Bang by Roosh V Review

Bang by Roosh V Review by Charles Sledge

I’m sure you all know who Roosh is so I’m just going throw up a link to his site for the introduction portion. Though Roosh has since moved on to bigger things in life than picking up women, his advice concerning the matter is still well worth listening too. Bang was one of the first books I ever red concerning picking up women. I had always considered such books below me but have since learned that no one knows it all and that pride and ego can be one of the biggest hindrances to personal growth.

I recently picked up Bang again to see if there was anything I could still learn from it, and there was…plenty. Like I stated earlier Bang was one of the first pickup books I read and introduction to the whole manosphere/red pill side of the internet. Bang covers (among other things) picking up women in bars and nightclubs. It has a simple layout and is broken down into five parts respectively internal game, early game, middle game, late game, and end game. I’ll give a brief overview of each and why you should buy this book.

Internal Game

When it really comes down to it internal game (i.e. who you are) is going to matter more than anything else but this takes time. In the internal game section Roosh lays out basics of game such as alphas vs betas, the importance of confidence, and the role that your mind plays in this. This chapter serves as a great primer for those unfamiliar with the concepts discussed in the red pill side of the internet as well the underlying tenets behind self-development.

For example when talking about confidence Roosh states

Confidence is believing you’re capable and worthy of success. A confident man dives into situations that are critical to his goals, regardless of the perceived chance of failure

Great advice for a man at any stage of his life and regardless of his goals. Whether to have a healthy happy family or bang a harem of young super models. Either way it’s going to require confidence and internal changes in who you are.

Early Game

The early game section covers your early interactions with the girl such as the approach and early conversation. Roosh talks about the best venues to approach women while also making it clear that women can be approached anywhere. He talks about places such as coffee ships, book stores (my personal favorite), and organized events such as wine festivals. For someone just starting out starting to go to these places helps them realize just what is out there. Trust me being stuck in a cubicle all day and sometimes you forget what a pretty girl looks like.

One of the most important topics that Roosh addresses in the early game part of the book is “the vibe” Roosh talks about the vibe that confident attractive men have Roosh describes it as

Men with The Vibe appreciate and value life. This appreciation leads to desirable qualities women find attractive, such as an acceptance of who you are. You look at the big picture and become indifferent to life’s trivialities.

Men with The Vibe have a much easier time of attracting women and naturally calibrating their game. Showing that again internal changes are what ultimately matter.

Middle Game

Middle game is after you’ve already got the girls number and scheduled to do something with her. Roosh covers common hangups regarding communicating with the girl to schedule a date. Including advice on using the phone, texting, and e-mail to meet up with the girl and get her on a date. He also discusses the best venues to take a girl for the date and why the dinner and move option sucks.

Roosh breaks down everything to do on a first date to a very micro level (seems like that degree in microbiology paid off). He talks about every little nuance that you could possible encounter and what to do. If you ever wanted a step by step guide to a first date then this section of Bang is exactly what you are looking for. Roosh goes into different ways to escalate on a date including using “the strawberry game”.

Late Game

Late game is exactly what it sounds like. You’ve approached a woman, gotten her number, and successfully scheduled a date. The date went well and now is over, this part of the interaction is the late game part and the most important part as far as whether you go home to your hand or with a woman. You’ve escalated lightly on the date and now it’s time to ramp it up.

Roosh talks about how to get inside her house while not pressuring her for example telling her you “have to use the bathroom”. Roosh talks about starting lightly for example giving her a goodbye hug and kissing her. Then continuing it. If she respond well you then escalate it further taking it step by step until you two do what you set out to do in the first place.

End Game

End game covers a variety of topics that will hit most players at one point or another. For example what to do when going through slumps and how to get out of them. The power of finding a niche where you can utilize your natural skills and personality to the fullest. For example if you are naturally a good dancer then going to a dance studio and so on and so forth. The chapter finishes with a philosophical discussion on game.

The book also includes an appendix that covers a variety of situations that didn’t quite fit anywhere in the book. It covers a myriad of different approach situations, what to do if she’s a feminist, if she has bad breath, if she has a boyfriend/husband/fiancee, she lives with her parents, there’s an age difference, she’s a mom, she doesn’t drink, and many more.


All in all Bang makes a great addition to any seducer’s library especially the budding one who wants an in depth explanation of all of the facets of game. Personally I find them a bit much but my personality is much more of a big picture guy. Roosh microbiology background shows through in how detailed and nuanced the book is. He thinks of things I would have never even considered. So depending on your personality type this could be a plus or minus.

However regardless of your personality type you should pick up a copy of Bang. No matter who you are you will come away with new insights into one of the biggest facets of a man’s life, his interactions with women. Remember for men who don’t understand women they are the biggest source of pain and suffering for men who do understand women they are one of the biggest sources of pleasure and fun.

Click here to pick up your copy of Bang today and start on your path to becoming a world class seducer.

Charles Sledge