Women Are Easier Than You Think

Women Are Easier Than You Think by Charles Sledge

From the talks of most dating “experts” and guys who pretend to teach men how to have the sex life they want you would think women were these incredibly complicated creatures where you essentially have to become a master at seduction before any are going to open their legs for you. While this is great for selling their high level programs and making lots of money of gullible fools, the truth of the matter is that women for the most part are actually really easy.

Sleeping with women isn’t something that requires the equivalent of mastering a martial art, it really requires about as much effort as opening a jar of pickles. As I’ve said getting laid is easy stop making it hard. Look if you just went up to ten women introduced yourself directly, made your intentions know, and escalated on them at least one of them is going to sleep with you. Women are easy. I don’t say this as an insult but rather as a fact. You don’t have to be some badass alpha male or whatever to sleep with lots of women, sure it’ll help. But as long as you have a pulse and take action you’ll be doing better then most men.

The Truth We Want To Deny

The fact of the matter is most men like to think that women are going to make them earn sex. That if they’re not super studs then the good looking women are going to turn them down. We like to believe that because we like to think that women are something that they’re not. Fact of the matter is many times a woman (even a good looking beautiful “classy” woman) will sleep with some loser she met just because she wants some sex and he was the only one that took action and made himself available. He might not have been her first choice or even her tenth but he’s the one that made a move.

Many times women just want sex. If you’re some short douche bag who you’re friends make fun of but you make moves on women that person will be you and sometimes with beautiful women. How many times have you seen a gorgeous woman leave a club with some shrimpy creepy guy. Alright maybe not every night but it happens, and it happens because why you were trying to be Mr. rich six pack crazy game. He was going up and hitting on women. Because he knows that women are easy.

Women Are Easy

Again we like to pretend their not and like to think that getting laid (especially with a beautiful woman) is an accomplishment. Sort of like writing a book or making a big sale. But it isn’t, it’s as much of an accomplishment as brushing your teeth in the morning. We are taught that women value sex highly because then males will work hard to earn the affections of women (making society rich in the process) when the fact of the matter not much effort is required to sleep with lots of women.

You don’t have to be rich, jacked, or have great game. You just have to make yourself available and escalate. Just making a move will get you laid more often than the vast majority of men. That’s why I recommend that you always go for it. I’ve seen guys who are skinny, weak, don’t know the first thing about game yet get laid more than guys who work on that just because they’re always going for it with women they meet. Because they know that women are really easy.

So What To Do

Every beautiful woman that you’re putting on a pedestal thinking that she only goes for certain types of guys has had one night stands with guys you’d make fun of and be shocked if you found that he slept with her while you were sitting in a corner thinking you weren’t “good enough”. Look let’s get something straight by being a man you’re already more than good enough for every woman that has ever existed and will ever existed. And if you doubt then you are greatly overvaluing women and should learn more about their psychology and biology. Your opinion will change.

This doesn’t mean to not dedicate yourself to self-improvement (of course your goals should be more than sleeping with women, imagine if you greatest goal in life was to open a pickle jar, pretty pathetic right?). Of course if a studly alpha guy is taking action he’s going to get more women than the shrimpy nerd. But the point is to take action because of how easy women are. Imagine if you knew that going up to ten women one of them was guaranteed to sleep with you. Well even if you are the biggest of losers but don’ overvalue women that’s going to be true for you. Women are easy, never forget this.


The majority of women are easy. Much much easier than you think. If you have a pulse and a functioning dick then you can get laid every weekend. Add good game, looks, and style to the mix and you can get laid every day if you really wanted to. Women will have sex with guys they met five minutes ago just because they’re horny. Women are just as easy as men as long as their reputation will remain intact. Stop thinking women aren’t easy because they are. Stop overvaluing them and realize they’ve probably slept with plenty of men you would consider way below you. Including is not especially the beautiful “classy” ones. Never underestimate how easy women are and above all else stop overvaluing them (especially if it’s just because they’re hot).

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    Women have always been easy. So easy to find women with
    weak or no father figure, making it real easy.

  • Sean Toddington

    Probably the best article on ‘game’ I’ve ever read. There is a tendency to either put women on a pedestal, or to portray them as some kind of super devious basket cases that have to be snake charmed into bed. It really isn’t that complicated. There are IMO a few red flags probably best filed under the heading ‘don’t be repulsive’ (e.g. don’t be smelly, have bad teeth, be creepy). Beyond that don’t be shy and away you go.

    • Agree 100%. Often vastly over complicated, really a pretty simple subject.

  • Ash

    Low quality women are easy. High quality women are tougher to get to, and these are the women that men really want.

    • Agreed, although honestly most males seem to be desperate for any woman. But for true men of quality absolutely. Quality attracts quality no doubt about that.