3 Steps To Freedom And Living A Life You Love

3 Steps To Freedom And Living A Life You Love by Charles Sledge

What is the end goal of the vast majority of men? Many if not the majority of men would say to bang a lot of chicks, to makes lots of money, or to achieve some trophy or external thing. However after achieving these things time and time again men have found themselves still unfulfilled. Often they have found that what they sought did not do for them as they wanted. Then they often proceed on to others things, often the wrong things.

For example if a guy has himself a steady harem of beautiful women he is bedding but still is unfulfilled he may go on to start a business that makes him lots of money. Upon doing so he may still be unfulfilled. Now don’t get me wrong doing both those things are often steps on every man’s journey and when part of the growing process healthy. I know when learning game or learning about business that I was forced to grow in many ways and do things that I was uncomfortable with. Going outside your comfort zone is what leads to growth and I am grateful for my experiences. However when these things (money, women, etc.) become the end goal that is when men find themselves unfulfilled.

So if it not something outside of man that is going to fulfill him than what will? My answer to that would be a man who is pursuing his mission or life goal whatever that may be to the fullest extent possible. Usually when talk about life goals people talk about politically correct things like helping African babies or supporting some cause that is popular. But I think that’s B.S. your own unique mission is going to be different than anyone else’s. Alexander the Great knew his, General Patton knew his, and all men who have accomplished much knew theirs. However you will never be able to find yours out if you don’t have your freedom. If you are tied down to the wrong woman (or any woman sometimes) or to a forty hour per week job than your soul and mission will be threatened. First you must reclaim your free and in this article I list three ways in which to begin.

Step One – Don’t Be Eager To Settle

You want to know who the vast majority of men marry or even date? I’ll tell you, the first woman that isn’t completely awful that they can. Sure a man will break up with a psychotic bitch┬ábut he is quick to settle with a girl because of the allure of not having to work for sex. Granted if you are attractive man getting sex from attractive women isn’t hard but we’re talking about the majority here. So a man settles and falls into the mold set for him by society. Namely to be a slave to his woman and do whatever she wants.

When men make a woman the captain of where their life is headed both the man and woman are headed for disaster. For one the woman will be angry and unfulfilled because she’s married to a man who won’t take charge and does whatever she wants. She will have her way and then wonder why she hates her life so much. Eventually she will cheat on the guy or resent him. Same with the man he will submit his dreams and goals to her desires. Making him angry and resentful. But because of the insane divorce laws he will stay with her for fear of being scalped in court. You end up with two very unfulfilled people. Marriage of course doesn’t have to be this way but when you have a man who settles for the first thing he can, he is likely to end up in the situation lain out above.

Step Two – Have A Side Hustle

Look you’re probably not going to experience true freedom working for your employer or any other employer for that matter. Modern corporate jobs are restrictive in a number of ways. They are restrictive in how high you can move up without selling your soul and licking the boots of those above you. And even then it’s no gurantee. You might not be the right color, sex, or sexual orientation for promotion or maybe the boss just doesn’t like your face. When you put your fate in the hands of someone else, expect to be screwed…frequently. Point is a modern corporate job or really job where you trade your time for money isn’t going to provide you with the freedom adequate to live the life that you want.

To achieve the freedom that you want you are going to want to start a side hustle of some type. A side hustle that has the potential to grow into your main and only hustle, aka your job. This could be a number of different things common ones are authors and bloggers. Choose something that you enjoy and then find a way to leverage it so that it could become your main job and replace your soul sucking, ball shriveling, freedom stealing one. Remember you want something that you can leverage, meaning not trading a service for money. Even though that could help with the transition between your main job and that one.

Step Three – Harness Your Mind

Without setting your mind in order and having the right mindset nothing is going to matter. It is the foundation upon which everything rests. For example if you had abundant sunlight, frequent rain, and healthy seeds you still couldn’t grow plants if you placed them in lava. Which is the same as trying to set the seeds of success in a mindset that is working against you. Most of us have faulty mindsets from being programmed that way while growing up. From parents, to the media, to the government schooling system we have all been poisoned to various degrees.

Taking back your mind is not an easy process and takes time and effort to program it properly and get it working for you instead of against you. When you have your mind working for you everything else will go into place much easier. It will still take work and effort there is no going around that, but things will take when you plant them. Instead of being burned up upon contact. You will have fertile soil for growing what you need to get to where you want to go. Take control of your mind.


What a man wants most out of life is freedom. Freedom to pursue that which he wishes to pursue. Freedom to use his time as he sees fit. If he wants to learn a skill he can, if he wants to explore the world he can, if he wants to stay on his land and read he can. He can do whatever he wants because he has his freedom. Without your freedom even with everything else you will still feel unfulfilled and trapped. Like a man working forty plus hours a week to sustain an unsustainable lifestyle. One that was likely foisted upon him by others and not what he wanted in the first place. Chart your own course. Follow the steps lain out above and you will be that much closer to reclaiming your freedom and living the life that you want.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge