Women Are Moldable

Women Are Moldable by Charles Sledge

It’s not secret that women are strong affected by the things around them. Take a girl and put her in a traditional society and home and she’ll be a loving housewife and dedicated mother. Take that same women put her in modern society and she’ll have banged thirty guys by thirsty, had two abortions, and work as a lifeless drone for a corporation that cares nothing for her. This isn’t to say that males aren’t affected by the society around them because they certainly are but not nearly to the extent that women are.

Women are incredibly malleable. They are going to be molded by the strongest force that is around them. This is most often society and societal pressures. Whatever is pushed by the group that she belongs to. The media, government, education, and religious system playing a primary role in this. However before family had an even stronger impact on how a woman ended up, in particular the father. But with fathers being taken away left and right it leaves a wide gulf that can be filled by government to change women as they will. However there is something that overrides both government, society, and even family and that is a powerful man.

Women Are Trainable

Women can be trained into what you want them to be. One of the most important indicators of a women’s worth as a long term mate is her trainability. Along with some other key factors like her relationship with her father and how many men she has slept with. A woman who is trainable can be made into whatever a man wants. With that being said all women are trainable and have been trained by someone at some point in time. It might have been the shows she watched and movies she listened to, it might have been her father, or it might have been some other strong male presence in her life. But all have been trained.

And they can all be trained. Many disrespectful lost women simply need a man to put them in their place. Really that’s all much of society needs a man to come in and put all the women in their place. Both men and women would be happier if this were to occur. Women are waiting to be molded by someone, somewhere. Like a lump of clay that is waiting for the master to come along and turn it into whatever the master’s will is. Any clay that tries to shape itself is only going to end up in disaster. It requires to skilled hands of a master and the thoughts of a master to shape the clay.

Raw Material

Why all women are moldable some are of different materials than others. Some can never be made into something of use though they can be improved from where they currently are if even as just a warning to others to not follow the same path. For example a eighteen year old virgin fresh out of school is going to very moldable compared to an embittered woman passing the wall at 30 and having no prospects because she spent all her time partying and chasing a career. Not only are their levels of moldability going to be different but also what they can be molded to is going to be different.

For example the eighteen year old is like a slab of marble that can be molded into something beautiful and edifying. Where the older woman who has spent her live frivolously is like rotted wood. Sure it can be shaped and molded into something but never something as beautiful as the slab of marble.  Only a fool would say that a rotted piece of wood shaped into something halfway useful was his prize work. While shaping something out of the marble can turn into something that lasts for the ages. All women are moldable but they vary but levels of moldability as well as the value of the raw material to be molded.

Earlier The Better

One of the many reasons that a woman who has a good relationship with her father makes for a better long term prospect is because she has generally been molded from a young age to be something worthy. She wasn’t left to society or the education system to raise. Her father took an active hand in how she grew and came out. The next step is to be handed over to a strong man to continue the training, molding, and keeping in line. Women (like children) left to their own devices self-destruct often taking others with them.

The earlier a woman’s training begins the better. Though even a woman who has been trained well but has too much gap time between when she leaves the training of her father to the training of her husband can still ruin everything. A college girl can go in a sweet marriageable woman then come out a whore with as many delusions about life as she has partners. A woman is quick to be ruined and her value is quick to be lost as far as long term partnership goes. What took years to cultivate can be gone in a flash. Like a beautiful slab of marble falling down a hill splintering apart until it becomes broken hunks of rock not usable for much.


Women were meant to be molded by men. First their fathers and then their husbands. But even if a man is not their husband they can still mold them if he is a strong man. Society does not have the influence that a strong father has on a woman and a strong father does not have as much influence of a woman as a strong man does. Society will pick up and mold any woman that have been neglected by strong men or strong fathers. Which is why so many women go along with the degeneracy that is pushed now. Because there is no stronger influence. Women are always molded, the question is not if they’re molded or not but by whom are they molded.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Ash

    Are you really going to respect a woman that you had to train like a monkey to get her to be the way you want her to be? Just get a robot.