Women Want Masters Not Equals

Women Want Masters Not Equals by Charles Sledge

Equality at least the modern definition of equality is a lie. A blatant lie designed to divide society to make it easier to conquer. What is taken as a universal good is actually going against the natural principles that have held society together and made for good interactions between men and women. For example if someone in charge started saying that pouring water on a fire was the best way to get it started and most people believed that it wouldn’t make it true. The same holds true for this notion of “equality”. Let me explain.

Men and women are not equal they are complimentary. The man dominant and the women subservient. There is nothing wrong with this and in fact both are happier when things work this way. Women want to be subservient and real men want to be dominant. All women know deep down what they want even if it goes against their conditioning and programming placed by society. However biology always trumps ideology.

A Thin Veneer

The whole “empowered women” (as if such a thing existed) equality tripe is simply a thin veneer that women use to hide the scared little girls they are on the inside. Women do not want equality because a woman biologically knows that it does not exist. A woman wants a man, a woman wants a master. She wants a leader she can look up and lean on. She knows deep down that women are fundamentally weak and helpless without men. This is the truth.

Women do not respect males who believe in the equality lie because males who do showcase their weakness by falling for it. Equality is essentially a shit test that most males are failing and failing horribly at. Women want men who put them in their place and make it know that there is no equality between them. He is the man and she is the woman. He does not believe in such equality nonsense and she loves him for it.

The Desire For A Master

Women want a man they can look up to and whose feet they can sit at. Not a boy who they must take care of and must look down upon. They want leaders for they are weak and not leaders and they know this. Here is the difference between males and females. Women cannot escape their biology. A short haired hard core Feminist would cheat on her loving beta boyfriend with an alpha guy despite professing to hate such men. However a man has the capacity to actually override his biology. This is why things like honor can only exist among men and not women.

A man can override his biology, he has the fortitude to do so. A woman does not. This can be a great thing when a man tempers himself into greatness but it can also be a bad thing when a man believes false ideologies like those pushed by our society. Man’s capacity to override his biology makes him capable of greatness but also capable of being misled. It is a double edged sword. All women want to serve and dedicate themselves to a man and family. They number one biological imperative is to raise children and serve a man. Women who do not accomplish this will always feel unfulfilled.

Don’t Believe The Lies

Society is full of cancerous lies designed to weaken and destroy you. The mainstream is corrupted beyond all measure. You must become an outlaw if you are to survive the coming times with your manhood and health (physical, spiritual, and mental) in tact. You must go against the tide of evil that pours forth from society. From the media, the schools, the governments, and even the pulpits. You must be a man who walks alone and walks free. You must be your own person with your own thoughts.

At one time a boy could rely on society to at least give him a general good direction to go in. But this is no more. Our society has turned against us completely and utterly. Not only are they not our allies but rather our greatest enemy. A boy who follows the path society lays out for him will be in ruins and sooner rather than later. You must walk your own path to be successful.


Equality is a lie. And women hate males who fall for it because it showcases their utter and despicable weakness. A woman cannot override her biology like a man can. All women want masters, they want men. Not little boys who believe they are equal. Women want to be women and they want men to be men. However it is men who must set this precedent as women are too weak to do so on their own. They want men to just get it and be men. A woman cannot show a boy how to become a man this must be done by the boy himself and men around him. Remember women want masters not equals.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Swami_Salami

    Of course they want masters. They need them. As you said, as a man needs passion to complete his life, a woman needs a man.

    • Exactly

      • Swami_Salami

        Also, picked up The Primer. Good points/concepts in there.