Bachelor Pad Economics by Aaron Clarey Review

Bachelor Pad Economics by Aaron Clarey Review by Charles Sledge

Aaron Clarey’s Bachelor Pad Economics is a book that every man should read before graduating high school. It covers many different topics related to a man’s financial situation and what he can do to make the most out of it and live a life of freedom and happiness. If you don’t already know Aaron Clarey runs a blog over at Captain Capitalism where he discusses topics such as economics, politics, and offers “Asshole Consulting” for those who want it.

I wish I personally had read this book before graduating high school, it would have saved me a lot of time and trouble going down roads that lead to nowhere. For example Aaron cautions against going to college and reveals it for the time and money waster that it is. Simple understanding that alone and the reasoning behind it makes this book well worth the purchase price. But that is just the beginning of what is covered in this 506 page book.

The Breakdown

Because of the size of this book I am going to cover personal highlights as well as try to give an overall view of the type of information that you will find within Bachelor Pad Economics. Clarey breaks down how the book is too read at the beginning of the book titled “How to Read this Book”. He lays out that this book was meant to be read as a reference guide not necessarily from start to finish in one sitting (though I have read through the book from start to finish twice).

The start of the book deals with topics that are geared more towards younger men (though plenty of older men struggle with the topics as well) such as going to college, auto-repair, and girls. While the later chapters are geared more towards problems older men will face such as retirement planning, estate planning, and divorce. Regardless both younger men and older men will benefit from reading all of the chapters at one point or another. Clarey says chapters 1-3 should be read first and in order because they provide the framework on which the rest of the book is built.

The Basics

Seems like a logical starting point. Remember I am only including my highlights from reading the book, there is no way that I could cover everything in this dictionary of bachelor living without writing a 7,000 word review. You’re better off just buying the book and seeing it for yourself. Now with that said let’s get into it. The basics are in Clarey’s own words

If you follow the advice in this chapter, you will at minimum “not fuck up your life”.

The basics are just that the basics. And knowing them can save you a lot of grief and trouble especially if you learn them early.

Clarey starts with covering how to budget. Not the most sexy topic but Clarey makes it interesting as well as why it’s so damn important. He covers basic economic advice such as what an income statement is and why it’s important, what a balance sheet is and why it’s important, and the merits of minimalism. Clarey talks about how stuff can end up owning people and taking away their freedom. The less stuff you have the less you have to worry about. He also covers debt and “not doing stupid shit” i.e. having an illegitimate child (my highschool could have really used this book).


Clarey doesn’t hold anything back when talking about education. As a matter of face the wrote an entire book about college titled “worthless” which sums it up pretty accurately. Clarey addresses the difference between what the education system actually is and a real education and how the two have little to nothing in common. He also dispels the middle class myth that in order to have a future and/or a good job you have to go to college. If you are to go to college Clarey argues (very persuasively) that if you are to go to college then you should major in a STEM degree (science, technology, engineering, or math).

One of the most valuable nuggets of wisdom from this chapter is what Clarey has to say about self-education in a part titled “Can It Be Replaced By The Library” he states

why pay 3,000 dollars per class to some washed-up professor to teach you about Plato when you can go to the local library or the internet and read Plato for free? You get the exact same education (probably better) with the exact same employment prospects, sans the student loans.

For things related to the humanities field self-education is by far your best bet.


Like I said in The Primer women will either be one of the greatest sources of fun and pleasure in your or the greatest source of pain and suffering all depending on how you handle them. First off the ideals of women that are pushed by modern religious organizations, the media, society, and parents will get the average young man absolutely slaughtered when it comes to the dating market. Clarey boils dating down to an economic model of supply and demand. Men who have traits such as confidence, are dangerous, and charming have higher value than boring soft men. Likewise women with big tits and submissive attitudes have a higher value then man hating bitchy feminist women.

Clarey talks about your sexual market value and how to maximize it as well as the damaging effects feminism has had on many women making most good for nothing other than a bit of fun, if that. Harsh but true. Remember reality and biology have little to no correlation with morality. Clarey gives the sage advice of never listening to what a woman says but rather watching what she does as well as how attention is like crack to women.


In our increasing moderated and legalized society you have to have an understand of the law (and how to fight/manipulate it) especially when justice is based on if you are a protected class or not. Point if you are a hardworking man then the legal system is not your friend and will do everything in its power to destroy you, apply this x2 if you happen to be white. Clarey doesn’t highlight this to complain (which solves nothing and is weak) but rather to make you aware of the stark realities of modern Western society.

Your best bet is as Clarey says to completely avoid the legal system. However this isn’t always possible so you need to learn how to cover your ass if you want to live a free and happy life that is. Clarey goes into detail about the various kinds of law you will have to deal with such as criminal, business, employment, firearm, and estate planning to name a few. Clarey also talks about how to hire the right lawyer and how to be a good client to that lawyer ensuring good work.

Bachelor Pad Economics

As I stated above this is just my personal highlights of the book there is much much more contained within. If there was anything in this review that you found interesting then you should go ahead and get the book because there will be tons more for you. This book makes a great introduction to red pill ways of thinking and could save a young man lots of trouble down the way. I wish I had been given this book upon entering high school if not earlier. It would have put me head and shoulders above all of my peers.

Click here to pick up your copy of Bachelor Pad Economics and put yourself head and shoulders above your peers in all facets of your life.

Charles Sledge