Women Are Like Children

Women Are Like Children by Charles Sledge

This is a chapter from my book Understanding Women: Everything A Man Needs To Know About Women. Enjoy.

Women never mature past of a child put another way women are said to be “the most responsible teenager in the house” and that’s the good ones. This is why women make horrible bosses, leaders, and decision makers. And why any country where the male populace is weak and pathetic enough to let women lead them will end up destroyed. And why working in a workplace that is all women is straight hell. Deep down women know this which is reason number 1,250,385 why they hate weak males who let them get away with their games. Just like a child would eventually resent a parent who constantly gave into them.

Women like children need leadership and guidance to end up anywhere productive. Left to their own devices they self-destruct just like children would. Women need men to lead, discipline, and keep them and line just like children. For example when you see a bratty child at the store who do you blame the child itself that is simply living out it’s nature? Or the parents who are too weak to discipline it? Spoiled rotten children at the result of weak parents likewise spoiled rotten women are the result of weak males.

She Wants You To Discipline Her

And not just because she likes getting spanked. A woman just like a child is going to throw shit tests to the men around her to see which ones have strength and which ones are ball-less pussies. There is a evolutionary reason for this (as there is to all behavior of both men and women). Women and children are both weak and not of high intelligence (at least when compared to men). They know this deep down which is why they look to strength to keep them safe. Hence shit tests, they are testing men to see which ones are going to be able to give them what they need to survive.

When you discipline a woman, when you call her out, when you have balls she knows that she can trust you and that you are a man with strength, which is obviously going to raise her attraction levels to you. Women are going to be drawn to men who are like a rock they don’t change for every passing wind, the tides can beat against them and they remain who they are. Women cannot lead nor control themselves. They need you to do so. Any man who gives into a woman or a child shows his weakness and is despised by both women and children.

Controlled By Their Emotions

Children are completely controlled by their emotions as are women. What is meant by this is that logic is impervious to emotional feelings that women are having. It’s not that women aren’t capable of logic so much as it’s always overridden by whatever dominant emotion they are feeling is. This is why spiking a woman’s emotions is so key to sleeping with them. This is also why a woman can rationalize anything. Because it’s the emotions that matter to her and need validation, logic doesn’t play any part. If a woman feels right the believes she is right, logic never really enters into the picture (only so much as it can be used to justify her emotions and nothing more).

Now does this sound like the setup for someone who is going to be a good leader or make good decisions on their own? Of course not and anyone who would believe that is a fool. And truth be told no woman really believes this deep down (they’re just testing when they say they do) only weak males actually believe that women make capable leaders. Also this doesn’t make women evil or bad or anything of that nature. Women were never supposed to be men, despite what the average weak male thinks. And expecting them to be is nonsense women were meant to be women. And a woman is controlled by her emotions, which is fine because if you’re a strong masculine man you know how to handle this.

Never Take Seriously

A man who takes what a woman says seriously (as in rationally and logically is a fool) and if you shot any woman up with truth serum she’d say the exact same thing. Women aren’t actually communicating rational thoughts or plans but rather whatever emotion that they are feeling in the moment. This is why when they say something and you tease them regardless of what they said they’ll enjoy it (again calibration is needed, if their mom just died and you tease them probably won’t be too happy…probably). Never take a woman seriously the way you would a man. They’re communicating their emotions, not facts and logic. Generally she wants her emotions validated nothing more.

Many weak males wish that women were more like men, probably to make up for their own deficiency in masculinity. And many women will try to fill this role (as society pretty much worships them for doing so) but deep down they will always be unfulfilled and resentful of the man who made them take up the slack in his masculinity. Everything works better when women are allowed to be woman and men are men. I think it’s weird so many guys wish their girl was more manly because they’re not sure how to handle her (because they lack masculinity themselves). These traits also allow women to be good mothers as well as support and love you even when they have no idea what you do or how you do it and never will.


I see so many men who with their words talk against feminism and the ills it brings but then act it out with their actions. They’ll talk about the stupidity of feminism but then kowtow to their wives with whatever they want. They’re the type that would roll their eyes at the women’s mark but then repeat “Happy wife, happy life” to their friends. They’re women are begging to be led and sad that their man’s masculinity is a facade around weakness. Don’t be this kind of guy. Remember women are like children and should be treated as such. Everyone wins in the end.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • you’re in fine form lately my friend… the article posting machine – but they have been very good.

    This post here would be the one article on your site that I would direct men to for the final word on women… this is it, you really can not state it any better then this – it is the absolute truth. Women are children and they must be treated as such and one must communicate and interact with her as such when she acts like a child – she wants you to be her daddy… or she will go looking for daddy else where… she wants you to lead her and protect her… praise her when she is good and punish her when she is bad…

    pay attention to her actions – her behavior – If she acts like a child, treat her like a child. If she is a pant-suit wearing short haired beast playing make believe in a man’s world then treat her as an equal – as rude and brutish and crass as you would another man – eat it bitch… there’s your equality… and if she looks and acts like a whore – she wants you to treat her like a whore… everything they do is to get attention, everything they do is to get a response from the world… a reaction… if they say the opposite, it is a shit test… even fat girls want attention – they get tattoos for attention, piercings for attention… so when you see a fat girl with a blue Mohawk and a pierced face looking like a circus freak – treat her like one… because you just can’t take a woman like that seriously.

    • Appreciate that Dash, thanks. And absolutely women need a daddy and will find one no matter what. And attention is like crack to most women no matter how they try to get it.

  • This is a fundamental truth about women that men absolutely must understand. Forget about any factual information they may be able to spit out because they’re “educated,” emotionally, women are like children. Like children, they test your reactions just to see where their boundaries are. If they are unsure of their boundaries, they will test you even more.

    Sometimes they test you just to figure out their standing with you and what they can get away with. Other times it’s because they got emotional and couldn’t control themselves. No matter what the reason is, if you let them walk on you, they will disrespect you and do the same thing to you again.

    I’ve said before that the best way to deal with shit tests is to set the right mindset and to be physically strong and healthy. Do you feel like a physical force who can do damage in this world? Do you feel strong? Do you feel like you have a mission in life? Then don’t let anyone step on that. Especially women.

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    another way it seems or sounds like, is that when a woman makes herself attractive or develops attributes that make her more attractive to women, it doesn’t really make her become a better person, but when a man makes himself attractive, develops the traits, attributes that make him attractive and successful at getting women, it makes him a better person, it benefits him in other areas of his life, such as getting promoted at work, getting a raise at work or getting ahead in the business world, but for women, not really, when a woman improves her dating life, it solely benefits her in just that area of life only, well at least thats what it seems, i remember when i had a discussion with a guy who is a social confidence life coach and i asked him if he believes it will benefit men more than women, and he says both, i chose not to debate it with him but obviously we know the real answer to that question, nobody cares about a womans confidence or self-esteem, not just in dating/mating but it seems even in careers, the business world as well too. Some guys, actually men, have argued against it as well too, they say “i want my future girlfriend or wife to actually work on becoming a better person as well do, who actually does self improvement”, well okay to each their own, but still, the average, typical man won’t really care, but the other way around it obviously does matter, sounds like it also stems from the quote “men either sink or swim, while women float, men rise to the top or sink to the bottom, while women are in the middle”, i know made a comment like this in your Sexual Pyramid article, but just felt i had to expand on it more.

    Men grow, Women don’t really grow.

    Another quote i got from somewhere is “A man is to “Do”, a woman is to “Be”

    • Pretty much though a woman who is more attractive will always go further because men will want her to. The boss will promote the hot secretary over the plain one any day of the week. And he’ll promote her even higher if she has an affair with him.

      • H8TheWayLifeIs

        and nobody really cares about a womans confidence in the workplace or business world, career world, just like in the dating/mating game, thats why i sometimes sarcastically say or comment on blogs or posts about self-improvement blogs, women raising their self-esteem or confidence, social-skills, conversation-skills, and i say “why would that benefit you? your a woman, you don’t need any of that shit”, because your gonna have men doing the work for you

        • There is some effect but it’s not nearly the same as it is for men.

  • Daniel Ramos

    Well stated and well researched. I agree completely. Hat tip to you good sir!

    • Thank you Daniel, appreciate it.

      • Daniel Ramos

        What you said can be likened to what I said a few years ago on ROK, under my former pseudonym JD Unwin.

        I invite you to read it if you like. It is written from a purely religious perspective but even if you don’t hold a religious identity yourself, I hope you can appreciate its anti feminist message nonetheless.


        • Good stuff Ramos. Will have to include that in this week’s roundup. I always had an interest in the intersection between the red pill/manosphere and christianity I think upon closer inspection they have far more in common than not.

          • Daniel Ramos

            Thanks Man, I appreciate it.

  • eassa

    “Women like children need leadership and guidance to end up anywhere near productive. Left to their own devices they self-destruct just like children would. Women need men to lead, discipline and keep them and [in] line just like children.”

    How can you make such a statement, considering the history of women in this nation from its birth? I will admit that there is a crisis of the sexes in our nation at present whose toddler-ship can easily be traced to the 1960s, but your statement does not compute with reality.
    To generalize and view women in this manner is not only disrespectful, but it is dishonest.

    “And not just because she likes getting spanked. Women and children are weak and not of high intelligence (at least when compared to men).”

    No man who is truly a leader will have to “spank” women to show them he is worthy of their respect. No man who is worthy of being a leader has to intimidate women to gain their trust. Your statement about intelligence is so miscalculated.

    “When you discipline a woman, when you call her out, when you have the balls she knows she can trust you and you are a man of strength, which is obviously going to raise her attraction levels to you. Women cannot lead or control themselves. They need you to do so.”

    LOL… What kind of woman’s attraction level won’t go through the roof after a man disciplines her and…emotionally slaps her around?! Charles, you are clueless.
    Perhaps you have been looking for women in all the wrong places, therefore finding the females that are “spoiled rotten”, which could also describe a vast majority of modern man too.

    Society in general is in short supply of goodness and virtue; men and women alike, and that is due to a lack of the kind of leadership that is required of men. Your frustration is the result of a leadership vacuum, but you are reacting in the other extreme. There is a great Teacher who has given men and women a pattern live by, which if followed will cause the relationship between a man and woman to flourish. But in no way are you following that pattern.

    Your advice will only continue the plunge of male role models, and cause more frustration among the male population, which in turn causes females to look down on men.

    • eassa I actually agree with most of what you said. Good post!

      • eassa

        ER, I hardly know what to say. You are aware that I disapprove of the way you talk and the vile pictures you post.

        Consider this, Charles is an example of a frustrated man who has obviously had bad experiences with women, or perhaps his contact with women has been unsatisfying because he is attracted to “spoiled rotten” women. Who knows? But he represents a large percentage of men who know something is seriously wrong with the roles and relations between men and women. Many women are frustrated as well, I hear the complaints from young college age women who want to find good men but cannot. Charles would not qualify for the kind of “good” men these girls are looking for.

        Obviously Charles, and probably many of his followers, have failed to search out women who are gracious and in possession of good hearts. My guess is that truly classy women would not be attracted to his type either.

        But ER, you are among the kinds of women who behave in the manner he describes. Do you know that your language is worse than any man I have ever heard? I admit, I was never around men who talked dirty or who swore, my father protected his daughters from those kinds of men. My husband protected me too. I have been shocked by your language.

        From our youth, my sisters and I were taught not to date immoral guys, and our parents were specific as to what their definition of “immoral” was. None of us had sex until we were married, and I had dates every weekend from the time my parents allowed me to date at the age of 16. When guys pushed me to give them more than I wanted, I dropped because I knew the guy only wanted one thing, to make his claim on my virginity, and I had no intention of giving it away. I understood capitalism early on: You don’t give away what is valuable. 😉

        My guess is that many of these frustrated men have had sex with more than one woman to whom they were not married. My guess is that they also date women who swear at times, or use vulgar language and live ‘loose’ lives.

        You do not appreciate what Charles said, but you are in the category of women he is talking about. ER, you are shamefully unfeminine, perversely immoral and terribly childish. You are an “in your face” kind of woman, and this is a total turn off to men.

        It all goes back to Yahweh, who created man and woman. God has given us the perfect plans for good and sound relations between the sexes, and between a husband and wife.

        But most of all, he gave us a pattern for living our lives: “…whatsoever things that are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.” Philippians 4:8

        • I agreed with and upvoted your post. Take is as a compliment or not.

          How do I talk? What vile pictures? I get what you’re saying about Charles.

          You said, “But ER, you are among the kinds of women who behave in the manner he describes.”
          What the hell are you talking about?
          You’re shocked by my language? You must live in a very protected sheltered world.

          You said, “ER, you are shamefully unfeminine, perversely immoral and terribly childish. You are an “in your face” kind of woman, and this is a total turn off to men.”
          Wrong! Men love it that I have a brain and I’m a strong independent woman.

          Save the scripture, yada yada yada.

          • eassa

            ER, when I got home this evening I read the conversation you had with Daniel and I saw more of your tampon posts. Like the tampon fight video you posted last week. There are many people voicing their disapproval of what you say and do.

            I can opt to say nothing to you, Daniel could opt to say nothing to you. That would be a clear picture we care nothing for you or your soul. Daniel has been kind to you, ask him why I would say these things to you, maybe a man like him can explain it better.

            Good night ER.

          • Did you read my posts. I posted pictures of art projects. They weren’t actual used tampons. Read what I posted and then get back to me.

          • eassa

            ER, I did read the posts, and realized after reading that they were not actual bloody tampons, but they looked exactly like real ones. Either way, it is inappropriate and completely unnecessary. Why do you feel it is necessary to post the pictures to try and make your point with Daniel?

            You do realize Daniel’s expertise in the field of science? And what you were discussing is elementary. Why not listen to him and learn from him?

          • They are pieces of art. Daniel is in the sciences? OMG I can’t stop laughing.
            Here’s a diagram of what I was explaining to him.

          • Daniel Ramos

            Lol I have a professional background in aerospace engineering during my time with NASA, and now I currently work as a certified Pharmacist for an insurance company. What do you do? Intern at Jezebel or some other fringe feminist website?

          • Sure you do cupcake.

          • Daniel Ramos

            Sit and spin in envy, hamster brain.

          • Cupcake I’m not envious of you in the slightest.

          • Daniel Ramos

            That is a subject of debate, as is the matter of your potential attraction towards my obvious intellect and aforementioned good looks.

          • You are really full of yourself.

          • Daniel Ramos

            By no means, sweetheart. I’m just an accurate judge of XX intention towards Alpha Men.


          • You’re an “Alpha male?” You’re not an accurate judge cupcake. You’re delusional at best.

          • Daniel Ramos

            No worries, I won’t take your petulance personally. I know it’s the toke talking…and the stupidity.

          • ANNG14

            You don’t sound like anyone that would have ever worked for NASA.

          • Mister Atoz

            He swept the floors while the important stuff was going on in the background.

          • ANNG14

            That was the cause of all the fuss, OMG.
            Some people really need to get a life.
            There are plenty of things in this world to be upset over, like child prostitution, war, and hatred.
            Your diagram was nothing any adult should need a fainting couch over.

          • Mike

            Woozy at the sight of blood?

          • Do whatever you want. Bye bye!

          • Mensch59

            Mansplaining, regarding keeping women modest in their temperament that souls might be nourished, is real necessary, eh? /s

          • Mister Atoz

            Yes! I agree with every word you posted.

          • Thanks Dave 🙂

          • Mister Atoz

            I guess I made Daniel Ramos sad. Oh, well. 😉

          • Daniel Ramos

            You wish, sock puppet sycophant. 😉

          • Mister Atoz

            I must have since you’ve resorted to the lame tactic of calling me a “sock puppet.”

            I’m not sure why my agreeing with ER has caused you such angst. On the bright side, I don’t care.

          • Daniel Ramos

            Not at all. I’ve observed you following DERP around upvoting a lot of her remarks for several weeks now, and was just waiting for an opportune moment to make a comment on it.
            For all I know you are DERP in disguise, since you are fond of the same fallacious bs she is.

          • Mister Atoz

            Well, let me just say how thrilled I am that you have taken an interest in me! Perhaps if you ever post anything interesting, clever, or witty, I will return the favor but, from what little I have seen, all you have are lame accusations because, I assume, you are one of the many people ER has made look ridiculous. She’s very good at that and that’s just one reason why I follow and upvote her.

          • Daniel Ramos

            Given that you seem to spend a great deal of your internet lifetime agreeing with her gender specific solipsism, I’m in no way surprised by your remark. Tell me, what is the view like within ER’s anal cavity?
            If indeed you are a legitimate profile you’re a sad sorry excuse for a male. A disgrace to your Y chromosome since you spend a lot of time White Knighting for an intellectually stunted child feminist with a laughably ironic moniker.

          • “White Knighting” is that what you think? LOL!!

          • Daniel Ramos

            Yup. Next stupid question?

          • Mister Atoz

            His jealousy of you and your friends couldn’t be more obvious.

          • Mister Atoz

            I see no reason to facilitate your whining about ER. Bye.

          • Daniel Ramos

            But we were just getting to know each other! Alas, my dreams of détente are forever dashed across the rocks of the eternal shore, doomed to sink into oblivion underneath the waves of opportunity and destiny.

          • I’ve known Mr Atoz for years he’s not a sock. We upvote each other, big deal.

          • Daniel Ramos

            Just making an observation. I could be wrong, I freely admit that. Still, there could be the slightest possibility I am right.
            All offense intended, you leftist types aren’t known for your honesty.

