Weekly Roundup #89

Weekly Roundup Girl

Top Ten Articles of the Week

  1. Calm & Collected’s “How To Break Your Employee Mindset”
  2. Riv’s Diary’s “The Three Essential Lessons Of The Redpill”
  3. A King’s Castle’s “Leaving A Legacy”
  4. Chateau Heartiste’s “Challenging Girls To Impress You”
  5. Dalrock’s “40 Years Of Ultimatums”
  6. The Barbaric Gentleman’s “Bang The Feminism Out Of Them”
  7. Troy Francis’s “Women Love Men Who Approach & Who Are Dominant”
  8. Bold & Determined’s “How To Transmute Your Sexual Energy”
  9. Men, Women, & Society’s “Why You’ll Meet Crazier Women Through One Night Stands”
  10. John Baldoni’s “Give A Great Speech: 3 Tips From Aristotle”

Video of the Week

James Duane’s “Don’t Talk To The Police”

Recommended Book of the Week

The Law Of Self-Defense by Andrew F. Braca

Quote of the Week

“The junior hoodlums who roamed their streets were symptoms of a greater sickness; their citizens (all of them counted as such) glorified their mythology of ‘rights’ . . . and lost track of their duties. No nation, so constituted, can endure.” 

-Robert A Heinlein

Charles Sledge