Why So Thirsty?

Stop Settling by Charles Sledge

Never have modern men been more desperate or pathetic. Never has having sex with a woman been easier. So why is it that these two are correlated? If having sex is easier wouldn’t that make more men less desperate? You would think but there is more going on here than meets the eye. A large part of it is what I discussed in The Sexual Pyramid post but there is even more than that. Let me use a example I saw a couple months ago to illustrate how far some if not most males have fallen in the modern world.

I was a bar awhile ago enjoying a drink with some friends. Across the bar was an older woman and her mother who was obviously even older. It was a mixed crowd at the bar so didn’t really think anything of it. But something interesting happened throughout the night that blew my mind. Now if a woman is halfway decent she’s going to get hit on at a bar, no surprises there. So after turning and talking to a friend I looked back over to get the attention of the bartender and was surprised to see both women swarmed by men, wait no by males. Males my age. No just around the older woman but around her mother as well. One that stood out to me was a twenty something year old who was in very good shape hitting on the woman’s mother. The funny thing the women both went home alone after the night was over.

The point I’m getting across is that many men are desperate for a female’s attention and apparently any female’s attention. I see guys all the time who lower their standards to any woman who is willing to give them the slightest bit of attention and I’m not even talking about sex but simply attention. I personally can’t fathom it but I see it happening all around me. Now many have had nights where we had to much to drink and ended up with a woman that was “less than ideal” but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about a constant chronic need for validation. Below I will outline some ways to ensure you never end up in the horde of sexless thirsty betas that populate our clubs, malls, and society.

Have Standards

A man should have standards. Standards that he sticks to regardless of what others (including his friends) are doing around him. When you lower your standards you are violating you own code and when you violate your own code, especially for others, it weakens you as a man. Have self-respect and stand by your standards and boundaries. Let’s use an example to make this more clear.

Let’s say you have a date with a smoking hot girl. We’ll call her Stacey. You and Stacey have been texting and when you met her she was all smiles and giggles. Anyways you plan to meet at a restaurant at seven for drinks. Seven comes around and Stacey isn’t there you text her and she apologizes but she got caught up in things and couldn’t make it out that night. You tell her she should have told you and she apologizes again so you two decide to meet up the next day at the same time. Same thing happens. You have a boundary where you will give a woman another chance if she flakes but no more. Stacey says she is really sorry but her mom’s been sick and her best friend just broke up with her boyfriend and blah blah blah. She promises to meet you out tomorrow.

So what do you do?

You drop Stacey like a bag of flaming rocks and never bother with her again. That is what you do. Your time is too valuable to waste it on people who aren’t going to respect you or your time for whatever reason. Maybe Stacey really was going through a rough spot in her life. Guess whose problem that isn’t? That’s right it isn’t yours. Don’t violate your standards for anyone or anything. Let alone some woman.

Stand Apart By Being A Man

You know something interesting happens when you start to do this. The less bullshit you tolerate the less you get. A woman can recognize a man who isn’t going to take her shit and is turned on by that. The men who don’t shoot for the bottom of the barrel are the ones that woman want. The man who has the highest standards are the ones woman go for. Be the man that goes his own way and women follow. Let the lame thirsty betas follow the woman while they follow you.

If you ever regret doing something such as sleeping with a woman, making a certain decisions, or saying something you didn’t truly want to you regret it because you violated your own standards as a man. Don’t violate your own standards. I wrote a whole chapter about the evils of compromising in “Become A King”. As a man you should never compromise and you should never lower your standards. Other can either adapt to that or get out of your life.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge