Women Can Sense A Man’s Power

Woman Can Sense A Man's Power by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my book Understanding Women: Everything A Man Needs To Know About Women. Enjoy.

Women can innately sense a man dominance and his masculinity. Like how a dog can sense fear. This one (of about five million) reason why PUAs who say the “right” things and such get blown out of the water and other men who don’t even try have to beat women off with a stick. It’s because of their innate dominance and masculinity. A man who has both has no need for tricks, games, or any other bullshit. He is simple a man fulfilling the roll he was created to fill.

Nothing is more intoxicating to a woman than a man who is in touch with his inner masculine power. Who is in touch with his masculinity and dominance. A whiff is all it takes for women to go crazy for a man like this. This masculine power is irresistible to women. But it is rarer than winning the lottery, at least nowadays. Men have been divorced from their masculinity, told it was evil, and that the new way was to become balless and neutered sheep. Unfortunately the majority of males have bought this hook, line, and sinker.

A Man’s Power

A man is powerful. Despite what feminist and MRAs want to tell you men are very powerful. They have a strong innate power that was given to them at birth should they choose to embody and embrace it. Masculine power and manhood are tied together at the root. You cannot have one without the other. Masculine power is something that is forged and developed, it is never given and one does not simple get it. A girl may mature into a woman simply by age but this is not the case with males.

A boy can go to his grave a boy. Manhood is something that one must be forge himself. It cannot be done for him by others but rather something that he must take on himself. Others can certainly help in the process but ultimately it is up to each and every boy to come to his manhood alone. Once this power is developed a man realizes he doesn’t need tricks, routines, or manipulations and that such methods are for the weak. They are for women and little boys who do not have the strength to be straightforward. That don’t have the strength to be men.

They use tricks and routines because they cannot simply operate from their masculine core. Because they are not in touch with it. They have no masculine power and then must fake it, which never lasts long or turns out well. It is much better to actually become and attractive man instead of pretending to be one. Don’t get me wrong you might be able to trick a few dumb club girls but you will not be living a fulfilling life from your masculine core.

The Natural Order

A man’s dominance can be felt by all around him. It can be felt by other men, children, animals, and of course women. It cannot be faked and there is no substitute for it. Man was created to be a master. Master of all that is around him. When men exercise this power and develop it they fulfill their role as men. They become men. A man who is weak and does not have his masculine power is not a man. He might as well not have balls (though that wouldn’t make a difference for the average Western male unfortunately).

The man who is irresistible to women is the man who is fully a man. The man who is dominant, masculine, and is embracing his power. A man who is fulfilling his role as a man. These type of men stand out like a shining diamond in a mound of coal. Women, society, and the world itself thirsts for masculine dominance and power. For a man who is completely and unashamedly a man. Who doesn’t hide behind tricks or routines or cowardice. But who is completely and fully a man.

As you develop as man something as simple as sleeping with many beautiful women or a single beautiful women you care about is easy. Men who make women the focus of their life always have trouble succeeding because man was never meant to focus on women. Man was meant to focus on himself and the women will come. Be a man and the woman will fall at your feet. Women should never be your focus, that’s pathetic. You should be your focus. Yes, women will play a part in this by simply a side role and nothing more.

A Whiff Of Dominance

A whiff of dominance, a whiff of your masculine power is all it takes to send women over the edge. It is so rare and so desired for that when you become a man sleeping with the women you want will be the least of your worries. Imagine being in the desert and you haven’t drank in two days. Then you smell a big pond in the distance. That is what being a masculine man is like to women. Women were created for men, women need men. Women without men become bitter, angry, crazy or all of the above and more. Women crave real masculine men.

Women need men like men need freedom. Women should never be the sole or main focus of your life. Be a man and the women will come. Focus on your mission and becoming fully and completely a man. Develop your masculine power and dominance. Do these and the world will become your plaything it will respond to your will. A man can forge his way in this world if he has developed his masculine power. My suggestion would be to start now. If you’re lost start with The Primer. Do the exercises in it and forge those habits then read the recommended books at the end. That will be more than enough to get you started.

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Charles Sledge