What Women Want And Only Men Can Fulfill

Women Want To Have Sex But They Cannot Initiate It by Charles Sledge

I’ve stated before that ideology does not override biology. It matters little if this ideology is religion, social movements, or a political party biology triumphs over them all. We all know plenty of born again sluts, girls who profess to be feminists yet get their rocks off with the most manly asshole they can find, occupy wallstreeters who would jump at a chance with their own Christian Greys and so on and so forth. Women will always submit to strength and power and always be attracted to it.

Just like a man could pretend like he thinks blonde girls measuring 36-24-36 walking around in skimpy bikinis is “disgraceful” or “misogynist” or whatever he’s been programmed to say. Yet unless he has a mental disease he is going to be attracted to them. Attraction is not a choice. A woman can no more control her attraction to strength, power, and masculine energy than a man can to curves, long hair, and feminine energy. You can only ignore this reality at your own peril. There are certain things that women want and only men can fulfill and whatever man can fulfill this women will gravitate towards. Even if its a man they profess to hate. Here are just some of women’s needs that only men can fulfill.

The Need To Submit

All women have a need to submit to a man stronger than they are, preferably much stronger. When the males around her are not strong a woman will find something or someone else to submit too. This could be the drug dealer a few blocks over or it could be a popular ideology like feminism or it could be whatever the media tells her to. The reason being these ideologies give off the illusion of strength because a) most males are a bunch of panty-wastes who would never contradict the mainstream way of thinking and b) because of this they believe this ideology to be strong.

Of course is a strong man comes into her life that ideology will fly out the window but the ideology sort of acts as a placeholder until a woman can find a real man (if she ever does). If not she’ll be angry and bitter her whole life because she will never be fulfilled. Because despite feminism saying that women find fulfillment through working a career, hating men, cheap wine, and cats that truth is women only find their fulfillment through supporting a man, submitting to a man, and raising a man’s children.

Lost In You

Women want to be lost in the man they are with. They want to be so enraptured in his masculine energy that they can feel their feminine energy fully and completely. They want to get lost in you and your manliness. They want to look up to as their fearless leader who they would follow into hell because they trust in your strength. You must be her king and she your doting queen. At least that is her ultimate desire and the closer she can get to that the better she is going to feel. Women don’t want control and they don’t want to take the lead and they feel bitter and shitty when they do have to.

Women want to get lost in your dominance. A man is the only thing that can truly and fully meet this need. Everything else is either a cheap substitute or straight up poison designed to keep women unfulfilled, bitter, and angry. This was something that society used to know and respect before it became infected by the cancer that holds it now. Women will never be fulfilled by their career, by riding the cock carousal, or by anything else the media/feminist tells them will fulfill them. Only a man can fulfill them and make them feel complete.

Women Want Sex

Women want sex especially with masculine men. However women (for the most part) will not initiate it and many will walk around annoyed and unfulfilled instead of coming on to a man them self. This is because women are supposed to be pursued not the pursuer (again for the most part) and a woman who has to make the first move feels a) like she isn’t very desirable as a woman if she has to do so and b) that if she has to make a move on a male he must be very weak or insecure to not make the move himself.

Of course if you’re at the top of the sexual pyramid women will throw themselves at you but that’s because your the top alpha so to speak. What I’m saying is many women walk around horny and unfulfilled and are just waiting for a man with balls enough to be forward with her to take her and ravish her. She wants to be screwed and be screwed good. Cheap romance novels and toys will not fulfill her only a man’s passion can do that. Most males are to scared to be forward with a woman (and also be honest), most males are too scared to fulfill a woman’s needs. That’s too bad for them, good thing you know better. Most women go crazy without dick.


This all comes down to one thing, women need men. Women need men for a variety of reasons too many to list in one article even one book. Feminist is a weak veneer over a bunch of scared little girls who are angry because men aren’t calling them on their bullshit, putting them in their place, and fulfill them like they want to be fulfilled. Like everything focus on being a man and all that entails then everything else will fall into its place.

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-Charles Sledge

Charles Sledge

  • Scarto argento

    This was a home run article ! Bookmarking this , deserve a re- read . Of course I’ve read other articles on this subject . but the way this one explains it , it’s like theres really some type of foolishness going on to benefit a select few. thanks man ! Knocked it out of the park

  • H8TheWayLifeIs

    ya, i remember i heard elsewhere “men are the laborers of life and creators of civilizations”