7 Traits That All True Warriors Exhibit

7 Traits That All True Warriors Exhibit by Charles Sledge

When I say warrior I want to make it clear what I’m talking about. I’m not talking about societies bullshit definition of a warrior. You know the businessman “fighting it out” in the conference room, the hard working single mom who has “the heart of a warrior”, or the sportsball player who “goes to war”. No when I say warrior I mean a man who kills other men or deals with dangerous uncontrolled violence. Real violence not play violence. This is a warrior. Soldiers, LEOs, men who still have balls. These are my definition of a warrior.

These traits are traits that all warriors who survive exhibit or tend to exhibit at least the majority of them. This is adapted from Kelly McCann’s great book “Combatives for Street Survival” Kelly has dealt with warriors and death this book is not based or theory but rather cold hard experience and I would highly recommend that you pick it up. In the book Kelly outlines ten traits that men who have “The Warrior Mindset” exhibit here I wish to expand upon and adapt what Kelly has written in his great book.

Trait #1 – Toughness

This isn’t some try hard “look how tough I am” bullshit. The kind the would get you killed by real men and probably a ass whopping in most high schools but rather true hardness. Meaning you come to an understanding of how cruel the world is and accept this yet still move forward in action. You are not fazed by the darkness and bleakness of the world. You are not naive, nor are you a fool. You’ve adapted yourself to the mercilessness of the world and let it forge you into steel. You are not afraid of conflict, you have the will to fight.¬†You can take pain as well as dish it out. Your emotions do not control you rather when the time comes you can shut them off to deal with the task at hand.

Trait #2 – Moral Certitude

This one really stood out to me because it was not something I had thought of before but there is tremendous power in it. This is knowing that you are the in the right and allowing for no dissident thought. The man who hesitates is the man who dies. When you know your actions are just by your own standards you simply act and do not think. If you think killing is wrong and someone threatens you and you hesitate pulling the trigger because of that thought you will die. You have to have already thought through the reality of death and killing and the ability to do it. In the moment is not the time for philosophical games that will get you killed, in the moment is simply time for action.

Trait #3 – Adaptable

Warriors are adaptable. Meaning they understand the chaotic nature of the world and of violence and are prepared for this. Even the best laid plans will have to be modified and they are able to think under stress and on the run. They aren’t afraid to bend or break the rules if the situation calls for it. They adapt as things unfold. If they lose their weapon they will find another. If one path is blocked they will find another. They focus on the end goal and will achieve it however possible.

Trait #4 – Courageous

Courage is incredibly important in all that you do. From picking up women to advancing in your career to walking away from an encounter with death. Combine courage with wisdom and you will be an unstoppable force. A courageous man doesn’t mind facing down the dragon and putting himself in the way of harm. He doesn’t mind exposing himself to violence or pain to get the job done. He puts his priorities over his fears. When the chips are down the courageous man stays at the table ready to face his fate like a man.

Trait #5 – Aggressive

Another key tenet of manhood and important for all things in a man’s life. Warriors are proactive not reactive. They take the lead and charge forward. They have no problem making their voice or fist heard. They will take the fight to the enemy and have no problem throwing the first punch if needed. They have “gameness” a readiness to fight and to be fought against. They enjoy the challenge and thrill. They have “heart”. They don’t wait for the last minute or when things are too late to take action. They act early and they act often.

Trait #6 – Awareness

Warriors are not fools, otherwise they would not last very long. They are aware of their surroundings. Including the building they are in, the inhabitants, possible threats, and means to eliminate those threats. At first this has to be built up but eventually is something they just do naturally. They are not easily fooled or manipulated. They are students of the world and always have their eyes and ears open. They can read people as well as their motives. They look past face level communication and see what is going on underneath. Sure this guy is talking nice but why has he not shown his hand, why did he approach me here, why this…the aware man thinks all of this while being ready to deal with the threat should it escalate.

Trait #7 – Growth Minded

In my book “Become A King” I wrote a whole chapter about having a growth mindset (which you can read here) and essentially what it means is someone who is always expanding himself. Always seeking out new experiences. Not a thrill seeker necessarily. Rather someone who is always seeking to expand his growth and mind. Always taking new training, doing new things, reading books, and learning. Not running into a brick wall just because of it, although thrill seeking definitely plays a part. He is not scared of new experiences or new things but rather embraces them.


So there we have it. 7 traits that all warriors exhibit. Work on developing these traits one by one if you feel lacking in any of them. Do not try to tackle them all at once you will end up overwhelming yourself. And if you don’t have any of these traits then you need to start developing them right away. We do not live in a peaceful world and the time is coming when the landscape of your country is going to change and violence will be at the doorstep. Be prepared for that day.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Ivan

    Have you done Myer Briggs test of personality?There must be certain
    personalities that suits better the warrior type like istp .Obviosly i m
    a isfp artist…i came to realize that my strenght or will to fight
    come from my morals and the feelings that i carry for them…i m as
    twice as agressive if i m flooded by emotions from my heart(emotions
    like family,friends honor, believes etc)….in this sense i feel related
    to warriors like gaesatae(rathe rthan spartans or navy seals who are
    practically in control of the situation) who fought naked https://atlanticreligion.co… but the thing is that there is lots of balls but zero brains.

    • Yeah but I think personality tests are mostly bunk and limiting, also that way too much is made of them. So no I don’t think being a warrior has anything to do with personality as all personality types must survive.

      I think personality types are also used as excuses for weaknesses. Don’t get me wrong different people have different motivations for sure but that’s going to vary on a person by person basis. Every personality can and should have both balls and brains and if one is lacking it’s the fault of the person not because of their personality.

      But again I do get what you’re saying and that’s great to find what motivates you and look back to those that were similar for inspiration and wisdom.

      • Ivan

        That must be the reason they are so famous…it makes us feel better with ourselfs.

        • Yeah, plus many people like being told they’re something so they don’t have to think and work as opposed to figuring it out for themselves.