Why Women Love Brutish Looking Men

Why Women Love Brutish Looking Men by Charles Sledge

There was an article I wrote awhile called entitled “How To Get The ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ Look” about what exercises a man could do to look more masculine, powerful, and brutish to essentially get that don’t mess with me look. This is generally guys that have thick neck and traps muscles that signify fighting status of some sort. Men that have this look are far less likely to be messed with than other men. And I’m not even talking just about fat slobs or skinny weaklings but also the ripped pretty boy or the bulky bodybuilder as well. Obviously some muscle in any form is better than none but there’s a difference between having bulging biceps and a bulging neck.

One conveys masculinity, strength, and prowess in battle the other means you’ve seen the inside of a gym and impresses gym bros more than women or other men. Now according to popular belief if a guy wants to get girls he should aspire to look like a metrosexual pretty boy (psy op much?) of course this works about as well as being the sensitive nice guy that according to all the movies and shows gets all the girls. The truth of the matter is women love brutal and brutish men. Men that act brutal as well as those that look brutish. The question is why is this?

Why Women Love Savages

Man in his basic nature is a barbarian, a savage who takes what he wills. This is the root of man and any man who kills this part of him is no longer a man but rather a functioning eunuch. Civilization is an abberation when it comes to what attracts men to women and women to men. Sure it may not be ‘civilized’ to value a woman for her round ass and slim waist over her uh ‘great personality’ or whatever just like it may not be ‘civilized’ for a woman to go crazy of a violent asshole over the good Christian/politically correct man with a stable income. But it’s how nature works.

Man is little more than a beast and woman almost completely a beast. I’ve said it a hundred times but I’ll say it a hundred more ideology cannot and will not override biology. A woman may have herself convinced in her head that she wants a nice SJW man who will lick her boots and believes in equality. Yet she will constantly find herself either filled with anger and hatred yet not no why or in the bedroom of savages and brutish true men time and time again while wondering why she acts out of accordance with her mind.

Nature Rules All

It all comes back to nature. It all comes back to how man was created in the beginning. Women will always love savages because it is savages that can survive in the true world. It’s savages that ensure her genes make it into the next generation. Remember biology and therefore attraction has nothing (and I do mean nothing) to do with morality. Hence the women who will leave the millionaire for the brutish looking thug, hence why serial killers have lined of women throwing themselves at him, hence why the cheating abusive asshole will have women line up for him while the stable nice guy will have no look with women.

Women love the man who looks brutish because it signals that he is capable of violence, regardless if he actually is or not. But remember it’s perception that rules in this world not reality and attraction is no exception to this. This is also why women can be attracted to a gorilla at the zoo but not the their millionaire husband. This isn’t to say morals don’t matter of course. After all you’re going to be more attracted to a psycho slut who’s got a banging body than a nice traditional girl who’s plain looking, doesn’t mean you’ll always go with the psycho slut (though most will). Just stating how nature is and why things work the way that they do.


Women love men who are capable of violence. Actions mean more than looks to women but that doesn’t mean that looks don’t matter. Brutish rough looking men will always be the one’s that women go gaga over until the end of time. Because it’s brutish rough men that are masculine and that have proven they have what it takes to survive and ensure the continuation of a woman’s genes. This doesn’t mean to be violent or abusive there are much better ways to communicate strength (though one should always be capable of violence). Simply stating why such men have success with women which can be confusing to the average guy. Violence and men who are capable of it (masculine men) are turns on for women as is having the brutish look. Women wills love barbarians and barbarians will always love beautiful women.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    All true! Women want the security of being provided for, but they
    want a man that can and will destroy anyone that tries to hurt his

    I have lived in some rough areas, no matter where I am,
    inner cities or the country I always get the head nod, from
    thug looking men, bikers, you name it.

    The head nod usually means you are not going to be fucked
    with, if you carry yourself strong, look athletic and don’t dress
    like a sissy, you are good.

    And right now at 49 yr old 5’7 @ 160 lbs I still get the respect
    in the street.

    • 49 way to keep at it and be an example. That’s awesome. And so true, your body communicates so much about you. People often underestimate this but it speaks directly to man’s primal nature.

  • Constantin

    I’ve been reading a lot of your articles in the past few days. Someone linked your channel in the comment section of Akingscastle.com and I decided to give it a try. You make very good points and give good advice. Keep up the good work, these kinds of things are very rare nuggets of wisdom and extremely important for a man or a boy to learn as soon as possible in their lives.

    • Thanks Constantin, appreciate that.

    • Charles is a writing machine and always on point with the stuff he writes. Hope he does some more guest posts for us in the future.

  • This is why I prefer the tanky look instead of that ripped look. If you are ripped you often still look like a twig, especially in a t-shirt.

    • Yeah a guy who’s ripped but a buck fifty isn’t impressing any woman or scaring any men.