover, it would have been much, much better to have learned AND ACCEPTED this truth when I was 20. Start now. Make good habits. Crush life and be strong while your body will work with you and not against you.

    Just a little advice from an old man.

  • Johnny Grube

    Being 49 I just can’t believe how the young guys are being
    taught today, the stuff you write in the blog was how most
    in my time and before grew up, being strong, political
    correctness didn’t exist, bullying took care of itself, and a
    snack in the mouth set you straight. And the tough and
    strong set the rules!

    • Talking with my grandfather he feels the same way. You just knew things back then. The “Red Pill” was just common sense. It’s crazy how far things have fallen. Hopefully there will be a resurgence soon and we can look back on all this as crazy times.