          • You are wrong.

          • Daniel Ramos

            If you say so.

          • You are wrong, we are not the same person. You can continue to make unfounded accusations and look silly. Go for it. Your anger is telling.

          • Daniel Ramos

            So prove it then. Are you still high? Why is this such an issue to you? Seems like you’re taking it personal for some reason.
            Lol anger. I’m not angry hun. I enjoy decimating your pedestrian arguments. Haven’t you noticed?
            What’s the matter…did Shep grow bored with you and toss you aside? Is that why you decided to troll me?

            I do have a regret though. I regret not asking you if “are you high” on the one day of the year when the question was most appropriate to ask.


          • No I’m not “high.” I’ve been busy all day, running errands, and birdwatching. I just added Sandhill Cranes to my yard life list. There were seven Sandhill Cranes flying over my yard in addition to Bald Eagles, Turkey Vultures, and hawks. I’m elated!!

          • Daniel Ramos

            I meant with regard to your comments, luv.
            Be on the lookout for yellow belly sap suckers…I hear they’re rare in certain places.

          • Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers are plentiful here during migration. Beautiful bird.

          • Mister Atoz

            I’m sure I’ve told you this before but, when I lived in NM, I was lucky enough that their (Sandhill Cranes) migration routes took them directly over my house. I was also lucky enough to visit the Bosque Del Apache Wildlife Refuge where thousands of them wintered.

            One memorable incident was when a large group spent the night in my neighborhood resting, I assume, during their migration. Watching them take flight the next morning as I walked the dogs was quite a treat.

          • I remember that. How amazing!! There is nothing like the call of a Sandhill Crane. It’s a magical experience to see them.

          • Drifter

            LOL white knight sock puppet Mr Atoz to the rescue again!

            “Stand back, m’ lady, I’LL save you!” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a6937d3b43a26c8fa008f6d65800bcb836df3df14a802ff184909f4a15e92e8e.jpg

          • Daniel Ramos

            That doesn’t surprise me, since you agree with her on everything she says whether she’s right or not.

          • Mensch59

            Yep. Real men love intelligent women who are not ashamed to speak their minds. I suspect that this is true for real women as well, although I’m most comfortable only speaking for myself. Strength and independence along with a lot of smarts is a great mix.
            I also score wisdom, being pragmatic, and both benign praxis and benevolent phronesis as extremely important.

          • Two Americas

            That article is not a parody??

          • Atomsk

            I have the impression that for every single “caricature” feminist, the type that people on image sharing sites love to make fun of, there are dozens of illiterate male chauvinists like this creature.

          • Two Americas

            I think you are right. We have one “caricature” feminist in the county here, as far as I know, there are a couple dozen illiterate male chauvinists.

          • Mensch59

            It might be. The accusations leveled against @expect_resistance:disqus didn’t seem parodying.

          • Two Americas

            Exactly right, Reading the comments, the article is obviously not a parody. But it is such extreme lunacy that initially I thought that it must be,

          • Daniel Ramos

            If you are referring to me, I invite you to engage me in public discourse over the remarks Charles has stated in order to see which one of us is actually “illiterate” here.

          • No it’s for real.

          • Two Americas

            Hard to believe. I see that at least one of them is an ROKer.

          • Daniel Ramos

            “Yep. Real men love intelligent women who are not ashamed to speak their minds. ”

            What solipsist tripe. As if you were eminently qualified to speak on behalf of Men as to the nature of “real Men.” This gender specific sophistry only serves to confirm Charles’ remark on the subject of females governed by their emotional natures.

            The interesting thing is, you chose not to go as far with your gender equivalent remarks, as evinced from this statement:

            “although I’m most comfortable only speaking for myself.”

            So to summarize, you’re not “comfortable” enough speaking on behalf of other Women as to what a real Woman actually is, yet you have no compunction for stating to all in attendance what you personally believe a real Man is, despite not being one yourself.

            How positively fascinating. You will provide me with much amusement…I can tell.

            “I also score wisdom, being pragmatic, and both benign praxis and benevolent phronesis as extremely important.”

            It’s a pity that the logos behind your remarks has been found sadly lacking, which calls into question whether the other positives you shared in your concomitant ostentatious display within your overall sciolist remarks are actually legitimate.
            For the record: I’m apt to believe otherwise.

          • I agree Mensch.

  • Daniel Ramos

    Look out Charles…you’ve got females taking emotional exception with what you said…big surprise yes?