Blog Yourself Rich: Leverage Your Knowledge

Blog Yourself Rich by Charles Sledge

Blogging is essentially leveraging the information and knowledge that you have acquired over the years and giving it to others so that they may benefit off of it. Essentially you want to make what was hard for you easy for others. Say you spent years building up real estate, read every book on the subject, and went to every seminar. Now you know what works and what doesn’t. You know there are plenty of people out there who want to learn what you know. A blog offers the perfect opportunity to show them. Turn your blog into a book and you have a product as well and a way of making money from your information.

Blogging is a type of information marketing or at least it can be. Information marketing is exactly what it sounds like the selling of information. So instead of your product being a vacuum or a new type of software your product is your expertise and unique knowledge on a particular subject. Unlike products that need to be manufactured information can go directly from your head to the customer with a click of a button. No need for shipping and handling, taking care of inventory, and making sure you have enough in stock. Simply put up what you know, market it, and you’ll be in business. Making information marketing a very good decision for most people.

We All Have Knowledge Other’s Want

I don’t care what your job, status, or even age is. We all have information that others want. We all have information that is valuable enough to others that they would pay to have it. We all have knowledge in our minds that would benefit the lives of others if we could get it in front of them. Some have extensive knowledge on running a business or in sales. They have knowledge that anyone selling a product or running a business is going to want. By writing books and blogging they are leveraging their knowledge to sell to others to benefit both the person buying as well as themselves.

Maybe you don’t have business knowledge or dating knowledge or knowledge about health and fitness but I gurantee you have knowledge that someone else would like to know. Most people go through life keeping all of their experiences and accumulated wisdom in their heads never sharing it with others or sharing it with family who simply take it for granted. Instead they would be better off leveraging their knowledge and starting an information marketing venture. Whether a blog, or a book, or both.

Instead of having all that knowledge simply stay inside your head, share it with the world. Maybe it is something small such as the best way to clean and maintain pools. Fine, whatever you don’t have to be the next world changer. Something simple will suffice. The point is you are an expert in something and it’s a pretty good bet that there are others who have an interest in that subject and would pay you to get that information out of your head and into theirs.

Replace Your Job By Leveraging Your Knowledge

In your job you trade your time for money. This is just about the most inefficient method of wealth accumulation. Instead you need to divorce your money from the time factor. You need to stop spending x amount of hours a week for y amount of dollars. Both salaried positions and pay by the hour are hard ways to make it big or sometimes make it at all. With leveraging your knowledge you can have something that works for you, while you do whatever you want. When you put up a book or a blog post it is up there for all to see, read, and benefit from regardless of what you’re doing at the time. And in the case of the book you can be making money while out and about.

Like I said before you don’t have to change someones life, simply finding an problem (even a small one) and fixing it is enough to get you started. Make the life of someone else more convenient and you will have a business option. These things take time to build but once they are up and running they function as a money printing machine. They work twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Build it up large enough and you can spend a couple hours a week in maintenance while bringing in large sums of money from the book, blog, or product.

The point I want to get across to you is this. Don’t let your knowledge stay dormant inside your head. Share it with the world. Help others and you will make money from it. You have an incredibly valuable asset between your ears filled with incredibly valuable resources. Don’t let them go to waste, set them to work for you. Trade in your job for a business that works while you sleep by leveraging the knowledge you have in your head.

ABR (Always Be Reading)

Once you set something up and have some success you will want to continue that success. And one of the best ways to continue that success is by finding more valuable information and then sharing it with others. You see once you have your blog set up so that it makes money for you it will free up some of your time. Allowing you to invest in the greatest investment, yourself. Specifically invest in the asset with the greatest ROI. Knowledge. And reading is the number one way to acquire more knowledge. Even experience has its limits. Books allow you to get easy what others strived their whole lives for. Put simply reading gives you superpowers. It gives you more knowledge which you can then leverage some more. The cycle continues and repeats itself. Each time increasing the value that you give and the money that you make.

Reading is essential. Neglect it and you will suffer. If it is good enough for Warren Buffet who reads around six hours a day and who has a net worth of 63.3 billion dollars (call it a hunch but there might be some correlation there) it’s good enough for you. Not saying you have to read six hours a day, simply that reading is incredibly beneficial to you. Hell read a book a month and you will be ahead of the vast majority of the population. Fill yourself with knowledge then share it with all. Keep in a continuous influx of knowledge and the value that you provide to your readers will never cease to flow from your mind.


Leverage your knowledge. Don’t let it just sit around unused, use it to create the life that you want. Use it to forge the life you desire. Give value to others and you will get money in return which will allow you to give even more value to others. Make it east for others what was hard for you and you will go far. Always be reading, keep the influx of knowledge strong so that the store never runs dry. Get in the cycle of providing more and more value and you will find your bank account fuller and fuller as the days, months, and years go by. Leveraging your knowledge will be one of the best decisions that you make in your life.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge