How Women Are Like Money

How Women Are Like Money by Charles Sledge

Recently I’ve been reading MJ DeMarco’s Unscripted it’s a great book and when reading a chapter about money and why so many don’t get it, it reminded me of another common phenomenon and the nature of man. The more I thought about it the more I thought that not only could this same analogy be used for women but for power in many ways as well. The book is stuffed full with some great information and analogies and I recommend you pick yourself up a copy. I plan on doing a review on it once I finish it, it’s one of the best entrepreneurial books as far as mindset goes that I’ve read.

But I digress, after all this is about how women are like money. Namely how attaining them are very similar. Alright so let me start with MJ’s description of money and why so few attain it. Most entrepreneurs see money as something to be chased and raced after. They chase after this scheme and that scheme always on the cusp of the great victory that will validate all their running around. One day it’s kindle marketing, the next cryptocurrency, and after that it’s dropshipping. They chase all these ideas around hoping to finally get what they want (money) from them. But this doesn’t end well.

Chasing Vs. Value

These guys are money chasers. But here’s the thing about money. MJ described it sort of like a cat. You could chase it around all day and it’ll just run from you but open a can of tuna and you’ll have more cats then you know what to do with. With money this means instead of chasing after money and some scheme that you think will get you money, instead you have to build value and then money will be attracted to you. Sort of like the cats with tuna. Chase them all day you’ll just run yourself ragged, instead give them value and they’ll all come to you.

It’s the same with money (and women which we’ll get to in a moment), you have to focus on yourself building up your value in the marketplace and money will come to you. You build up your value in the marketplace by giving value to others, doing things that solidify your expert status, and investing in yourself through education such as books, videos, and courses. Once you’ve built up your value that’s when the money comes to you, not by chasing after it. Hustle is important as far as working on yourself, but hustling as in trying to make a buck is ultimately counter productive.

How Women Are Like Money

Women are just like money in that they’re not attracted to those that chase after them but rather are attracted to those that have value. As a man the best thing you can do is chase greatness, not women. You do this by working on yourself focusing on making money, getting smarter, building up your physical body, and accomplishing your goals. Women will come as a byproduct of this. This doesn’t mean to never make a move or be passive of course, you are the man. What it means is that women will put themselves near you to get to you.

You’ll attract more then you know what to do with as opposed to chasing after scraps like most males who don’t value their limited time on this earth. Again this doesn’t mean to never go after women just that building up your value should be your number one focus and priority in life. Those who chase money will always be broke, those who build value will always have money flowing to them. It’s no different with women. Money can’t be chased effectively only attracted, same with women. Women like money follow value not pursuit.

Focus On Yourself

The big takeaway from this is that even if you’re young and your goal right now is just to sleep with women you’re still best served by following the same path as someone who’s goal is to be a millionaire. Focus on building your value and the money/women will come. Point is to put yourself first and focus on your self-development above all else. Then the rest will come.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge