5 Types Of Men Women Avoid (Susy Richards)

5 Types Of Men Women Avoid (Susy Richards) by Charles Sledge

Susy Richards is a lovely mother of 3 girls (3 years, 4 years and 5) and a simple woman who is ready to share her priceless experience with other moms around the world. She is an Advanced Practice Provider who passed birth doula and postpartum doula courses at Childbirth International in 2013. Susy is passionate about providing holistic care and is involved in pregnancy research currently publishing her articles concerning pregnancy on site rocketparents.com as well as writing about dating for males. In this article she talks about 5 type of guys that women tend to avoid. Enjoy.

When it comes to dating, almost every woman avoids a certain type of man. No matter how attractive or handsome you may be, she might never go from looking at you as arm candy, to someone she wants to date seriously. A few things a woman doesn’t want is a man with a habit of asking awkward questions for girls, who is always arguing, or is just flat out boring. Research shows there are at least five types of men that most women avoid when it comes to serious dating. Read on to find out what they are.

The Childish Man

This is the man who still lives in his glory days when life was easy and there were hardly were any responsibilities. He likes attending keg parties, thinks pizza is a major food group, and is still obsessed with his favorite rock artist.

A woman may find a childish man fun for a date or two but if she is interested in taking things further she will certainly will avoid this type of man. This man finds it difficult to hold onto jobs and loves leading a carefree life rather than thinking about serious commitment. If you are this type of man and you ever want to win the attention of and be in a serious relationship with an attractive, independent woman, then your first step is to begin growing up.

The Flirtatious Guy

These are the men who constantly seem to be giving more attention to other females around him rather than the one he is with. He stares at other women while in the shopping mall, while at the bus stop, and maybe even at his friend’s wife. This can make his date feel unattractive and inferior. As a man, if you find another woman attractive you naturally may give attention to her. But attention and ogling are two different things. The line between the two may be thin and can often make your partner feel disrespected.

If your partner constantly needs to beg for your attention, she will either end up feeling miserable all the time or give up on the relationship altogether. If you just like flirting, do so, but do not date someone seriously while you’re at it. Once you are committed it is your woman who deserves the maximum attention.

The Cheap Man

If a woman expects you to spend on her she is not necessarily a gold digger, sometimes it’s simply another way to show respect. If you constantly want to be miserly and trying to save every penny you can hold onto, it may be a big turn-off to her. If you are the type of a man who parks his car blocks away just to save a few dollars or prefers going to a place where you can use coupons even on your very first date, it’s not far-fetched to state that most women will not find this to be an attractive quality.

Trying to find the best deals trying to save money is not always a bad thing. But like everything else, going overboard by designing all of your activities around finding the stingiest possible alternative, women will try to avoid you. So, spend a little on her, at least on your first few dates. Give more importance to your date’s comfort than money all the time, and you are sure to win her attention and possibly her love as well.

 The Gadget Lover

The man who immerses himself in the gadget world is probably not paying much attention to his woman. You may have the latest phone, the newest laptop, the best luxury car, and the best of everything else, but being like a child that cannot keep himself from playing with his latest toys, is not likely to endear a woman to you. Whether you are displaying your gadgets to impress others or just you cannot resist using them yourself, a woman is likely to not be interested in the competition. Every woman loves attention from her man and if your gadget gets more of it than her…Why would she want to be with you? So, when with your woman give her all the attention and use those gadgets in your free time.

The Mummy’s Boy

This type of man lives with his parents in their house. Like the other things we’ve talked about here, this is not always a bad thing. But, if the living arrangements extend to Mummy making his bed, laundering his clothes, cooking all of his meals and otherwise serving him as if he were still a child, a woman might worry this would make him much too dependent on her later on. Being completely dependent on your mother is quite simply a major turnoff.

A mummy’s boy will expect his girlfriend to cater to him all the time and this naturally is something no woman will be interested in doing. Independent women like independent men, and if you want to win their attention, it is time you grow up and learn to take care of your own responsibilities.


These types of men will likely need a more patient partner to help show them the right way. If you have such traits this does not make you unworthy of a relationship but at the same time, the fact cannot be denied that such qualities will seem unattractive to most women, and they likely will avoid you. If you do not want this to happen just be a little more independent, stop being stingy all the time, give your woman the attention she deserves, and you surely are going to win her heart forever.

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Charles Sledge

  • Steve

    NO 4 Gadgets, This should apply to women, Women and their ****ing mobile phones they just cannot put them down. Just look around you everywhere you go and they just cannot leave home without one go to a coffee shop have a coffee and just people watch a group of young girls will turn up have a coffee and all put their mobile phones on the table in front of them while chatting, each in turn will pick them up and check there stupid ****ing Facebook accounts. Your modern day Ho 18-30 life is work, shopping, mobile phone, Facebook, and checking Tinder out to see if the bloke who’s banging her on the side has left her a message while she is supposedly looking for a boyfriend.

  • Ace FAce

    NO 3 , women nowaday would consider “cheap” any date under 250 bucks and NO 2 it´s usefull to call out your date a lil bit if necessary… a lil bit of too much blu pill article for my taste Charles.

  • Haz

    Sir what are you DOING?!!!

    Charles Sledge my man this is my personal message to You.

    I am writing this as a friend. Read it carefully and think about it. CONTEMPLATE IT.

    I said it before and I am saying it again. I love your blog. I consider your blog to be one of the best in the Manosphere/Self-Improvement for Men/Red-pill (call it whatever the fuck you want).

    I love your writing, I love the short to the point format of articles and I love your ideas&insights. I find them helpful and inspiring.

    And now I watch in real time how you are running this piece of beauty to the ground.

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    I wish all the best for you and your blog and that precisely is the reason for taking the time to write this.

    I want to read your blog because you proved to have very valuable things to say.

    But I dont want to read this drivel.

    This verbiage has no place on any mans blog. Especially not yours.

    I dont mind listening to women when (very fucking rarely) have something inteligent and wise to say.

    Susy Richards is NOT in that category. Not even close.

    Have you read the shit you have put on your blog? Really have you read this?

    This is PURE BULLSHIT.

    Anyone who has one iota of experience in dealing with women know this is simply just drivel.

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    For the sake of yourself and your readers consider these words. They may be harsh but they are well meaning. And for the fuck sake you are man writing blog for man.

    What ever you do I wish you all the best


  • Mineter

    Where the fuck am I? Is this one of those sort of reverse reality type articles to show us the opposite of what the woman saying being the real truth?
    The type of men women don’t like:
    1. short men
    2. insecure men
    3. effeminate men
    4. fat men
    5. poor men
    6. Asian men
    7. boring men


  • Nikolai

    Who cares what women want.
    I’m Nik Tesla, bitch!

  • Haz

    Not really the manliest thing you could do, but I understand it.

    All the Best