Women Self Destruct Without Masculine Guidance

Women Self Destruct Without Masculine Guidance by Charles Sledge

What makes one woman end up on the street cutting her hair short and selling her body while the other stays at home raising children and loving and serving her husband? Masculine guidance. We know that women are like water meaning like water women take the shape of whatever they are put in. Put water in a cylinder and it will take that form, put water in a oval and it will take that form, and so on and so forth. Women adapt to their environment. You will not see women going against the social order. Whatever the people in power say women will generally go with as they are very socially conscious creatures.

There is only one force that can override all of women’s innate tendencies and that is masculinity. The entire social order and world may be against something but if a woman is with or around a man who is dominant and masculine and who stands against it she will stand with him. Women automatically go towards the most dominant presence. With weak men they go to the social order with strong men they go to the strong men. If Fascists are the strongest men in the society women will go towards them, if Muslims are the strongest they will go towards them, and so on and so forth.

Masculine Guidance

For years women have lived under the guidance of men. Essentially since the beginning of time. Yet in the past forty or so years this has been overthrown and replaced with the state, corporations, and the media being the most dominant force in a woman’s life. This had led to a host of issues for both women and men. For the society does not have women’s best interest at heart but rather their own. Women have become useful pawns in their schemes. And men have dropped the ball allowing their women to be led away.

Without masculine guidance women are left to their own devices or the control of the media/state. Women, like children, when left to their own devices will only hurt themselves. They end up with self-destructive tendencies. They cut their hair short, pursue a career over a family, sleep around, and then wonder when they hit thirty why they hate themselves so much. Of course society will find a scapegoat (usually men) and women being as easy to convince as children will abdicate themselves from the responsibility of their own lives and blame men.

Masculine Guidance In Relationships

In a relationship a woman needs masculine guidance. And if you don’t provide it and your woman is half way decent looking another guy will. And that will spell big problems for you down the road. Like I said above without guidance women will go down self-destructive paths and then get angry at men for not disciplining them properly. For example when a woman wants to cut her hair short and her man let’s her, she is going to be disappointed with him even if she can’t place why. Women want to be disciplined, like children, for them to end up healthy you have to say no.

If a man let’s a woman get out of shape or cut her hair short it’s his own fault for not giving her direction and putting his foot down. Remember you must put women in their place for both their happiness and your own. If a woman refuses to submit to your ways then you let her go to her own destruction. If a woman will not submit to you she isn’t worth your time and she sure as hell isn’t worth your commitment. A man would never tolerate disrespect from a woman. You’ll see women act crazy and do things to provoke a reaction from their man begging for guidance and for him to put his foot down. And when he doesn’t they lose respect for him and will find someone who will tell her what to do and put her in her place.

Have Standards For Your Women

As I grow my standards for women increase. And that’s just for having sex with them much less a commitment. For example if a woman doesn’t have long straight hair I’ll never date her. If she is bitchy I’ll never date her. If she doesn’t have a feminine disposition I’ll never date her. And if she wants to date me she’d better keep these things up. My commitment doesn’t come without stipulations and neither should yours. Never give out your commitment freely, value it highly.

Tell your woman up front if she ever gets fat that your headed out the door and then make sure to carry through with anything you say otherwise it’s an empty threat. Make her exercise when she’s dating you. Have a schedule for her if you must. Not saying you have to plan out every moment of her day but have some guidelines for her. Make her keep her hair a certain length. Have standards for her. She must have consequences for violating your standards. Women want to be led and told what to do. Of course you must be a man and not a boy but that’s a topic for another time.


Without masculine guidance women self destruct. They need guidance. Without guidance from you your women will either find another man who will guide her or go along with the social order. Both horrible options for you. This extends beyond relationships with lovers, girlfriends, and wives but also to daughters, sisters, and any woman that you care about. If their not being led by a man, they will run into the same trouble. All women require masculine guidance to live healthy and happy lives.

At one time the culture helped with this but no more. Not the culture is against it one hundred percent. But remember a strong masculine man will override the culture and any other men in the woman’s world. If your that man a woman will lovingly serve you because you give her the direction that she is so desperately craving and needing. Women were meant to be led by men and when men don’t fulfill this women are unfulfilled and self-destructive. And honestly if a man is in a relationship with a woman he will feel unfulfilled if he is not leading her. Give your woman masculine guidance if you care about her and yourself.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • The way I see it “guiding” women is just a nice way of saying subjugate. We can dress it up however we want but the truth is women don’t know what is best for themselves. If they don’t know what is best for themselves, they sure as fuck don’t know what is best for society writ large.

    When man kept woman in her place there was balance. The masculine principle is order. The feminine principle is chaos. We need both as we need both man and woman to create life.

    What we don’t need is the chaos/feminine principle in the position of leadership and faux equality.

    We have been thrown into cultural chaos(feminization) and nothing is going to change it on a large scale unless there is catastrophe.

    Even say to find a decent woman and start a family, all your provisional efforts will be taxed ever increasingly and those proceeds will go buy more chains to lock you down tighter, more government legislation, more empowerment through class warfare and minority special treatment.

    As always however, the strong…….the strongest will come out on top, which is theirs to decide the rules of the game everyone else must play by.

    Kill or be killed. Survive or perish.

    The american dream is dead. Rather it was always a lie but now it should be dead in the heart of every productive citizen, if they had any sense that is.

    Happy quiet life with wifey? No thanks.

    I’ll take my soldiers and light a fire in the night as we howl at the moon. I’ll take an army ready to go berserk. I’ll not have just one wife. As many as I wish who I deem genetically superior enough to bare my future tribe of savages.

    There will be no courting, no dating and no asking. Only taking. For to the victor goes the spoils.

    Welcome to the future ladies.

    • Agreed. Might makes right. And no successful society has ever had women in positions of leadership.

    • yute

      You write as if it were women who did the Russian “revolution”, the other “People’s Revolutions” in South Asia, Nazism, the French Revolution, and some other niceties.

      It’s not so simple. Maybe we’ll have less than the 20th’s century’s about 150 million people massacred, in our 21th’s century less masculine societies.

      I wonder if mindless but less aggressive can prove better than highly aggressive and intelligent?

      Aside from that, I agree with the article’s analyss. Women are way easier to be swayed and function as pawns for the powers that be, and the analysis of any election by gender shows that.
      After all, when you agree with what’s shown as the dominant opinion your vanity gets a morsel of food, and the more sensitive to that one is, the more manipulable.

      Even lack of self-confidence helps that.

  • OhSoSubmissive

    “For example if a woman doesn’t have long straight hair I’ll never date her.”

    That is some strong standards that I totally understand. I mean before I had curly hair, I mean not really curly but they tend to wave you know.

    Until one day, I was all: “Betty Dear, which kind of woman are you? You got straight the hell of those hair and make yourself a decent woman so you too can get this alpha man who need a submissive woman to feel manly and throw to your face his own insecurities.”

    I did it, and I never looked back. Unfortunately I haven’t found my “I’m-not-a-boy-I’m-Man-and-if-I-can-convince-you-maybe-I’ll-convince-myself”, but now I realise it’s probably a blessing.

    Indeed, you sold yourself so well, you got me at “if she wants to date me she’d better keep these things up”… So adoooooraaaaaabbbbllleeeee !!

    I definitely want your commitment, I want you to put me back at my place for my own happiness. Who wouldn’t? <3

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    A “Man” is to “Do”, while a “Woman” is to “Be”