Whining Never Solves Anything

Whining Never Solves Anything by Charles Sledge

I’m not fan of whining or complaining. And more and more I see that it is an activity in which males have way too much comfort and familiarity with. Even in red pill circles which are supposedly supposed to be about self-development, manning up, and becoming stronger. Instead becomes a bunch of whining and complaining. Tell each other how bad we have it and how awful it is and how hopeless everything is. It’s pathetic and unmanly. It’s the opposite of what men should be doing.

Men should be rising to challenges and taking reality for what it is. Not making these false versions of reality where they are just pawns swept away by the current or narratives where they are the perpetual victim, something I see occurring more and more in the “red pill” sphere. People would rather talk about how bad things are or how bad they have it instead of ways to improve their lot or to better themselves. The red pill sphere is beginning to represent two losers at a bar commiserating about their girlfriends cheating on them and how bad everything is then it is soldiers and hunters meeting to get the most out of life and live lives worthy of song and example.

Human Nature

Part of this is probably inevitable. As the space gets bigger and bigger it’s going to attract more and more people looking to make their name in it. While this can be a good thing it is also a bad thing, and here’s why. This attracts people who are going to look for the easy way to make a name for themselves as opposed to taking the harder but more rewarding path. So they jump into the space and start validating everyone’s negative feelings instead of telling them to “buck up, find their balls, and face life like a champ” like I would. Instead they whisper “It’s okay, it’s not your fault after all you’re X so everything has been stacked against you from the begging” or “Society sucks I’ll validate your feelings and make you feel good instead of saying you need to take responsibility for your own life”.

A popular message and one that may overtake this masculine self-improvement sphere over time. Discharging emotions has it’s time and place but men should realize that discharging emotions does nothing to solve their problems. Sure some things suck…so what? Were you expecting the world to be fair? Guess what it isn’t. Now buck up and face it. Crying and whining do nothing and it blows me away the amount who think this is okay in a sphere that is supposedly the most masculine and focused on self-development. It’s easier to whine then it is to take a stand which is why whining is so dangerous. Whining is the easier wrong over the harder right.

The Dangers Of Commiserating

Commiserating has to be one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever seen. It’s where people get together and spend time validating each others shortcomings and validating each others negative feelings. Nothing actually gets solved but it makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Commiseration is toxic and is not solution oriented. Commiserating makes you feeble and weak and reinforces negative habits. Remember my examples of two losers at the bar talking about how their girlfriends cheated on them, they got fired from their jobs, and even their dog left them they were so pathetic.

Unfortunately there is a weird sick comfort that people get from that. Being pathetic together instead of being pathetic alone. Look there is nothing okay with being a loser, get that through your head. And just because others will validate your feelings and say “it’s alright” doesn’t make it alright. There are those who say pedophilia and other degenerate acts are alright. Hell there are newspapers in the U.S. who will say that it’s alright. The U.S. and much of the Western world is all about rationalizing things that are not okay. I’m getting a little off topic but you get the point. Beware complaining and beware commiserating.

Be A Man

Men don’t sit around and bitch and whine about things. That’s for weak pathetic fools. Men shut up and take action to solve problems. While the losers are self-medicating and talking about how bad everything is and how bad they have it the real men are out getting shit done. The real men are out kicking ass and taking names. Which would you rather be? The loser who spews about being stepped on all the time or the man who gets the life he wants because he goes out and he takes it. Beware the loser’s mindset which infects more and more everyday.

After all it’s easier to be a whiny loser then it is to be a man. The spoils go to the victor, to the conquering warrior putting his balls and life on the line. Not to the pathetic weakling hiding away somewhere whining about what’s going on around him and how “unfair” things are. The comfort that comes from being weak and being a loser will destroy you. Don’t whine, don’t complain. Get your shit together then go forth and conquer. Focus on bettering yourself and getting away from those with the loser’s mindset.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Johnny Grube

    Men love to battle who has or is going through the most
    problems, my biggest problem, are the so called strong
    men always talking bout injuries from training, like being
    hurt is manly. Talking about your injuries like its honorable
    is like getting your ass beat in a fight and telling everyone.

    • Exactly. I understand learning from mistakes and injuries but not drawing pride from them. Commiseration is dangerous and weakening!

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    got this powerful quote, statement from somewhere: “My perspective is that we live in a world that developed a certain way. We can explain why it is the way it is using theories like evolution
    , psychology and biology. As a man who’s still developing and has not yet reached his prime, you might be mad at the way things are. You might wish that the world worked differently. But guess what buddy? It doesn’t! So either learn to win in this world, or remain a pathetic loser! I don’t mean to be harsh, but sometimes guys need strong motivation to change. If you can become a self actualized guy who understands the principles of human interaction, you can be better than 99% of other men, including rich guys. Learn the system, understand the system, beat the system!”

    That sums it up amazingly!