When Being Good Is Wrong

When Being Good Is Wrong by Charles Sledge

We lived in an upside down world, in a cancerous society. The values that held together society and civilization for the past thousand of years and longer have been replaced with “values” that make us sheep to the slaughter, that enslave us. Yet day in and day out we are taught to be good, to be well behaved. Any man who might get in the way of the scheme of how things are headed is declared “bad”, “evil”, or (insert “ist/phobic” here).

In today’s world sheep are declared to be paragons of virtue and it makes sense. When wolves rule the rules are used to make fatter, tastier, and dumber sheep. The rules are used against us. Throw out their rules and create your own.¬†Being good is wrong. Being bad is right. At least according to our modern society. Embrace your “bad” side, embrace your masculinity, embrace who you are.

Good Is Wrong

To be good in today’s society there are some rules that you must follow. A key one is you must be completely balless. You have to go along with whatever the media and government says is good with a smile on your face. You must do whatever your wife wants, no matter how asinine it is. You must be tolerant if all even it you know it’s perverted or those who you are supposed to tolerate hate your guts. You must apologize for your ancestors and for being born with a Y chromosome. Essentially you must bend over and take it while smiling saying thank you sir may I have another.

The meaning of the word “good” has been hijacked. Along with many others as after all language has incredible power to change a society.¬†For example to be a “good man” you must essentially be a castrated wimp who agrees with whatever his Feminist overlord wants. Think I’m kidding google the good man project. Have a Conan movie or Manowar song queued up to purge your eyes and mind afterwards. Essentially being good is wrong in our modern world and something that every man should avoid.

Being Bad Is Right

So now we look at the other side of the coin. What is considered evil in our society?Believing men should be masculine and women should be feminine. Believing invading hordes do not add to the development of a country. Believing that the nuclear family is the best way to raise children. Not worshiping women. And so on and so forth. Essentially everything that makes for healthy men, women, and society is considered bad or evil.

Being declared a bad man by society is a badge of honor and means you are doing something right. Look at it like this in a healthy group being declared honorably by that group is in fact honorably. Likewise in an unhealthy group being declared honorable is an insult.

Look at the Nobel peace prize at one time that prize meant something. Now it’s turned into a politically correct circle jerk. Same with pretty much any major awards given in American society. How much longer before a soldier is given the Medal of Honor for being gay or transgenders or whatever mental disorder becomes popular? Now to receive the Nobel peace prize is a joke and everyone knows it.

What This Means For You

Screw being good, embrace that society will be against you. Be an outlaw, at least until society rights itself and even then who knows you might not want to go back. There is power in freedom. Do what you know to be right and go against societies rules if they conflict with what you believe to be right. At one point society, religion, schools, etc could be used as guiding lights for our path but not any more. Now a man must forge his own path with like minded men. Men who shun weakness and slavery. Men who still have their balls and hearts intact. Good is wrong. Bad is right. Embrace being bad.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge