Women Don’t Have Friends…Only Competition

Women Don't Have Friends...Only Competition by Charles Sledge

It’s no secret that women are ten times the backstabbers that men are. While men in general settle their differences through competition and physical confrontation women go through it in a much different and more sinister way. Women are more interested in psychological war fare and destroying their opponent while looking like they did nothing at all. There are two groups that women are particularly cruel to and have no sympathy for. Those two groups are beta males (meaning weak males) and other women. Women love to pretend to be friends but at the core women are not friends with each other.

This is applied doubly when mating is involved. A prime example of this is when you start dating a girl her friends all want to screw you even more (even her sisters might take a shot at you). Women are ruthless when another woman gets in the way of them fulfilling their hypergamous nature and mating with the best man possible. They’ll use any tactic to do this. Want a guarantee that a woman is going to lie to you? Ask her about another women. If she has even the slightest interest in you she’ll throw her “friend” under the bus and feed her to the dogs. Women aren’t exactly known for their loyalty and when an alpha male is involved any loyalty to friends is thrown out the window.

Hyperamy & Women

A woman’s hypergamous nature means that she wants to get the best male that she can possible attract. While men simply want to sleep with any woman who is “hot enough” women want to sleep with the best man that they can attract. This has to do with sperm being cheap and eggs being expensive. A guy can impregnate one hundred women and not really worry about it (from a biological standpoint) whereas when a woman gets impregnated by a man she gives away 9 months of her life and is at increased risk for danger and death. Remember our mating instincts evolved when we were still living in tribal societies and fighting off animals wanting to eat us.

So a woman doesn’t want any man she wants the best man. Compared to a man who wants any woman who gets his dick hard. Now this instinct is part of what causes women to be so competitive with one another. While women don’t mind sharing a man like men mind sharing a woman, women still want to lessen the competition to increase their chances of mating with the most attractive guy. She’ll say her friend’s a slut, smells, or anything else to disqualify her in order that she remains you primary mating desire. Women are fiercely competitive and underhand with one another when it comes to alpha males (masculine men). This never goes away and never changes regardless of their age.

The Alpha Has His Choice

While obviously alpha is an overused phrase that has been used and abused we still all get the general meaning of it. The strong, dominant, masculine guy is the alpha guy and the weak, effeminate, cowardly guy is the beta guy. Because women want to sleep with the top tier of guys when you’re an alpha guy all of the women are going to be competing for you. Here’s what I mean by this. 20% of guys (the alpha guys) sleep with 80% of women. Here is what that means that 80% of women are competing for a small handful of men. Making it fierce competition.

Women if they were being honest hate each for the most point. I’m reminded of the wise quote by H. L. Mencken “A misogynist is a man who hates women as much as women hate women.” though said in joking there is much truth to it. If you thought guys were bad for going after each others mates then see what happens when women go after alpha males. Or better yet become one yourself and see them fight over you. Once you get into that 20% then they’re all going for you. The dynamic changes drastically. Your girlfriend can leave your side for a moment without her friends, sisters, whatever trying to steal you away.

Women Are Competitive

But only when it comes to the mating game and social status. And they won’t meet each other fairly in the field. The concept of fairness means nothing to women. They’ll use every dirty trick in the book to win against their opponent. They’d make the most ruthless male generals look like Geneva Convention workers. Women are not friends with one another. They’ll hold temporary alliances to strengthen themselves and help them with their own mating strategies but as soon as one of their “sisters” gets in their way then the claws come out.

Women compete with one another for social status and mate selection. While men compete for resources, honor, social standing, and many other things it’s generally either social status or mate selection with women. And for women the two obviously have some correlation. Every woman is looking to maximize her sexual strategy and get the highest mate that she can. And she’ll do her best to destroy anyone who gets in the way of that including all of her “friends and sisters”.


Combine women’s innate insecurity, with her susceptibility for jealousy, and her mating strategy and you can see how an attractive guy can drive women wild when other women have their sights on him. This dynamic holds true at social circle events, parties, clubs, bars, strip clubs, and anywhere else a man and more than one woman can interact. Be an alpha male (meaning a masculine attractive guy) and instead of all of this driving you crazy it instead all works in your favor.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Sarah Tumler

    As a woman, not all of us talk shut behind our friends back or to our potential mate. My girls and i have been friends for years, and we always boost each other up. I know other groups of girls that are very catty but don’t act as if all girls do that. Guy’s do the same, but may be a little more forward than women.

    • I ge that but describing any group of humans there will always be exceptions. Men, women, children really just about any species. I describe what I observe. There will always be exceptions and thankfully so.

  • Johnny Grube

    With 3 grown daughters all though school and now out of
    school they switch friends every other week. I listened to my
    daughters talk stories about girls always back stabbing others,
    it is definitely the rule to the exception. And only weak men do